Name Description Size
accessibility.js The AccessibilityActor is a top level container actor that initializes accessible walker and is the top-most point of interaction for accessibility tools UI for a top level content process. 4048
accessible.js Get node inforamtion such as nodeType and the unique CSS selector for the node. @param {DOMNode} node Node for which to get the information. @return {Object} Information about the type of the node and how to locate it. 17169
audit 4
constants.js Constants used in accessibility actors. 2414 470
parent-accessibility.js A getter that indicates if accessibility service is enabled. @return {Boolean} True if accessibility service is on. 5301
simulator.js The SimulatorActor is responsible for setting color matrices based on the simulation type specified. 2033
walker.js Helper function that determines if nsIAccessible object is in stale state. When an object is stale it means its subtree is not up to date. @param {nsIAccessible} accessible object to be tested. @return {Boolean} True if accessible object is stale, false otherwise. 38886
worker.js eslint-env worker 3299