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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#include "nsISupports.idl"
interface nsIStandaloneNativeMenu;
* Allow applications to interface with the Mac OS X Dock.
* Applications may indicate progress on their Dock icon. Only one such
* progress indicator is available to the entire application.
[scriptable, uuid(8BE66B0C-5F71-4B74-98CF-6C2551B999B1)]
interface nsIMacDockSupport : nsISupports
* Menu to use for application-specific dock menu items.
attribute nsIStandaloneNativeMenu dockMenu;
* Activate the application. This should be used by an application to
* activate itself when a dock menu is selected as selection of a dock menu
* item does not automatically activate the application.
* @param aIgnoreOtherApplications If false, the application is activated
* only if no other application is currently active. If true, the
* application activates regardless.
void activateApplication(in boolean aIgnoreOtherApplications);
* Text used to badge the dock tile.
attribute AString badgeText;
* True if this app is in the list of apps that are persisted to the macOS
* Dock (as if the user selected "Keep in Dock").
readonly attribute boolean isAppInDock;
* Ensure that there is a tile for this app in the list of apps that are
* persisted to the macOS Dock (equivalent to the user selected "Keep in
* Dock").
* The position for the [new] app tile is:
* - its current position if it already exists, else
* - the position of `aAppToReplacePath` if it exists, else
* - directly after the last app with the same .app name, else
* - directly after the last known browser app (see `browserAppNames` in
*, else
* - at the end of the persisted app list.
* @param aAppPath [optional] The path of the .app to persist to the Dock
* (defaults to the path of the current app).
* @param aAppToReplacePath [optional] The path of a .app that should be
* replaced if it is in the list of persisted apps. This is useful when we
* prompt the user to install the app when the app is being run directly
* from a .dmg and the user may have dragged that .app file to the dock.
* @return true if the app was already in the list of persisted apps or if it
* was successfully added, else returns false.
boolean ensureAppIsPinnedToDock([optional] in AString aAppPath,
[optional] in AString aAppToReplacePath);