Name Description Size
AudioSession.cpp To take advantage of what Vista+ have to offer with respect to audio, we need to maintain an audio session. This class wraps IAudioSessionControl and implements IAudioSessionEvents (for callbacks from Windows) 10666
AudioSession.h 548
CheckInvariantWrapper.h 2117
components.conf 8904
CompositorWidgetChild.cpp 3677
CompositorWidgetChild.h 2202
CompositorWidgetParent.cpp 7391
CompositorWidgetParent.h 3503
DirectManipulationOwner.cpp 21415
DirectManipulationOwner.h 1592
GfxInfo.cpp GetD2DEnabled and GetDwriteEnabled shouldn't be called until after gfxPlatform initialization has occurred because they depend on it for information. (See bug 591561) 80020
GfxInfo.h 4316
IEnumFE.cpp IUnknown impl. 3327
IEnumFE.h CEnumFormatEtc - implements IEnumFORMATETC 2426
IMMHandler.cpp IMEContext **************************************************************************** 92286
IMMHandler.h IsIMEAvailable() returns TRUE when current keyboard layout has IME. Otherwise, FALSE. 16387
InProcessWinCompositorWidget.cpp static 11170
InProcessWinCompositorWidget.h 3906
InputDeviceUtils.cpp 1811
InputDeviceUtils.h 828
JumpListBuilder.cpp A wrapper around a ICustomDestinationList that implements the JumpListBackend interface. This is an implementation of JumpListBackend that actually causes items to appear in a Windows jump list. 25476
JumpListBuilder.h This is an abstract class for a backend to write to the Windows Jump List. It has a 1-to-1 method mapping with ICustomDestinationList. The abtract class allows us to implement a "fake" backend for automated testing. 3523
KeyboardLayout.cpp 201641
KeyboardLayout.h Append a pair of unicode character and the final modifier. 41319
LegacyJumpListBuilder.cpp 20548
LegacyJumpListBuilder.h __LegacyJumpListBuilder_h__ 2095
LegacyJumpListItem.cpp link impl. 16024
LegacyJumpListItem.h __LegacyJumpListItem_h__ 4140
LSPAnnotator.cpp LSPs are evil little bits of code that are allowed to inject into our networking stack by Windows. Once they have wormed into our process they gnaw at our innards until we crash. Here we force the buggers into the light by recording them in our crash information. We do the enumeration on a thread because I'm concerned about startup perf on machines with several LSPs. 4396
MediaKeysEventSourceFactory.cpp 584
metrics.yaml 2211 5240
nsAppShell.cpp 35220
nsAppShell.h Native Win32 Application shell wrapper 1813
nsBidiKeyboard.cpp 5838
nsBidiKeyboard.h 859
nsClipboard.cpp static 54309
nsClipboard.h Native Win32 Clipboard wrapper 4972
nsColorPicker.cpp static 6011
nsColorPicker.h 1424
nsDataObj.cpp 75096
nsDataObj.h This ole registered class is used to facilitate drag-drop of objects which can be adapted by an object derived from CfDragDrop. The CfDragDrop is associated with instances via SetDragDrop(). 11376
nsDataObjCollection.cpp Class nsDataObjCollection 12311
nsDataObjCollection.h This ole registered class is used to facilitate drag-drop of objects which can be adapted by an object derived from CfDragDrop. The CfDragDrop is associated with instances via SetDragDrop(). 3293
nsdefs.h 1604
nsDeviceContextSpecWin.cpp recursive = 23210
nsDeviceContextSpecWin.h 3198
nsDragService.cpp 22735
nsDragService.h Native Win32 DragService wrapper 2252
nsFilePicker.cpp 35674
nsFilePicker.h Native Windows FileSelector wrapper 4476
nsLookAndFeel.cpp virtual 30312
nsLookAndFeel.h Gesture System Metrics 3461
nsNativeDragSource.cpp class nsNativeDragSource 2436
nsNativeDragSource.h nsNativeDragSource implements the IDropSource interface and gets most of its behavior from the associated adapter (m_dragDrop). 2146
nsNativeDragTarget.cpp class nsNativeDragTarget 15320
nsNativeDragTarget.h nsNativeDragTarget implements the IDropTarget interface and gets most of its behavior from the associated adapter (m_dragDrop). 3684
nsNativeThemeWin.cpp 67688
nsNativeThemeWin.h 7667
nsPrintDialogUtil.cpp ------------------------------------------------------------------- To Build This: You need to add this to the the in mozilla/dom/base: .\$(OBJDIR)\nsFlyOwnPrintDialog.obj \ And this to the in mozilla/content/build: WIN_LIBS= \ winspool.lib \ comctl32.lib \ comdlg32.lib ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 12124
nsPrintDialogUtil.h nsFlyOwnDialog_h___ 506
nsPrintDialogWin.cpp ParamBlock 4631
nsPrintDialogWin.h 1047
nsPrinterWin.cpp 18674
nsPrinterWin.h 2125
nsPrintSettingsServiceWin.cpp 4263
nsPrintSettingsServiceWin.h 914
nsPrintSettingsWin.cpp 19402
nsPrintSettingsWin.h //*** nsPrintSettingsWin //***************************************************************************** class nsPrintSettingsWin : public nsPrintSettings, public nsIPrintSettingsWin { virtual ~nsPrintSettingsWin(); public: NS_DECL_ISUPPORTS_INHERITED NS_DECL_NSIPRINTSETTINGSWIN nsPrintSettingsWin(); nsPrintSettingsWin(const nsPrintSettingsWin& aPS); /** @param aPaperSize the Windows dmPaperSize @param aPaperSizeUnit will be set to the nsIPrintSettings paper size unit associated with aPaperSize or left unchanged if aPaperSize is not recognized 1862
nsSharePicker.cpp 2332
nsSharePicker.h 718
nsSound.cpp static 9713
nsSound.h __nsSound_h__ 1064
nsToolkit.cpp 1852
nsToolkit.h Wrapper around the thread running the message pump. The toolkit abstraction is necessary because the message pump must execute within the same thread that created the widget under Win32. 1091
nsUserIdleServiceWin.cpp 677
nsUserIdleServiceWin.h NOTE: Compare of GetTickCount() could overflow. This corrects for overflow situations. * 1533
nsUXThemeConstants.h The following constants are used to determine how a widget is drawn using Windows' Theme API. For more information on theme parts and states see 5915
nsUXThemeData.cpp 2389
nsUXThemeData.h 1793
nsWidgetFactory.cpp 1663
nsWidgetFactory.h 664
nsWindow.cpp nsWindow - Native window management and event handling. nsWindow is organized into a set of major blocks and block subsections. The layout is as follows: Includes Variables nsIWidget impl. nsIWidget methods and utilities nsSwitchToUIThread impl. nsSwitchToUIThread methods and utilities Moz events Event initialization Event dispatching Native events Wndproc(s) Event processing OnEvent event handlers IME management and accessibility Transparency Popup hook handling Misc. utilities Child window impl. Search for "BLOCK:" to find major blocks. Search for "SECTION:" to find specific sections. Blocks should be split out into separate files if they become unmanageable. Notable related sources: nsWindowDefs.h - Definitions, macros, structs, enums and general setup. nsWindowDbg.h/.cpp - Debug related code and directives. nsWindowGfx.h/.cpp - Graphics and painting. 312153
nsWindow.h nsWindow - Native window management and event handling. 33577
nsWindowDbg.cpp nsWindowDbg - Debug related utilities for nsWindow. 64586
nsWindowDbg.h nsWindowDbg - Debug related utilities for nsWindow. 5131
nsWindowDefs.h nsWindowDefs - nsWindow related definitions, consts, and macros. 3642
nsWindowGfx.cpp nsWindowGfx - Painting and aceleration. 23756
nsWindowGfx.h nsWindowGfx - Painting and aceleration. 1176
nsWindowLoggedMessages.cpp 12215
nsWindowLoggedMessages.h WindowLoggedMessages 898
nsWindowTaskbarConcealer.cpp TaskbarConcealerImpl Implement Windows-fullscreen marking. nsWindow::TaskbarConcealer implements logic determining _whether_ to tell Windows that a given window is fullscreen. TaskbarConcealerImpl performs the platform-specific work of actually communicating that fact to Windows. (This object is not persistent; it's constructed on the stack when needed.) 14271
nsWindowTaskbarConcealer.h nsWindow::TaskbarConcealer Fullscreen-state (and, thus, taskbar-occlusion) manager. 1879
nsWinGesture.cpp nsWinGesture - Touch input handling for tablet displays. 11884
nsWinGesture.h nsWinGesture - Touch input handling for tablet displays. 2356
OSKInputPaneManager.cpp 2661
OSKInputPaneManager.h 719
OSKTabTipManager.cpp Get the HWND for the on-screen keyboard, if it's up. Only allowed for Windows 8 and higher. 4204
OSKTabTipManager.h 620
OSKVRManager.cpp aRequiresMutex 1113
OSKVRManager.h 604
PCompositorWidget.ipdl 1494
PlatformWidgetTypes.ipdlh 947
RemoteBackbuffer.cpp secattr 20868
RemoteBackbuffer.h 2656
resource.h 589
ScreenHelperWin.cpp 6180
ScreenHelperWin.h 772
ShellHeaderOnlyUtils.h Ask the current user's Desktop to ShellExecute on our behalf, thus causing the resulting launched process to inherit its security priviliges from Explorer instead of our process. This is useful in two scenarios, in particular: * We are running as an elevated user and we want to start something as the "normal" user; * We are starting a process that is incompatible with our process's process mitigation policies. By delegating to Explorer, the child process will not be affected by our process mitigations. Since this communication happens over DCOM, Explorer's COM DACL governs whether or not we can execute against it, thus avoiding privilege escalation. 6311
SystemStatusBar.cpp cbSize 11072
SystemStatusBar.h 960
TaskbarPreview.cpp 12964
TaskbarPreview.h Callback object TaskbarPreview hands to preview controllers when we request async thumbnail or live preview images. Controllers invoke this interface once they have aquired the requested image. 4138
TaskbarPreviewButton.cpp 3506
TaskbarPreviewButton.h __mozilla_widget_TaskbarPreviewButton_h__ 1280
TaskbarTabPreview.cpp 10732
TaskbarTabPreview.h __mozilla_widget_TaskbarTabPreview_h__ 2311
TaskbarWindowPreview.cpp These correspond directly to the states defined in nsITaskbarProgress.idl, so they should be kept in sync. 10001
TaskbarWindowPreview.h __mozilla_widget_TaskbarWindowPreview_h__ 2828
ToastNotification.cpp 32720
ToastNotification.h 2623
ToastNotificationHandler.cpp 40327
ToastNotificationHandler.h = u""_ns 5203
ToastNotificationHeaderOnlyUtils.h This header is intended for self-contained, header-only, utility code to share between Windows toast notification code in firefox.exe and notificationserver.dll. 5056
touchinjection_sdk80.h 6049
TSFTextStore.cpp TSF related code should log its behavior even on release build especially in the interface methods. In interface methods, use LogLevel::Info. In internal methods, use LogLevel::Debug for logging normal behavior. For logging error, use LogLevel::Error. When an instance method is called, start with following text: "0x%p TSFFoo::Bar(", the 0x%p should be the "this" of the nsFoo. after that, start with: "0x%p TSFFoo::Bar(" In an internal method, start with following text: "0x%p TSFFoo::Bar(" When a static method is called, start with following text: "TSFFoo::Bar(" 275678
TSFTextStore.h Text Services Framework text store 45734
UrlmonHeaderOnlyUtils.h We used to validate a uri with SHParseDisplayName to mitigate the Windows bug (Bug 394974). However, Bug 1573051 revealed an issue that a fragment, a string following a hash mark (#), is dropped when we extract a string from PIDL. This is the intended behavior of Windows. To deal with the fragment issue as well as keeping our mitigation, we decided to use CreateUri to validate a uri string, but we also keep using SHParseDisplayName as a pre-check. This is because there are several cases where CreateUri succeeds while SHParseDisplayName fails such as a non-existent file: uri. To minimize the impact of introducing CreateUri into the validation logic, we try to mimic the logic of windows_storage!IUriToPidl (ieframe!IUriToPidl in Win7) which is executed behind SHParseDisplayName. What IUriToPidl does is: 1) If a given uri has a fragment, removes a fragment. 2) Takes an absolute uri if it's available in the given uri, otherwise takes a raw uri. As we need to get a full uri including a fragment, this function does 2). 2835
widget.rc 1285
WidgetTraceEvent.cpp Windows widget support for event loop instrumentation. See toolkit/xre/EventTracer.cpp for more details. 3368
WinCompositorWidget.cpp 3388
WinCompositorWidget.h 3302
WinCompositorWindowThread.cpp static 9837
WinCompositorWindowThread.h 1932
WindowHook.cpp 3538
WindowHook.h 2183
WindowsConsole.cpp 1607
WindowsConsole.h 523
WindowsEMF.cpp = nullptr 2350
WindowsEMF.h include windows.h for the HDC definitions that we need. 3392
WindowsEventLog.h Report messages to the Windows Event Log. 3706
WindowsSMTCProvider.cpp mingw currently doesn't support, so we disable the whole related class until this is fixed. @TODO: Maybe contact MinGW Team for inclusion? 28807
WindowsSMTCProvider.h 4907
WindowsUIUtils.cpp mingw currently doesn't support windows.ui.viewmanagement.h, so we disable it until it's fixed. 26619
WindowsUIUtils.h IsExclusive 1547
WinEventObserver.cpp 6772
WinEventObserver.h 3265
WinHeaderOnlyUtils.h This header is intended for self-contained, header-only, utility code for Win32. It may be used outside of xul.dll, in places such as firefox.exe or mozglue.dll. If your code creates dependencies on Mozilla libraries, you should put it elsewhere. 25577
WinIMEHandler.cpp IMEHandler **************************************************************************** 39038
WinIMEHandler.h IMEHandler class is a mediator class. On Windows, there are two IME API sets: One is IMM which is legacy API set. The other is TSF which is modern API set. By using this class, non-IME handler classes don't need to worry that we're in which mode. 7981
WinMessages.h MOZ_WM_* messages ************************************************************************** 3864
WinModifierKeyState.h 1688
WinMouseScrollHandler.cpp MouseScrollHandler **************************************************************************** 59262
WinMouseScrollHandler.h See nsIWidget::SynthesizeNativeMouseScrollEvent() for the detail about this method. 18252
WinPointerEvents.cpp WinPointerEvents - Helper functions to retrieve PointerEvent's attributes 6372
WinPointerEvents.h WinPointerInfo This is a helper class to handle WM_POINTER*. It only supports Win8 or later. **************************************************************************** 2847
WinRegistry.cpp 10267
WinRegistry.h 8493
WinTaskbar.cpp 14218
WinTaskbar.h __WinTaskbar_h__ 1278
WinTextEventDispatcherListener.cpp 2274
WinTextEventDispatcherListener.h On Windows, it's enough TextEventDispatcherListener to be a singleton because we have only one input context per process (IMM can create multiple IM context but we don't support such behavior). 1736
WinUtils.cpp static 69277
WinUtils.h NS_INLINE_DECL_IUNKNOWN_REFCOUNTING should be used for defining and implementing AddRef() and Release() of IUnknown interface. This depends on xpcom/base/nsISupportsImpl.h. 24348
WinWindowOcclusionTracker.cpp 50552
WinWindowOcclusionTracker.h 13203