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AsmJS.cpp / // A wasm module can either use no memory, a unshared memory (ArrayBuffer) or // shared memory (SharedArrayBuffer). enum class MemoryUsage { None = false, Unshared = 1, Shared = 2 }; // The asm.js valid heap lengths are precisely the WASM valid heap lengths for // ARM greater or equal to MinHeapLength static const size_t MinHeapLength = PageSize; // An asm.js heap can in principle be up to INT32_MAX bytes but requirements // on the format restrict it further to the largest pseudo-ARM-immediate. // See IsValidAsmJSHeapLength(). static const uint64_t MaxHeapLength = 0x7f000000; static uint64_t RoundUpToNextValidAsmJSHeapLength(uint64_t length) { if (length <= MinHeapLength) { return MinHeapLength; } return wasm::RoundUpToNextValidARMImmediate(length); } static uint64_t DivideRoundingUp(uint64_t a, uint64_t b) { return (a + (b - 1)) / b; } /**************************************************************************** 214068
AsmJS.h 3602 \ /* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this * file, You can obtain one at */ #ifndef %(includeguard)s #define %(includeguard)s /* This file is generated by wasm/ Do not edit! */ %(contents)s #endif // %(includeguard)s 2726 1793
WasmBaselineCompile.cpp [SMDOC] WebAssembly baseline compiler (RabaldrMonkey) For now, see WasmBCClass.h for general comments about the compiler's structure. ---------------- General assumptions for 32-bit vs 64-bit code: - A 32-bit register can be extended in-place to a 64-bit register on 64-bit systems. - Code that knows that Register64 has a '.reg' member on 64-bit systems and '.high' and '.low' members on 32-bit systems, or knows the implications thereof, is #ifdef JS_PUNBOX64. All other code is #if(n)?def JS_64BIT. Coding standards are a little fluid: - In "small" code generating functions (eg emitMultiplyF64, emitQuotientI32, and surrounding functions; most functions fall into this class) where the meaning is obvious: Old school: - if there is a single source + destination register, it is called 'r' - if there is one source and a different destination, they are called 'rs' and 'rd' - if there is one source + destination register and another source register they are called 'r' and 'rs' - if there are two source registers and a destination register they are called 'rs0', 'rs1', and 'rd'. The new thing: - what is called 'r' in the old-school naming scheme is increasingly called 'rsd' in source+dest cases. - Generic temp registers are named /temp[0-9]?/ not /tmp[0-9]?/. - Registers can be named non-generically for their function ('rp' for the 'pointer' register and 'rv' for the 'value' register are typical) and those names may or may not have an 'r' prefix. - "Larger" code generating functions make their own rules. 355381
WasmBaselineCompile.h 3158
WasmBCClass-inl.h 1752
WasmBCClass.h 69470
WasmBCCodegen-inl.h 14900
WasmBCDefs.h 6500
WasmBCFrame.cpp 18983
WasmBCFrame.h 51748
WasmBCMemory.cpp 86534
WasmBCRegDefs-inl.h 3974
WasmBCRegDefs.h 23589
WasmBCRegMgmt-inl.h 12025
WasmBCStk.h 9198
WasmBCStkMgmt-inl.h 31373
WasmBinary.cpp 8977
WasmBinary.h 27453
WasmBuiltins.cpp 71975
WasmBuiltins.h 11150
WasmCode.cpp 39616
WasmCode.h 30140
WasmCodegenConstants.h 3027
WasmCodegenTypes.cpp 7203
WasmCodegenTypes.h 25200
WasmCompile.cpp 30971
WasmCompile.h 4033
WasmCompileArgs.h 7068
WasmConstants.h 27794
WasmContext.h 1244
WasmDebug.cpp 17346
WasmDebug.h [SMDOC] Wasm debug traps There is a single debug trap handler for the process, WasmHandleDebugTrap in WasmBuiltins.cpp. That function is invoked through the Debug Trap Stub, generated by GenerateDebugTrapStub in WasmStubs.cpp. When any function in an instance needs to trap for any reason (enter frame, leave frame, breakpoint, or single-stepping) then a pointer to the Debug Trap Stub is installed in the Instance. Debug-enabled code will look for this pointer and call it if it is not null. WasmHandleDebugTrap may therefore be called very frequently when any function in the instance is being debugged, and must filter the trap against the tables in the DebugState. It can make use of the return address for the call, which identifies the site uniquely. In order to greatly reduce the frequency of calls to the Debug Trap Stub, an array of flag bits, one per function, is attached to the instance. The code at the breakable point calls a shared stub within the function containing the breakable point to check whether the bit is set for the function. If it is not set, the stub can return to its caller immediately; if the bit is set, the stub will jump to the installed Debug Trap Stub. 7181
WasmDebugFrame.cpp static 5741
WasmDebugFrame.h 7285
WasmException.h 962
WasmExprType.h 9680
WasmFrame.h 18630
WasmFrameIter.cpp 64851
WasmFrameIter.h 9138
WasmGC.cpp 11247
WasmGC.h 18542
WasmGcObject.cpp 31341
WasmGcObject.h 16406
WasmGenerator.cpp limitedSize= 39799
WasmGenerator.h 8886
WasmInitExpr.cpp eager 18885
WasmInitExpr.h 3247
WasmInstance-inl.h 926
WasmInstance.cpp 100053
WasmInstance.h 22440
WasmInstanceData.h 4474
WasmIntrinsic.cpp static 7772
WasmIntrinsic.h 2154
WasmIntrinsic.yaml 7347
WasmIonCompile.cpp 288038
WasmIonCompile.h 1524
WasmJS.cpp [SMDOC] WebAssembly code rules (evolving) TlsContext.get() is only to be invoked from functions that have been invoked _directly_ by generated code as cold(!) Builtin calls, from code that is only used by signal handlers, or from helper functions that have been called _directly_ from a simulator. All other code shall pass in a JSContext* to functions that need it, or an Instance* or Instance* since the context is available through them. Code that uses TlsContext.get() shall annotate each such call with the reason why the call is OK. 179496
WasmJS.h 23350
WasmLog.cpp 2017
WasmLog.h 1361
WasmMemory.cpp 15495
WasmMemory.h 8824
WasmModule.cpp 37850
WasmModule.h 8409
WasmModuleTypes.cpp static 4907
WasmModuleTypes.h 19775
WasmOpIter.cpp 27112
WasmOpIter.h 132151
WasmProcess.cpp 13393
WasmProcess.h 2286
WasmRealm.cpp 4869
WasmRealm.h 2719
WasmSerialize.cpp 41086
WasmSerialize.h 11741
WasmShareable.h 2563
WasmSignalHandlers.cpp 37190
WasmSignalHandlers.h 2802
WasmStubs.cpp 115660
WasmStubs.h 11375
WasmTable.cpp static 13522
WasmTable.h 5088
WasmTypeDecls.h 3019
WasmTypeDef.cpp 17332
WasmTypeDef.h 49235
WasmUtility.h 2399
WasmValidate.cpp 105865
WasmValidate.h 11097
WasmValType.cpp 10741
WasmValType.h 26017
WasmValue.cpp 28095
WasmValue.h 22934