Name Description Size
accessibility 7
actor-registry.js The ActorActor gives you a handle to an actor you've dynamically registered and allows you to unregister it. 1545
addon 4
animation-type-longhand.js 9720
animation.js Set of actors that expose the Web Animations API to devtools protocol clients. The |Animations| actor is the main entry point. It is used to discover animation players on given nodes. There should only be one instance per debugger server. The |AnimationPlayer| actor provides attributes and methods to inspect an animation as well as pause/resume/seek it. The Web Animation spec implementation is ongoing in Gecko, and so this set of actors should evolve when the implementation progresses. References: - WebAnimation spec: - WebAnimation WebIDL files: /dom/webidl/Animation*.webidl 27567
array-buffer.js Creates an actor for the specified ArrayBuffer. @param {DebuggerServerConnection} conn The server connection. @param buffer ArrayBuffer The buffer. 1657
breakpoint.js global assert 8629
changes.js The ChangesActor stores a stack of changes made by devtools on the document in the associated tab. 3841
common.js Construct an ActorPool. ActorPools are actorID -> actor mapping and storage. These are used to accumulate and quickly dispose of groups of actors that share a lifetime. 6034
css-properties.js Generate the CSS properties object. Every key is the property name, while the values are objects that contain information about that property. @return {Object} 3449
descriptors 2
device.js 3630
emulation 2
emulation.js This actor overrides various browser features to simulate different environments to test how pages perform under various conditions. The design below, which saves the previous value of each property before setting, is needed because it's possible to have multiple copies of this actor for a single page. When some instance of this actor changes a property, we want it to be able to restore that property to the way it was found before the change. A subtle aspect of the code below is that all get* methods must return non-undefined values, so that the absence of a previous value can be distinguished from the value for "no override" for each of the properties. 12356
environment.js global Debugger 6808
errordocs.js A mapping of error message names to external documentation. Any error message included here will be displayed alongside its link in the web console. 8537
frame.js An actor for a specified stack frame. 3567
framerate.js An actor wrapper around Framerate. Uses exposed methods via bridge and provides RDP definitions. @see devtools/server/performance/framerate.js for documentation. 1291
heap-snapshot-file.js The HeapSnapshotFileActor handles transferring heap snapshot files from the server to the client. This has to be a global actor in the parent process because child processes are sandboxed and do not have access to the file system. 2415
highlighters 18
highlighters.css 22976
highlighters.js The registration mechanism for highlighters provide a quick way to have modular highlighters, instead of a hard coded list. It allow us to split highlighers in sub modules, and add them dynamically using add-on (useful for 3rd party developers, or prototyping) Note that currently, highlighters added using add-ons, can only work on Firefox desktop, or Fennec if the same add-on is installed in both. 25291
inspector 10
layout.js Set of actors the expose the CSS layout information to the devtools protocol clients. The |Layout| actor is the main entry point. It is used to get various CSS layout-related information from the document. The |Flexbox| actor provides the container node information to inspect the flexbox container. It is also used to return an array of |FlexItem| actors which provide the flex item information. The |Grid| actor provides the grid fragment information to inspect the grid container. 15639
manifest.js An actor for a Web Manifest 1066
memory.js An actor that returns memory usage data for its parent actor's window. A target-scoped instance of this actor will measure the memory footprint of the target, such as a tab. A global-scoped instance however, will measure the memory footprint of the chrome window referenced by the root actor. This actor wraps the Memory module at devtools/server/performance/memory.js and provides RDP definitions. @see devtools/server/performance/memory.js for documentation. 2887 2063
network-monitor 8
object 8
object.js Creates an actor for the specified object. @param obj Debugger.Object The debuggee object. @param Object A collection of abstract methods that are implemented by the caller. ObjectActor requires the following functions to be implemented by the caller: - createValueGrip Creates a value grip for the given object - sources TabSources getter that manages the sources of a thread - createEnvironmentActor Creates and return an environment actor - getGripDepth An actor's grip depth getter - incrementGripDepth Increment the actor's grip depth - decrementGripDepth Decrement the actor's grip depth - globalDebugObject The Debuggee Global Object as given by the ThreadActor 27970
pause-scoped.js Protocol.js expects only the prototype object, and does not maintain the prototype chain when it constructs the ActorClass. For this reason we are using extend to maintain the properties of ObjectActorProto. 2717
perf.js The PerfActor wraps the Gecko Profiler interface 5274
performance-recording.js This actor wraps the Performance module at devtools/shared/shared/performance.js and provides RDP definitions. @see devtools/shared/shared/performance.js for documentation. 5352
performance.js This actor wraps the Performance module at devtools/shared/shared/performance.js and provides RDP definitions. @see devtools/shared/shared/performance.js for documentation. 5018
preference.js Normally the preferences are set using Services.prefs, but this actor allows a debugger client to set preferences on the debuggee. This is particularly useful when remote debugging, and the preferences should persist to the remote target and not to the client. If used for a local target, it effectively behaves the same as using Services.prefs. This actor is used as a global-scoped actor, targeting the entire browser, not an individual tab. 2666
process.js 2440
promises.js The Promises Actor provides support for getting the list of live promises and observing changes to their settlement state. 6129
reflow.js About the types of objects in this file: - ReflowActor: the actor class used for protocol purposes. Mostly empty, just gets an instance of LayoutChangesObserver and forwards its "reflows" events to clients. - LayoutChangesObserver: extends Observable and uses the ReflowObserver, to track reflows on the page. Used by the LayoutActor, but is also exported on the module, so can be used by any other actor that needs it. - Observable: A utility parent class, meant at being extended by classes that need a to observe something on the targetActor's windows. - Dedicated observers: There's only one of them for now: ReflowObserver which listens to reflow events via the docshell, These dedicated classes are used by the LayoutChangesObserver. 14348
replay 10
root.js Root actor for the remote debugging protocol. 23820
screenshot.js 1374
source.js A SourceActor provides information about the source of a script. Source actors are 1:1 with Debugger.Source objects. @param Debugger.Source source The source object we are representing. @param ThreadActor thread The current thread actor. @param Boolean isInlineSource Optional. True if this is an inline source from a HTML or XUL page. @param String contentType Optional. The content type of this source, if immediately available. 19394
storage.js An async method equivalent to setTimeout but using Promises @param {number} time The wait time in milliseconds. 108756
string.js 1169
styles.js The PageStyle actor lets the client look at the styles on a page, as they are applied to a given node. 69819
stylesheets.js A MediaRuleActor lives on the server and provides access to properties of a DOM @media rule and emits events when it changes. 26223
targets 10
thread.js JSD2 actors. 62714
utils 16
webbrowser.js Browser-specific actors. 29090
webconsole 8
webconsole.js global XPCNativeWrapper evalWithDebugger 64215
worker 7