Name Description Size
content-process.js Target actor for all resources in a content process of Firefox (chrome sandboxes, frame scripts, documents, etc.) See devtools/docs/backend/ for more details. 7597
index.js 323 501
parent-process.js Target actor for the entire parent process. This actor extends WindowGlobalTargetActor. This actor is extended by WebExtensionTargetActor. See devtools/docs/backend/ for more details. 5862
target-actor-mixin.js Type of target, a string of Targets.TYPES. @return {string} 9456
target-actor-registry.jsm Return the first target actor matching the passed watcher's session context. Returns null if no matching target actors could be found. @param {Object} sessionContext: The Session Context to help know what is debugged. See devtools/server/actors/watcher/session-context.js @param {String} connectionPrefix: DevToolsServerConnection's prefix, in order to select only actor related to the same connection. i.e. the same client. @returns {TargetActor|null} 4674
webextension.js Target actor for a WebExtension add-on. This actor extends ParentProcessTargetActor. See devtools/docs/backend/ for more details. 14983
window-global.js eslint-disable no-throw-literal 65190
worker.js Target actor for a worker in the content process. @param {DevToolsServerConnection} connection: The connection to the client. @param {WorkerGlobalScope} workerGlobal: The worker global. @param {Object} workerDebuggerData: The worker debugger information @param {String} The worker debugger id @param {String} workerDebuggerData.url: The worker debugger url @param {String} workerDebuggerData.type: The worker debugger type 3654