Name Description Size
AppearanceOverride.h 805 4034
CFTypeRefPtr.h 5304
components.conf 896
crashtests 13
cursors 34
CustomCocoaEvents.h This file defines constants to be used in the "subtype" field of NSEventTypeApplicationDefined type NSEvents. 669
DesktopBackgroundImage.h 575 2129
docs 3
GfxInfo.h __mozilla_widget_GfxInfo_h__ 4112 19266
MacThemeGeometryType.h 832
MediaHardwareKeysEventSourceMac.h 1449 5953
MediaHardwareKeysEventSourceMacMediaCenter.h 2101 7514
MediaKeysEventSourceFactory.cpp 718 4810
MOZIconHelper.h 981 Creates icons for display in native menu items on macOS. 3499
MOZMenuOpeningCoordinator.h MOZMenuOpeningCoordinator is a workaround for the fact that opening an NSMenu creates a nested event loop. This event loop is only exited after the menu is closed. The caller of NativeMenuMac::ShowAsContextMenu does not expect ShowAsContextMenu to create a nested event loop, so we need to make sure to open the NSMenu asynchronously. 2463 Makes sure that the nested event loop for NSMenu tracking is situated as low on the stack as possible, and that two NSMenu event loops are never nested. 9215
mozView.h 2109
NativeKeyBindings.h GetEditCommandsForTests() returns commands performed in native widget in typical environment. I.e., this does NOT refer customized shortcut key mappings of the environment. 2146 25236
NativeMenuMac.h 3062 12622
NativeMenuSupport.h 1249 1266
nsAppShell.h Runs the main native Cocoa run loop, interrupting it as needed to process Gecko events. 2495 Runs the main native Cocoa run loop, interrupting it as needed to process Gecko events. 40075
nsBidiKeyboard.h 568 1116
nsChangeObserver.h 3373
nsChildView.h 24386 180772
nsClipboard.h 2232 29483
nsCocoaFeatures.h 2082 static 6745
nsCocoaUtils.h 20172 For each audio and video capture request, we hold an owning reference to a promise to be resolved when the request's async callback is invoked. sVideoCapturePromises and sAudioCapturePromises are arrays of video and audio promises waiting for to be resolved. Each array is protected by a mutex. 55130
nsCocoaWindow.h 17770 144154
nsColorPicker.h 1218 static 4377
nsCursorManager.h ! @class nsCursorManager @abstract Singleton service provides access to all cursors available in the application. @discussion Use <code>nsCusorManager</code> to set the current cursor using an XP <code>nsCusor</code> enum value. <code>nsCursorManager</code> encapsulates the details of setting different types of cursors, animating cursors and cleaning up cursors when they are no longer in use. 2235 ! @category nsCursorManager(PrivateMethods) Private methods for the cursor manager class. 11725
nsDeviceContextSpecX.h 1648 10910
nsDragService.h 2857 23994
nsFilePicker.h Returns the current filter list in the format used by Cocoa's NSSavePanel and NSOpenPanel. Returns nil if no filter currently apply. 2382 This class is an observer of NSPopUpButton selection change. 22083
nsLookAndFeel.h 1216 25485
nsMacCursor.h ! @class nsMacCursor @abstract Represents a native Mac cursor. @discussion <code>nsMacCursor</code> provides a simple API for creating and working with native Macintosh cursors. Cursors can be created used without needing to be aware of the way different cursors are implemented, in particular the details of managing an animated cursor are hidden. 5558 ! @category nsMacCursor (PrivateMethods) @abstract Private methods internal to the nsMacCursor class. @discussion <code>nsMacCursor</code> is effectively an abstract class. It does not define complete behaviour in and of itself, the subclasses defined in this file provide the useful implementations. 11953
nsMacDockSupport.h 944 14446
nsMacFinderProgress.h 613 2585
nsMacSharingService.h 599 7375
nsMacWebAppUtils.h 594 3354
nsMenuBarX.h 5377 34643
nsMenuGroupOwnerX.h 2987 6846
nsMenuItemIconX.h Retrieves and displays icons in native menu items on Mac OS X. 2185 Retrieves and displays icons in native menu items on Mac OS X. 5341
nsMenuItemX.h 3239 14240
nsMenuParentX.h 1095
nsMenuUtilsX.h 2070 11176
nsMenuX.h 12286 45234
nsNativeBasicThemeCocoa.cpp 8173
nsNativeBasicThemeCocoa.h 5253
nsNativeThemeCocoa.h 18735 145030
nsNativeThemeColors.h { active window, inactive window } 2647
nsPIWidgetCocoa.idl 1178
nsPrintDialogX.h 1634 aWithScaling = 20803
nsPrintSettingsServiceX.h 1001 2277
nsPrintSettingsX.h 4214 Don't save print settings after the user cancels out of the print dialog. For saving print settings after a cancellation to work properly, in addition to changing |mSaveOnCancel|, the print dialog implementation must be updated to save changed settings and serialize them back to the child process. 12964
nsSandboxViolationSink.h 1417 3844
nsSound.h 600 1798
nsStandaloneNativeMenu.h 769 1825
nsSystemStatusBarCocoa.h 1007 2092
nsToolkit.h 1207 8886
nsTouchBar.h Our TouchBar is its own delegate. This is adequate for our purposes, since the current implementation only defines Touch Bar buttons for the main Firefox window. If modals and other windows were to have custom Touch Bar views, each window would have to be a NSTouchBarDelegate so they could define their own custom sets of buttons. 4916 22730
nsTouchBarInput.h NSObject representation of nsITouchBarInput. 2776 6363
nsTouchBarInputIcon.h Retrieves and displays icons on the macOS Touch Bar. 2285 Retrieves and displays icons on the macOS Touch Bar. 4427
nsTouchBarNativeAPIDefines.h 2359
nsTouchBarUpdater.h 600 3630
nsUserIdleServiceX.h 920 1974 8459
nsWindowMap.h 1869 9288
OSXNotificationCenter.h 1903 19536
resources 1
ScreenHelperCocoa.h 918 4791
SDKDeclarations.h This file contains header declarations from SDKs more recent than the minimum macOS SDK which we require for building Firefox, which is currently the macOS 10.12 SDK. 3428
SwipeTracker.h SwipeTracker turns PanGestureInput events into swipe events (WidgetSimpleGestureEvent) and dispatches them into Gecko. The swiping behavior mirrors the behavior of the Cocoa API -[NSEvent trackSwipeEventWithOptions:dampenAmountThresholdMin:max:usingHandler:]. The advantage of using this class over the Cocoa API is that this class properly supports submitting queued up events to it, and that it hopefully doesn't intermittently break scrolling the way the Cocoa API does (bug 927702). The swipe direction is either left or right. It is determined before the SwipeTracker is created and stays fixed during the swipe. During the swipe, the swipe has a current "value" which is between 0 and the target value. The target value is either 1 (swiping left) or -1 (swiping right) - see SwipeSuccessTargetValue(). A swipe can either succeed or fail. If it succeeds, the swipe animation animates towards the success target value; if it fails, it animates back to a value of 0. A swipe can only succeed if the user is swiping in an allowed direction. (Since both the allowed directions and the swipe direction are known at swipe start time, it's clear from the beginning whether a swipe is doomed to fail. In that case, the purpose of the SwipeTracker is to simulate a bounce-back animation.) 3719 7917
TextInputHandler.h TISInputSourceWrapper is a wrapper for the TISInputSourceRef. If we get the TISInputSourceRef from InputSourceID, we need to release the CFArray instance which is returned by TISCreateInputSourceList. However, when we release the list, we cannot access the TISInputSourceRef. So, it's not usable, and it may cause the memory leak bugs. nsTISInputSource automatically releases the list when the instance is destroyed. 52000 191927
VibrancyManager.h VibrancyManager takes care of updating the vibrant regions of a window. Vibrancy is a visual look that was introduced on OS X starting with 10.10. An app declares vibrant window regions to the window server, and the window server will display a blurred rendering of the screen contents from behind the window in these areas, behind the actual window contents. Consequently, the effect is only visible in areas where the window contents are not completely opaque. Usually this is achieved by clearing the background of the window prior to drawing in the vibrant areas. This is possible even if the window is declared as opaque. 3547 5869
ViewRegion.h Manages a set of NSViews to cover a LayoutDeviceIntRegion. 1616 2236 2371