Name Description Size
bug586713_window.xhtml 1437
chrome.toml 5146
clipboard_helper.js Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 6425
empty_window.xhtml 188
file_bug596600.html 44
file_ime_state_test_helper.js @param {Node} aNode 4631
file_input_events_on_deactive_window.html 58
file_secure_input.html 65
file_test_clipboard.js Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 4801
file_test_clipboard_asyncGetData.js Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 5779
file_test_clipboard_asyncSetData.js Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 5513
file_test_clipboard_getDataSnapshotSync.js Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 5311
file_test_ime_state_in_contenteditable_on_readonly_change.js Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 19276
file_test_ime_state_in_text_control_on_reframe.js Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 5825
file_test_ime_state_on_focus_move.js Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 57334
file_test_ime_state_on_input_type_change.js Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 8357
file_test_ime_state_on_readonly_change.js Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 7669
mochitest.toml 1706 3646
native_menus_window.xhtml 11280
standalone_native_menu_window.xhtml 15763
system_font_changes.xhtml 1826
taskbar_previews.xhtml Previews - yeah! 4015
test_actionhint.html Tests for action hint that is used by software keyboard 4927
test_AltGr_key_events_in_web_content_on_windows.html Testing if AltGr keydown and keyup events are fired in web content on Windows 3926
test_alwaysontop_focus.xhtml Test that alwaysontop windows do not pull focus when opened. 1277
test_assign_event_data.html Testing ns*Event::Assign*EventData() 24682
test_autocapitalize.html Tests for autocapitalize that is used by software keyboard 2876
test_bug343416.xhtml 5380
test_bug428405.xhtml 6183
test_bug429954.xhtml 1192
test_bug444800.xhtml 5657
test_bug466599.xhtml 2962
test_bug478536.xhtml Test for Bug 478536 903
test_bug485118.xhtml 2212
test_bug517396.xhtml 1698
test_bug522217.xhtml 880
test_bug538242.xhtml 1646
test_bug565392.html Test for Bug 565392 1927
test_bug586713.xhtml 798
test_bug593307.xhtml 1094
test_bug596600.xhtml 7074
test_bug673301.xhtml 1092
test_bug760802.xhtml 2826
test_bug1123480.xhtml nsTransferable PBM Overflow Selection Test 6969
test_clipboard.html Test for Bug 948065 425
test_clipboard_asyncGetData.html Test for Bug 1852947 538
test_clipboard_asyncGetData_chrome.html Test for Bug 1852947 588
test_clipboard_asyncSetData.html Test for Bug 1712122 543
test_clipboard_asyncSetData_chrome.html Test for Bug 1712122 593
test_clipboard_cache_chrome.html Test for Bug 1812543 11409
test_clipboard_chrome.html Test for Bug 948065 475
test_clipboard_getDataSnapshotSync.html Test for Bug 1858627 557
test_clipboard_getDataSnapshotSync_chrome.html Test for Bug 1858627 607
test_clipboard_owner_chrome.html Test for Bug 1812078 2531
test_composition_text_querycontent.xhtml 1217
test_contextmenu_by_mouse_on_unix.html Test to fire contextmenu event by widget level 3000
test_ime_focus_with_multiple_contenteditable.html Test IME state and focus with multiple contenteditable elements 2887
test_ime_state_in_contenteditable_on_readonly_change_in_parent.html Test for IME state of contenteditable on readonly state change 3920
test_ime_state_in_plugin_in_parent.html Test for IME state on plugin 2591
test_ime_state_in_text_control_on_reframe_in_parent.html Test for IME state of contenteditable on readonly state change 1586
test_ime_state_on_editable_state_change_in_parent.html Test for IME state management at changing editable state 9807
test_ime_state_on_focus_move_in_parent.html Test for IME state management on focus move in parent process 3280
test_ime_state_on_input_type_change_in_parent.html Test for IME state on input type change 1465
test_ime_state_on_readonly_change_in_parent.html Test for IME state on readonly state change 1198
test_ime_state_others_in_parent.html Test for IME state controlling in some special cases 4700
test_input_events_on_deactive_window.xhtml 7478
test_key_event_counts.xhtml 2838
test_keycodes.xhtml 448874
test_keypress_event_with_alt_on_mac.html Testing if keypress event is fired when alt key is pressed 4578
test_mouse_double_click_on_android.html Test to fire dblclick event by Android's widget level 3432
test_mouse_event_with_control_on_mac.html Test control+click on Mac 3657
test_mouse_scroll.xhtml 893
test_native_key_bindings_mac.html Native Key Bindings for Cocoa Test 13542
test_native_menus.xhtml 801
test_panel_mouse_coords.xhtml 2563
test_picker_no_crash.html Test for crashes when the parent window of a file picker is closed via script 1037
test_platform_colors.xhtml 4152
test_position_on_resize.xhtml 2542
test_secure_input.html Test for secure input mode 5282
test_sizemode_events.xhtml 4441
test_standalone_native_menu.xhtml 825
test_surrogate_pair_native_key_handling.xhtml 8095
test_system_font_changes.xhtml 807
test_system_status_bar.xhtml 1983
test_taskbar_progress.xhtml 3899
test_textScaleFactor_system_font.html Test that system font sizing is independent from ui.textScaleFactor 5596
test_transferable_overflow.xhtml nsTransferable with large string 7130
test_wheeltransaction.xhtml 779
TestChromeMargin.cpp This tests the margin parsing functionality in nsAttrValue.cpp, which is accessible via nsContentUtils, and is used in setting chromemargins to widget windows. It's located here due to linking issues in the content directory. 4212
window_bug429954.xhtml 1156
window_bug478536.xhtml 5446
window_bug522217.xhtml 2866
window_bug538242.xhtml 151
window_bug593307_centerscreen.xhtml 813
window_bug593307_offscreen.xhtml 809
window_composition_text_querycontent.xhtml 496711
window_imestate_iframes.html Test for IME state controling and focus moving for iframes 16888
window_mouse_scroll_win.html Test for mouse scroll handling on Windows 52199
window_mouse_scroll_win_2.html 93
window_picker_no_crash_child.html Picker window 253
window_state_windows.xhtml 2684
window_wheeltransaction.xhtml 65344