Name Description Size
android 63
BasicEvents.h mozilla::BaseEventFlags BaseEventFlags must be a POD struct for safe to use memcpy (including in ParamTraits<BaseEventFlags>). So don't make virtual methods, constructor, destructor and operators. This is necessary for VC which is NOT C++0x compiler. **************************************************************************** 52054
cocoa 114
CommandList.h Define NS_DEFINE_COMMAND(aName, aCommandStr) before including this. @param aName The name useful in C++ of the command. @param aCommandStr The command string in JS. Define NS_DEFINE_COMMAND_WITH_PARAM(aName, aCommandStr, aParam) before including this. @param aName The name useful in C++ of the command. @param aCommandStr The command string in JS, but this may be shared with other aName values. I.e., cannot map aName and aCommandStr 1:1. @param aParam Additional param value. When aCommandStr is executed, this value is also specified. I.e., aName becomes unique when you look for with both aCommandStr and aParam. Define NS_DEFINE_COMMAND_NO_EXEC_COMMAND(aName) before including this. @param aName The name useful in C++ of the command. 8423
CompositorWidget.cpp 2681
CompositorWidget.h Access to a widget from the compositor is restricted to these methods. 8942
ContentCache.cpp mozilla::ContentCache *************************************************************************** 66720
ContentCache.h ContentCache stores various information of the child content. This class has members which are necessary both in parent process and content process. 17514
ContentEvents.h mozilla::InternalScrollPortEvent **************************************************************************** 10584
crashtests 5
EventClassList.h This header file lists up all event classes and related structs. Define NS_EVENT_CLASS(aPrefix, aName) and NS_ROOT_EVENT_CLASS(aPrefix, aName) before including this. If an event name is WidgetInputEvent, aPrefix is "Widget" and aName is "InputEvent". NS_ROOT_EVENT_CLASS() is only used for WidgetEvent for allowing special handling for it. If you don't need such special handling, you can define it as: #define NS_ROOT_EVENT_CLASS(aPrefix, aName) NS_EVENT_CLASS(aPrefix, aName) 2107
EventForwards.h XXX Following enums should be in BasicEvents.h. However, currently, it's impossible to use foward delearation for enum. 8579
EventMessageList.h This header file lists up all event messages. Before including this header file, you should define: NS_EVENT_MESSAGE(aMessage) Additionally, you can specify following macro for e*First and e*Last. NS_EVENT_MESSAGE_FIRST_LAST(aMessage, aFirst, aLast) This is optional, if you need only actual event messages, you don't need to define this macro. Naming rules of the event messages: 0. Starting with "e" prefix and use camelcase. 1. Basically, use same name as the DOM name which is fired at dispatching the event. 2. If the event message name becomes too generic, e.g., "eInvalid", that may conflict with another enum's item name, append something after the "e" prefix, e.g., "eFormInvalid". 16842
FontRange.h 666
GfxDriverInfo.cpp = nullptr 16458
GfxDriverInfo.h 11627
GfxInfoBase.cpp 54531
GfxInfoBase.h 6117
GfxInfoCollector.cpp 1316
GfxInfoCollector.h this is handy wrapper around JSAPI to make it more pleasant to use. We collect the JSAPI errors and so that callers don't need to 2247
GfxInfoX11.cpp 21570
GfxInfoX11.h __GfxInfoX11_h__ 3577
gtk 105
gtkxtbin 4
headless 22
IMEData.h Preference for receiving IME updates If mWantUpdates is not NOTIFY_NOTHING, nsTextStateManager will observe text change and/or selection change and call nsIWidget::NotifyIME() with NOTIFY_IME_OF_SELECTION_CHANGE and/or NOTIFY_IME_OF_TEXT_CHANGE. Please note that the text change observing cost is very expensive especially on an HTML editor has focus. If the IME implementation on a particular platform doesn't care about NOTIFY_IME_OF_SELECTION_CHANGE and/or NOTIFY_IME_OF_TEXT_CHANGE, they should set mWantUpdates to NOTIFY_NOTHING to avoid the cost. If the IME implementation needs notifications even while our process is deactive, it should also set NOTIFY_DURING_DEACTIVE. 27912
InProcessCompositorWidget.cpp static 3647
InProcessCompositorWidget.h 2154
InputData.cpp 24918
InputData.h Base input data class. Should never be instantiated. 25953
LookAndFeel.h A Boolean value to determine whether the Windows accent color should be applied to the title bar. The value of this metric is not used on other platforms. These platforms should return NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED when queried for this metric. 18436
LSBUtils.cpp 1911
LSBUtils.h 828
MiscEvents.h mozilla::WidgetContentCommandEvent **************************************************************************** 6327
MouseEvents.h mozilla::WidgetPointerHelper **************************************************************************** 25049 8236
NativeKeyToDOMCodeName.h This header file defines simple code mapping between native scancode or something and DOM code name index. You must define NS_NATIVE_KEY_TO_DOM_CODE_NAME_INDEX macro before include this. It must have two arguments, (aNativeKey, aCodeNameIndex). aNativeKey is a scancode value or something (depends on the platform). aCodeNameIndex is the widget::CodeNameIndex value. 22731
NativeKeyToDOMKeyName.h This header file defines simple key mapping between native keycode value and DOM key name index. You must define NS_NATIVE_KEY_TO_DOM_KEY_NAME_INDEX macro before include this. It must have two arguments, (aNativeKey, aKeyNameIndex). aNativeKey is a native keycode value. aKeyNameIndex is the widget::KeyNameIndex value. 37415
nsAppShellSingleton.h This file is designed to be included into the file that provides the nsIModule implementation for a particular widget toolkit. The following functions are defined: nsAppShellInit nsAppShellShutdown nsAppShellConstructor The nsAppShellInit function is designed to be used as a module constructor. If you already have a module constructor, then call nsAppShellInit from your module constructor. The nsAppShellShutdown function is designed to be used as a module destructor. If you already have a module destructor, then call nsAppShellShutdown from your module destructor. The nsAppShellConstructor function is designed to be used as a factory method for the nsAppShell class. 2200
nsAutoRollup.cpp static 1301
nsAutoRollup.h 2032
nsBaseAppShell.cpp 10005
nsBaseAppShell.h A singleton that manages the UI thread's event queue. Subclass this class to enable platform-specific event queue support. 4760
nsBaseClipboard.cpp Sets the transferable object 3476
nsBaseClipboard.h Native Win32 BaseClipboard wrapper 1121
nsBaseDragService.cpp 28171
nsBaseDragService.h XP DragService wrapper base class 6621
nsBaseFilePicker.cpp A runnable to dispatch from the main thread to the main thread to display the file picker while letting the showAsync method return right away. 11416
nsBaseFilePicker.h 2433
nsBaseScreen.cpp 1271
nsBaseScreen.h 1293
nsBaseWidget.cpp static 121823
nsBaseWidget.h Common widget implementation used as base class for native or crossplatform implementations of Widgets. All cross-platform behavior that all widgets need to implement should be placed in this class. (Note: widget implementations are not required to use this class, but it gives them a head start.) 29877
nsClipboardHelper.cpp nsClipboardHelper ctor / dtor *************************************************************************** 4238
nsClipboardHelper.h impl class for nsIClipboardHelper, a helper for common uses of nsIClipboard. 722
nsClipboardProxy.cpp 4952
nsClipboardProxy.h 1430
nsColorPickerProxy.cpp 1446
nsColorPickerProxy.h 970
nsContentProcessWidgetFactory.cpp 2744
nsDeviceContextSpecProxy.cpp 5867
nsDeviceContextSpecProxy.h 1854
nsDragServiceProxy.cpp 2835
nsDragServiceProxy.h 824
nsFilePickerProxy.cpp 7270
nsFilePickerProxy.h This class creates a proxy file picker to be used in content processes. The file picker just collects the initialization data and when Show() is called, remotes everything to the chrome process which in turn can show a platform specific file picker. 2917
nsGUIEventIPC.h 56234
nsHTMLFormatConverter.cpp 6083
nsHTMLFormatConverter.h 966
nsIApplicationChooser.idl Initialize the application chooser picker widget. The application chooser is not valid until this method is called. @param parent nsIDOMWindow parent. This dialog will be dependent on this parent. parent must be non-null. @param title The title for the file widget 1387
nsIAppShell.idl Interface for the native event system layer. This interface is designed to be used on the main application thread only. 2850
nsIBaseWindow.idl #include "nsIWidget.idl" Boy this would be nice. 7595
nsIBidiKeyboard.idl Inspects the installed keyboards and resets the bidi keyboard state 967
nsIClipboard.idl Given a transferable, set the data on the native clipboard @param aTransferable The transferable @param anOwner The owner of the transferable @param aWhichClipboard Specifies the clipboard to which this operation applies. @result NS_Ok if no errors 3013
nsIClipboardHelper.idl helper service for common uses of nsIClipboard. 1049
nsIClipboardOwner.idl Notifies the owner of the clipboard transferable that the transferable is being removed from the clipboard @param aTransferable The transferable @result NS_Ok if no errors 746
nsIColorPicker.idl nsIColorPicker is representing colors as strings because the internal representation will depend on the underlying backend. The format of the colors taken in input and returned will always follow the format of the <input type='color'> value as described in the HTML specifications. 2848
nsIDeviceContextSpec.h Initialize the device context spec. @param aWidget A widget a dialog can be hosted in @param aPrintSettings Print settings for the print operation @param aIsPrintPreview True if creating Spec for PrintPreview @return NS_OK or a suitable error code. 2869
nsIDisplayInfo.idl 485
nsIdleService.cpp 5 sec 30725
nsIdleService.h Class we can use to store an observer with its associated idle time requirement and whether or not the observer thinks it's "idle". 6645
nsIDragService.idl Starts a modal drag session with an array of transaferables. Note: This method is deprecated for non-native code. @param aPrincipal - the triggering principal of the drag, or null if it's from browser chrome or OS @param aTransferables - an array of transferables to be dragged @param aActionType - specified which of copy/move/link are allowed @param aContentPolicyType - the contentPolicyType that will be passed to the loadInfo when creating a new channel (defaults to TYPE_OTHER) 6700
nsIDragSession.idl Set the current state of the drag, whether it can be dropped or not. usually the target "frame" sets this so the native system can render the correct feedback 3119
nsIFilePicker.idl Callback which is called when a filepicker is shown and a result is returned. @param aResult One of returnOK, returnCancel, or returnReplace 7738
nsIFormatConverter.idl Get the list of the "input" data flavors (mime types as nsISupportsCString), in otherwords, the flavors that this converter can convert "from" (the incoming data to the converter). 1703
nsIGfxInfo.idl NOTE: this interface is completely undesigned, not stable and likely to change 10925
nsIGfxInfoDebug.idl NOTE: this interface is only implemented in debug builds 871
nsIGtkTaskbarProgress.idl Allow the TaskbarProgress instance to set a new target window. 636
nsIIdleService.idl This interface lets you monitor how long the user has been 'idle', i.e. not used their mouse or keyboard. You can get the idle time directly, but in most cases you will want to register an observer for a predefined interval. The observer will get an 'idle' notification when the user is idle for that interval (or longer), and receive an 'active' notification when the user starts using their computer again. 3317
nsIIdleServiceInternal.idl "Resets the idle time to the value specified." @param idleDelta the time (in milliseconds) since the last user inter action 580
nsIJumpListBuilder.idl JumpLists Jump lists are built and then applied. Modifying an applied jump list is not permitted. Callers should begin the creation of a new jump list using initListBuild, add sub lists using addListToBuild, then commit the jump list using commitListBuild. Lists are built in real-time during the sequence of build calls, make sure to check for errors on each individual step. The default number of allowed items in a jump list is ten. Users can change the number through system preferences. User may also pin items to jump lists, which take up additional slots. Applications do not have control over the number of items allowed in jump lists; excess items added are dropped by the system. Item insertion priority is defined as first to last added. Users may remove items from jump lists after they are commited. The system tracks removed items between commits. A list of these items is returned by a call to initListBuild. nsIJumpListBuilder does not filter entries added that have been removed since the last commit. To prevent repeatedly adding entries users have removed, applications are encoraged to track removed items internally. Each list is made up of an array of nsIJumpListItem representing items such as shortcuts, links, and separators. See nsIJumpListItem for information on adding additional jump list types. 5657
nsIJumpListItem.idl Implements Win7 Taskbar jump list item interfaces. Note to consumers: it's reasonable to expect we'll need support for other types of jump list items (an audio file, an email message, etc.). To add types, create the specific interface here, add an implementation class to WinJumpListItem, and add support to addListBuild & removed items processing. 3801
nsIKeyEventInPluginCallback.h HandledWindowedPluginKeyEvent() is a callback method of nsIWidget::OnWindowedPluginKeyEvent(). When it returns NS_SUCCESS_EVENT_HANDLED_ASYNCHRONOUSLY, it should call this method when the key event is handled. @param aKeyEventData The key event which was posted to the parent process from a plugin process. @param aIsConsumed true if aKeyEventData is consumed in the parent process. Otherwise, false. 1666
nsIMacDockSupport.idl Allow applications to interface with the Mac OS X Dock. Applications may indicate progress on their Dock icon. Only one such progress indicator is available to the entire application. 1268
nsIMacFinderProgress.idl Initialize and display a new Finder progressbar on the given file @param path The path of the file @param canceledCallback Callback which is called when cancelation is requested 1319
nsIMacSharingService.idl Allow applications to interface with the Mac OS X Sharing APIs. 819
nsIMacWebAppUtils.idl Allow MozApps API to locate and manipulate natively installed apps 1010
nsINativeMenuService.h 1350
nsIPluginWidget.h This is used by Mac only. 1424
nsIPrintDialogService.h Interface to a print dialog accessed through the widget library. 2737
nsIPrinterEnumerator.idl The name of the system default printer. This name should also be present in printerNameList below. This is not necessarily gecko's default printer; see nsIPrintSettingsService.defaultPrinterName for that. 1219
nsIPrintSession.idl nsIPrintSession Stores data pertaining only to a single print job. This differs from nsIPrintSettings, which stores data which may be valid across a number of jobs. The creation of a component which implements this interface will begin the session. Likewise, destruction of that object will end the session. @status 1075
nsIPrintSettings.idl Native types 9647
nsIPrintSettingsService.idl Interface to the Service for gwetting the Global PrintSettings object or a unique PrintSettings object 5457
nsIPrintSettingsWin.idl Native types 2108
nsIRollupListener.h Notifies the object to rollup, optionally returning the node that was just rolled up. If aFlush is true, then views should be flushed after the rollup. aPoint is the mouse pointer position where the event that triggered the rollup occurred, which may be nullptr. aCount is the number of popups in a chain to close. If this is UINT32_MAX, then all popups are closed. If aLastRolledUp is non-null, it will be set to the last rolled up popup, if this is supported. aLastRolledUp is not addrefed. Returns true if the event that the caller is processing should be consumed. 2436
nsIScreen.idl The display type of nsIScreen belongs to. 2356
nsIScreenManager.idl 924
nsISound.idl Not strictly necessary, but avoids delay before first sound. The various methods on nsISound call Init() if they need to. 1496
nsIStandaloneNativeMenu.idl Platform-independent interface to platform native menu objects. 1843
nsISystemStatusBar.idl Allow applications to interface with the Mac OS X system status bar. 1493
nsITaskbarOverlayIconController.idl Starting in Windows 7, applications can display an overlay on the icon in the taskbar. This class wraps around the native functionality to do this. 1755
nsITaskbarPreview.idl nsITaskbarPreview Common interface for both window and tab taskbar previews. This interface cannot be instantiated directly. 2145
nsITaskbarPreviewButton.idl nsITaskbarPreviewButton Provides access to a window preview's toolbar button's properties. 1439
nsITaskbarPreviewController.idl nsITaskbarPreviewCallback Provides an interface for async image result callbacks. See nsITaskbarPreviewController request apis below. 3628
nsITaskbarProgress.idl Starting in Windows 7, applications can display a progress notification in the taskbar. This class wraps around the native functionality to do this. 2008
nsITaskbarTabPreview.idl nsITaskbarTabPreview This interface controls tab preview-specific behavior. Creating an nsITaskbarTabPreview for a window will hide that window's nsITaskbarWindowPreview in the taskbar - the native API performs this unconditionally. When there are no more tab previews for a window, the nsITaskbarWindowPreview will automatically become visible again. An application may have as many tab previews per window as memory allows. 1924
nsITaskbarWindowPreview.idl nsITaskbarWindowPreview This interface represents the preview for a window in the taskbar. By default, Windows implements much of the behavior for applications by default. The primary purpose of this interface is to allow Gecko applications to take control over parts of the preview. Some parts are not controlled through this interface: the title and icon of the preview match the title and icon of the window always. By default, Windows takes care of drawing the thumbnail and preview for the application however if enableCustomDrawing is set to true, then the controller will start to receive requestPreview and requestThumbnail calls as well as reads on the thumbnailAspectRatio, width and height properties. By default, nsITaskbarWindowPreviews are visible. When made invisible, the window disappears from the list of windows in the taskbar for the application. If the window has any visible nsITaskbarTabPreviews, then the nsITaskbarWindowPreview for the corresponding window is automatically hidden. This is not reflected in the visible property. Note that other parts of the system (such as alt-tab) may still request thumbnails and/or previews through the nsITaskbarWindowPreview's controller. nsITaskbarWindowPreview will never invoke the controller's onClose or onActivate methods since handling them may conflict with other internal Gecko state and there is existing infrastructure in place to allow clients to handle those events Window previews may have a toolbar with up to 7 buttons. See nsITaskbarPreviewButton for more information about button properties. 2763
nsITouchBarHelper.idl Back-to-frontend communication for the Touch Bar 922
nsITouchBarInput.idl Implements an input to be registered on the Mac Touch Bar. 1622
nsITouchBarUpdater.idl Front-to-backend communication to keep Touch Bar updated 1138
nsITransferable.idl nsIFlavorDataProvider allows a flavor to 'promise' data later, supplying the data lazily. To use it, call setTransferData, passing the flavor string, a nsIFlavorDataProvider QI'd to nsISupports, and a data size of 0. When someone calls getTransferData later, if the data size is stored as 0, the nsISupports will be QI'd to nsIFlavorDataProvider, and its getFlavorData called. 8169
nsIWidget.h Callback function that processes events. The argument is actually a subtype (subclass) of WidgetEvent which carries platform specific information about the event. Platform specific code knows how to deal with it. The return value determines whether or not the default action should take place. 77311
nsIWidgetListener.cpp 2540
nsIWidgetListener.h sizemode is an adjunct to widget size 5533
nsIWindowsUIUtils.idl Whether the OS is currently in tablet mode. Always false on non-Windows and on versions of Windows before win10 766
nsIWinTaskbar.idl nsIWinTaskbar This interface represents a service which exposes the APIs provided by the Windows taskbar to applications. Starting in Windows 7, applications gain some control over their appearance in the taskbar. By default, there is one taskbar preview per top level window (excluding popups). This preview is represented by an nsITaskbarWindowPreview object. An application can register its own "tab" previews. Such previews will hide the corresponding nsITaskbarWindowPreview automatically (though this is not reflected in the visible attribute of the nsITaskbarWindowPreview). These tab previews do not have to correspond to tabs in the application - they can vary in size, shape and location. They do not even need to be actual GUI elements on the window. Unlike window previews, tab previews require most of the functionality of the nsITaskbarPreviewController to be implemented. Applications can also show progress on their taskbar icon. This does not interact with the taskbar previews except if the nsITaskbarWindowPreview is made invisible in which case the progress is naturally not shown on that window. When taskbar icons are combined as is the default in Windows 7, the progress for those windows is also combined as defined here: Applications may also define custom taskbar jump lists on application shortcuts. See nsIJumpListBuilder for more information. 6751
nsNativeTheme.cpp static 23921
nsNativeTheme.h 5712
nsPrimitiveHelpers.cpp 7494
nsPrimitiveHelpers.h 2322
nsPrintSession.cpp 1266
nsPrintSession.h 1030
nsPrintSettingsImpl.cpp member initializers and constructor code 22699
nsPrintSettingsImpl.h //*** nsPrintSettings //***************************************************************************** class nsPrintSettings : public nsIPrintSettings { public: NS_DECL_ISUPPORTS NS_DECL_NSIPRINTSETTINGS nsPrintSettings(); nsPrintSettings(const nsPrintSettings& aPS); nsPrintSettings& operator=(const nsPrintSettings& rhs); protected: virtual ~nsPrintSettings(); // May be implemented by the platform-specific derived class virtual nsresult _Clone(nsIPrintSettings** _retval); virtual nsresult _Assign(nsIPrintSettings* aPS); typedef enum { eHeader, eFooter } nsHeaderFooterEnum; // Members nsWeakPtr mSession; // Should never be touched by Clone or Assign // mMargin, mEdge, and mUnwriteableMargin are stored in twips nsIntMargin mMargin; nsIntMargin mEdge; nsIntMargin mUnwriteableMargin; int32_t mPrintOptions; // scriptable data members int16_t mPrintRange; int32_t mStartPageNum; // only used for ePrintRange_SpecifiedRange int32_t mEndPageNum; double mScaling; bool mPrintBGColors; // print background colors bool mPrintBGImages; // print background images bool mIsCancelled; bool mSaveOnCancel; bool mPrintSilent; bool mShrinkToFit; bool mShowPrintProgress; int32_t mPrintPageDelay; nsString mTitle; nsString mURL; nsString mPageNumberFormat; nsString mHeaderStrs[NUM_HEAD_FOOT]; nsString mFooterStrs[NUM_HEAD_FOOT]; nsString mPaperName; int16_t mPaperData; double mPaperWidth; double mPaperHeight; int16_t mPaperSizeUnit; bool mPrintReversed; bool mPrintInColor; // a false means grayscale int32_t mOrientation; // see orientation consts int32_t mResolution; int32_t mDuplex; int32_t mNumCopies; nsString mPrinter; bool mPrintToFile; nsString mToFileName; int16_t mOutputFormat; bool mIsInitedFromPrinter; bool mIsInitedFromPrefs; }; #endif /* nsPrintSettings_h__ 2472
nsPrintSettingsService.cpp 47933
nsPrintSettingsService.h Class nsPrintSettingsService. Base class for the platform specific widget subclasses to inherit from. 3263
nsShmImage.cpp 9945
nsShmImage.h 1790
nsSoundProxy.cpp 1506
nsSoundProxy.h 532
nsTransferable.cpp Notes to self: - at some point, strings will be accessible from JS, so we won't have to wrap flavors in an nsISupportsCString. Until then, we're kinda stuck with this crappy API of nsIArrays. 13984
nsTransferable.h XP Transferable wrapper 2318
nsWidgetInitData.h Window types Don't alter previously encoded enum values - 3rd party apps may look at these. 5535
nsWidgetsCID.h bd57cee8-1dd1-11b2-9fe7-95cf4709aea3 13378
nsXPLookAndFeel.cpp fine and hover-capable pointer, i.e. mouse-type 32685
nsXPLookAndFeel.h this length must not be shorter than the length of the longest string in the array see nsXPLookAndFeel.cpp 4497
PCompositorWidget.ipdl 741
PlatformWidgetTypes.ipdlh 651
PluginWidgetProxy.cpp static 4917
PluginWidgetProxy.h PluginWidgetProxy is a nsIWidget wrapper we hand around in plugin and layout code. It wraps a native widget it creates in the chrome process. Since this is for plugins, only a limited set of the widget apis need to be overridden, the rest of the implementation is in PuppetWidget or nsBaseWidget. 2677
ProcInfo.h GetProcInfo() uses a background thread to perform system calls. Depending on the platform, this call can be quite expensive and the promise may return after several ms. 2307
PuppetBidiKeyboard.cpp 1252
PuppetBidiKeyboard.h 863
PuppetWidget.cpp static 48504
PuppetWidget.h This "puppet widget" isn't really a platform widget. It's intended to be used in widgetless rendering contexts, such as sandboxed content processes. If any "real" widgetry is needed, the request is forwarded to and/or data received from elsewhere. 17422
reftests 10
Screen.cpp 3771
Screen.h 1435
ScreenManager.cpp dpi 6143
ScreenManager.h 1589
SharedWidgetUtils.cpp 6704
SystemTimeConverter.h 9060
tests 81
TextEventDispatcher.cpp TextEventDispatcher *************************************************************************** 33362
TextEventDispatcher.h TextEventDispatcher is a helper class for dispatching widget events defined in TextEvents.h. Currently, this is a helper for dispatching WidgetCompositionEvent and WidgetKeyboardEvent. This manages the behavior of them for conforming to DOM Level 3 Events. An instance of this class is created by nsIWidget instance and owned by it. This is typically created only by the top level widgets because only they handle IME. 23173
TextEventDispatcherListener.h NotifyIME() is called by TextEventDispatcher::NotifyIME(). This is a notification or request to IME. See document of nsIWidget::NotifyIME() for the detail. 4273
TextEvents.h virtual keycode values **************************************************************************** 47825
TextRange.h mozilla::TextRangeStyle **************************************************************************** 8015
TouchEvents.h mozilla::WidgetGestureNotifyEvent This event is the first event generated when the user touches the screen with a finger, and it's meant to decide what kind of action we'll use for that touch interaction. The event is dispatched to the layout and based on what is underneath the initial contact point it's then decided if we should pan (finger scrolling) or drag the target element. **************************************************************************** 6955
uikit 12
VsyncDispatcher.cpp 5372
VsyncDispatcher.h 3565
WidgetEventImpl.cpp Global helper methods **************************************************************************** 62114
WidgetMessageUtils.h 1400
WidgetTraceEvent.h 929
WidgetUtils.cpp 4246
WidgetUtils.h Shutdown() is called when "xpcom-will-shutdown" is notified. This is useful when you need to observe the notification in XP level code under widget. 3252
windows 138
WindowSurface.h 1271
WindowSurfaceX11SHM.cpp 1010
WindowSurfaceX11SHM.h 1059
x11 3