Name Description Size 365
previewers.js Functions for adding information to ObjectActor grips for the purpose of having customized output. This object holds arrays mapped by Debugger.Object.prototype.class. In each array you can add functions that take three arguments: - the ObjectActor instance and its hooks to make a preview for, - the grip object being prepared for the client, - the raw JS object after calling Debugger.Object.unsafeDereference(). This argument is only provided if the object is safe for reading properties and executing methods. See DevToolsUtils.isSafeJSObject(). - the object class (result of objectActor.obj.class). This is passed so we don't have to access it on each previewer, which can add some overhead. Functions must return false if they cannot provide preview information for the debugger object, or true otherwise. 30300
private-properties-iterator.js Creates an actor to iterate over an object's private properties. @param objectActor ObjectActor The object actor. 2098
property-iterator.js Creates an actor to iterate over an object's property names and values. @param objectActor ObjectActor The object actor. @param options Object A dictionary object with various boolean attributes: - enumEntries Boolean If true, enumerates the entries of a Map or Set object instead of enumerating properties. - ignoreIndexedProperties Boolean If true, filters out Array items. e.g. properties names between `0` and `object.length`. - ignoreNonIndexedProperties Boolean If true, filters out items that aren't array items e.g. properties names that are not a number between `0` and `object.length`. - sort Boolean If true, the iterator will sort the properties by name before dispatching them. - query String If non-empty, will filter the properties by names and values containing this query string. The match is not case-sensitive. Regarding value filtering it just compare to the stringification of the property value. 21949
symbol-iterator.js Creates an actor to iterate over an object's symbols. @param objectActor ObjectActor The object actor. 1794
symbol.js Creates an actor for the specified symbol. @param {DevToolsServerConnection} conn: The connection to the client. @param {Symbol} symbol: The symbol we want to create an actor for. 2744
utils.js Get thisDebugger.Object referent's `promiseState`. @returns Object An object of one of the following forms: - { state: "pending" } - { state: "fulfilled", value } - { state: "rejected", reason } 16583