Name Description Size
AsyncDBus.cpp 3720
AsyncDBus.h IsExclusive = 1516
AsyncGtkClipboardRequest.cpp 4684
AsyncGtkClipboardRequest.h 2082
components.conf 5894
CompositorWidgetChild.cpp 1685
CompositorWidgetChild.h 1541
CompositorWidgetParent.cpp 1728
CompositorWidgetParent.h 1529
DBusMenu.cpp static 2502
DBusMenu.h 6525
DBusService.cpp 11310
DBusService.h 2431
DMABufLibWrapper.cpp 11439
DMABufLibWrapper.h MOZ_LOGGING 8177
DMABufSurface.cpp TODO: DRM device selection: 54974
DMABufSurface.h 14341
gbm.h \file gbm.h \brief Generic Buffer Manager 16710
GfxInfo.cpp 54678
GfxInfo.h WIDGET_GTK_GFXINFO_h__ 4919
GfxInfoUtils.h WIDGET_GTK_GFXINFO_h__ 2900
GRefPtr.h 2157
gtk3drawing.cpp This file contains painting functions for each of the gtk2 widgets. Adapted from the gtkdrawing.c, and gtk+2.0 source. 79686
GtkCompositorWidget.cpp MOZ_LOGGING 6442
GtkCompositorWidget.h = nullptr 4325
gtkdrawing.h gtkdrawing.h: GTK widget rendering utilities gtkdrawing provides an API for rendering GTK widgets in the current theme to a pixmap or window, without requiring an actual widget instantiation, similar to the Macintosh Appearance Manager or Windows XP's DrawThemeBackground() API. 16992
GUniquePtr.h 1128
IMContextWrapper.cpp 130983
IMContextWrapper.h KeyHandlingState is result of IMContextWrapper::OnKeyEvent(). 27544
InProcessGtkCompositorWidget.cpp static 1627
InProcessGtkCompositorWidget.h 954
MediaKeysEventSourceFactory.cpp 450 4405
MozContainer.cpp MOZ_LOGGING 8185
MozContainer.h MozContainer This class serves two purposes in the nsIWidget implementation. - It provides objects to receive signals from GTK for events on native windows. - It provides GdkWindow to draw content. 2238
MozContainerWayland.cpp MozContainerWayland is a wrapper over MozContainer which provides wl_surface for MozContainer widget. The widget scheme looks like: --------------------------------------------------------- | mShell Gtk widget (contains wl_surface owned by Gtk+) | | | | --------------------------------------------------- | | | mContainer (contains wl_surface owned by Gtk+) | | | | | | | | --------------------------------------------- | | | | | wl_subsurface (attached to wl_surface | | | | | | of mContainer) | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | --------------------------------------------- | | | --------------------------------------------------- | --------------------------------------------------------- We draw to wl_subsurface owned by MozContainerWayland. We need to wait until wl_surface of mContainer is created and then we create and attach our wl_subsurface to it. First wl_subsurface creation has these steps: 1) moz_container_wayland_size_allocate() handler is called when mContainer size/position is known. It calls moz_container_wayland_surface_create_locked(), registers a frame callback handler moz_container_wayland_frame_callback_handler(). 2) moz_container_wayland_frame_callback_handler() is called when wl_surface owned by mozContainer is ready. We call initial_draw_cbs() handler and we can create our wl_subsurface on top of wl_surface owned by mozContainer. When MozContainer hides/show again, moz_container_wayland_size_allocate() handler may not be called as MozContainer size is set. So after first show/hide sequence use moz_container_wayland_map_event() to create wl_subsurface of MozContainer. 31862
MozContainerWayland.h MozContainer This class serves three purposes in the nsIWidget implementation. - It provides objects to receive signals from GTK for events on native windows. - It provides GdkWindow to draw content on Wayland or when Gtk+ renders client side decorations to mShell. 4251
MPRISInterfaceDescription.h 5176
MPRISServiceHandler.cpp 30540
MPRISServiceHandler.h This class implements the "MPRIS" D-Bus Service (, which is used to communicate with the Desktop Environment about the Multimedia playing in Gecko. Note that this interface requires many methods which may not be supported by Gecko, the interface however provides CanXYZ properties for these methods, so the method is defined but won't be executed. Also note that the following defines are for parts that the MPRIS Spec defines optional. The code won't compile with any of the defines set, yet, as those aren't implemented yet and probably never will be of use for gecko. For sake of completeness, they have been added until the decision about their implementation is finally made. The constexpr'ed methods are capabilities of the user agent known at compile time, e.g. we decided at compile time whether we ever want to support closing the user agent via MPRIS (Quit() and CanQuit()). Other properties like CanPlay() might depend on the runtime state (is there media available for playback?) and thus aren't a constexpr but merely a const method. 6955
NativeKeyBindings.cpp 18536
NativeKeyBindings.h GetEditCommandsForTests() returns commands performed in native widget in typical environment. I.e., this does NOT refer customized shortcut key mappings of the environment. 1906
NativeMenuGtk.cpp ctrlKey = 27980
NativeMenuGtk.h 2437
NativeMenuSupport.cpp 1286
nsApplicationChooser.cpp static 4402
nsApplicationChooser.h 1019
nsAppShell.cpp static 16040
nsAppShell.h nsAppShell_h__ 2234
nsBidiKeyboard.cpp 1489
nsBidiKeyboard.h 637
nsClipboard.cpp 52106
nsClipboard.h 5525
nsClipboardWayland.cpp sleep for 10 ms/iteration 2593
nsClipboardWayland.h __nsClipboardWayland_h_ 1035
nsClipboardX11.cpp 5996
nsClipboardX11.h __nsClipboardX11_h_ 1139
nsColorPicker.cpp obsolete, unused 'pixel' value 8270
nsColorPicker.h 2150
nsDeviceContextSpecG.cpp for PR_GetEnv 15240
nsDeviceContextSpecG.h should be <limits.h>? 1879
nsDragService.cpp 106274
nsDragService.h Native GTK DragService wrapper 12407
nsFilePicker.cpp MOZ_LOGGING 24593
nsFilePicker.h mFileChooser is non-null while open. 3137
nsGtkCursors.h MOZ_CURSOR_HAND_GRAB 25232
nsGtkKeyUtils.cpp 95776
nsGtkKeyUtils.h KeymapWrapper is a wrapper class of GdkKeymap. GdkKeymap doesn't support all our needs, therefore, we need to access lower level APIs. But such code is usually complex and might be slow. Against such issues, we should cache some information. This class provides only static methods. The methods is using internal singleton instance which is initialized by default GdkKeymap. When the GdkKeymap is destroyed, the singleton instance will be destroyed. 16693
nsGTKToolkit.h Wrapper around the thread running the message pump. The toolkit abstraction is necessary because the message pump must execute within the same thread that created the widget under Win32. 1604
nsGtkUtils.h 2031
nsImageToPixbuf.cpp 4034
nsImageToPixbuf.h 1048
nsLookAndFeel.cpp MOZ_LOGGING 80944
nsLookAndFeel.h 6346
nsNativeThemeGTK.cpp static 49917
nsNativeThemeGTK.h 5043
nsPrintDialogGTK.cpp 25237
nsPrintDialogGTK.h 962
nsPrintSettingsGTK.cpp --------------------------------------------------- 22312
nsPrintSettingsGTK.h 5502
nsPrintSettingsServiceGTK.cpp 2848
nsPrintSettingsServiceGTK.h 1015
nsShmImage.cpp 9945
nsShmImage.h 1790
nsSound.cpp used to play sounds with libcanberra. 11578
nsSound.h __nsSound_h__ 771
nsToolkit.cpp 834
nsUserIdleServiceGTK.cpp 10590
nsUserIdleServiceGTK.h 2258
nsWaylandDisplay.cpp 8184
nsWaylandDisplay.h 5221
nsWidgetFactory.cpp 1832
nsWidgetFactory.h 646
nsWindow.cpp 347394
nsWindow.h MOZ_LOGGING 37917
PCompositorWidget.ipdl 909
PlatformWidgetTypes.ipdlh 854
ScreenHelperGTK.cpp MOZ_X11 9838
ScreenHelperGTK.h 893
TaskbarProgress.cpp TaskbarProgress **************************************************************************** 3459
TaskbarProgress.h 860
va_drmcommon.h \brief DRM authentication type. 6035
WakeLockListener.cpp 30897
WakeLockListener.h Receives WakeLock events and simply passes it on to the right WakeLockTopic to inhibit the screensaver. 1056
WaylandBuffer.cpp MOZ_LOGGING 6687
WaylandBuffer.h 4395
WaylandVsyncSource.cpp MOZ_LOGGING 13079
WaylandVsyncSource.h WaylandVsyncSource This class provides a per-widget VsyncSource under Wayland, emulated using frame callbacks on the widget surface with empty surface commits. Wayland does not expose vsync/vblank, as it considers that an implementation detail the clients should not concern themselves with. Instead, frame callbacks are provided whenever the compositor believes it is a good time to start drawing the next frame for a particular surface, giving us as much time as possible to do so. Note that the compositor sends frame callbacks only when it sees fit, and when that may be is entirely up to the compositor. One cannot expect a certain rate of callbacks, or any callbacks at all. Examples of common variations would be surfaces moved between outputs with different refresh rates, and surfaces that are hidden and therefore do not receieve any callbacks at all. Other hypothetical scenarios of variation could be throttling to conserve power, or because a user has requested it. 3493
WidgetStyleCache.cpp 55090
WidgetStyleCache.h Return a new style context based on aWidget, as a child of aParentStyle. If aWidget still has a floating reference, then it is sunk and released. 2263
WidgetTraceEvent.cpp 1705
WidgetUtilsGtk.cpp MOZ_LOGGING 15588
WidgetUtilsGtk.h See WidgetUtils::IsTouchDeviceSupportPresent(). 2322
WindowSurface.h 1348
WindowSurfaceProvider.cpp MOZ_LOGGING 7220
WindowSurfaceProvider.h Holds the logic for creating WindowSurface's for a GTK nsWindow. The main purpose of this class is to allow sharing of logic between nsWindow and GtkCompositorWidget, for when OMTC is enabled or disabled. 3462
WindowSurfaceWaylandMultiBuffer.cpp MOZ_LOGGING 14761
WindowSurfaceWaylandMultiBuffer.h 3150
WindowSurfaceX11.cpp static 1513
WindowSurfaceX11.h 1129
WindowSurfaceX11Image.cpp 9399
WindowSurfaceX11Image.h 1477
WindowSurfaceX11SHM.cpp 984
WindowSurfaceX11SHM.h 1059