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/* -*- Mode: C++; c-basic-offset: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; tab-width: 2; -*- */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef nsPrinterCUPS_h___
#define nsPrinterCUPS_h___
#include "nsPrinterBase.h"
#include "nsPrintSettingsImpl.h"
#include "nsCUPSShim.h"
#include "nsString.h"
#include "mozilla/DataMutex.h"
#include "mozilla/FunctionRef.h"
#include "mozilla/RecursiveMutex.h"
* @brief Interface to help implementing nsIPrinter using a CUPS printer.
class nsPrinterCUPS final : public nsPrinterBase {
NS_IMETHOD GetName(nsAString& aName) override;
NS_IMETHOD GetSystemName(nsAString& aName) override;
bool SupportsDuplex() const final;
bool SupportsColor() const final;
bool SupportsMonochrome() const final;
bool SupportsCollation() const final;
PrinterInfo CreatePrinterInfo() const final;
MarginDouble GetMarginsForPaper(nsString aPaperId) const final {
"The CUPS API requires us to always get the margin when fetching the "
"paper list so there should be no need to query it separately");
return {};
nsPrinterCUPS() = delete;
nsPrinterCUPS(const mozilla::CommonPaperInfoArray* aArray,
const nsCUPSShim& aShim, nsString aDisplayName,
cups_dest_t* aPrinter)
: nsPrinterBase(aArray),
"nsPrinterCUPS::mPrinterInfoMutex") {}
static void ForEachExtraMonochromeSetting(
mozilla::FunctionRef<void(const nsACString&, const nsACString&)>);
struct CUPSPrinterInfo {
explicit constexpr CUPSPrinterInfo(cups_dest_t* aPrinter)
: mPrinter(aPrinter) {}
cups_dest_t* mPrinter;
cups_dinfo_t* mPrinterInfo = nullptr;
uint64_t mCUPSMajor = 0;
uint64_t mCUPSMinor = 0;
uint64_t mCUPSPatch = 0;
// Whether we have attempted to fetch mPrinterInfo with CUPS_HTTP_DEFAULT.
bool mTriedInitWithDefault = false;
// Whether we have attempted to fetch mPrinterInfo with a connection.
bool mTriedInitWithConnection = false;
CUPSPrinterInfo() = delete;
CUPSPrinterInfo(const CUPSPrinterInfo&) = delete;
CUPSPrinterInfo(CUPSPrinterInfo&& aOther)
: mPrinter(aOther.mPrinter),
mCUPSPatch(aOther.mCUPSPatch) {
aOther.mPrinter = nullptr;
aOther.mPrinterInfo = nullptr;
using PrinterInfoMutex =
mozilla::DataMutexBase<CUPSPrinterInfo, mozilla::RecursiveMutex>;
using PrinterInfoLock = PrinterInfoMutex::AutoLock;
* Retrieves the localized name for a given media (paper).
* Returns nullptr if the name cannot be localized.
const char* LocalizeMediaName(http_t& aConnection, cups_size_t& aMedia) const;
void GetPrinterName(nsAString& aName) const;
// Little util for getting support flags using the direct CUPS names.
bool Supports(const char* aOption, const char* aValue) const;
// Returns support value if CUPS meets the minimum version, otherwise returns
// |aDefault|
bool IsCUPSVersionAtLeast(uint64_t aCUPSMajor, uint64_t aCUPSMinor,
uint64_t aCUPSPatch) const;
const char* FindCUPSOption(PrinterInfoLock& aLock, const char* name) const {
const cups_dest_t* const printer = aLock->mPrinter;
return mShim.cupsGetOption(name, printer->num_options, printer->options);
class Connection {
http_t* GetConnection(cups_dest_t* aDest);
inline explicit Connection(const nsCUPSShim& aShim) : mShim(aShim) {}
Connection() = delete;
const nsCUPSShim& mShim;
http_t* mConnection = CUPS_HTTP_DEFAULT;
bool mWasInited = false;
PrintSettingsInitializer DefaultSettings(Connection& aConnection) const;
nsTArray<mozilla::PaperInfo> PaperList(Connection& aConnection) const;
* Attempts to populate the CUPSPrinterInfo object.
* This usually works with the CUPS default connection,
* but has been known to require an established connection
* on older versions of Ubuntu (18 and below).
PrinterInfoLock TryEnsurePrinterInfo(
http_t* const aConnection = CUPS_HTTP_DEFAULT) const {
PrinterInfoLock lock = mPrinterInfoMutex.Lock();
TryEnsurePrinterInfo(lock, aConnection);
return lock;
* TryEnsurePrinterInfo that uses a caller-provided PrinterInfoLock.
* This can be used to avoid unnecessarily redundant locking of
* mPrinterInfoLock when getting a connection through
* Connection::GetConnection and then passing that into TryEnsurePrinterInfo.
void TryEnsurePrinterInfo(PrinterInfoLock& aLock,
http_t* const aConnection) const;
const nsCUPSShim& mShim;
nsString mDisplayName;
mutable PrinterInfoMutex mPrinterInfoMutex;
// There's no standard setting in Core Printing for monochrome. Or rather,
// there is (PMSetColorMode) but it does nothing. Similarly, the relevant gtk
// setting only works on Windows, yay.
// So on CUPS the right setting to use depends on the print driver. So we set /
// look for a variety of driver-specific keys that are known to work across
// printers.
// We set all the known settings, because the alternative to that is parsing ppd
// files from the printer and find the relevant known choices that can apply,
// and that is a lot more complex, similarly sketchy (requires the same amount
// of driver-specific knowledge), and requires using deprecated CUPS APIs.
macro_("ColorModel", "Gray") /* Generic */ \
macro_("BRMonoColor", "Mono") /* Brother */ \
macro_("BRPrintQuality", "Black") /* Brother */ \
macro_("CNIJGrayScale", "1") /* Canon */ \
macro_("CNGrayscale", "True") /* Canon */ \
macro_("INK", "MONO") /* Epson */ \
macro_("HPColorMode", "GrayscalePrint") /* HP */ \
macro_("ColorMode", "Mono") /* Samsung */ \
macro_("PrintoutMode", "Normal.Gray") /* Foomatic */ \
macro_("ProcessColorModel", "Mono") /* Samsung */ \
macro_("ARCMode", "CMBW") /* Sharp */ \
macro_("XRXColor", "BW") /* Xerox */ \
macro_("XROutputColor", "PrintAsGrayscale") /* Xerox, bug 1676191#c32 */ \
macro_("SelectColor", "Grayscale") /* Konica Minolta */ \
macro_("OKControl", "Gray") /* Oki */ \
macro_("BLW", "TrueM") /* Lexmark */ \
macro_("EPRendering", "None") /* Epson */
#endif /* nsPrinterCUPS_h___ */