Name Description Size
channel-event-sink.js THIS is a nsIChannelEventSink implementation that monitors channel redirects and informs the registered "collectors" about the old and new channels. 2858 418
network-content.js This actor manages all network functionality runnning in the content process. @constructor 4411
network-event-actor.js Creates an actor for a network event. @constructor @param {DevToolsServerConnection} conn The connection into which this Actor will be added. @param {Object} sessionContext The Session Context to help know what is debugged. See devtools/server/actors/watcher/session-context.js @param {Object} options Dictionary object with the following attributes: - onNetworkEventUpdate: optional function Callback for updates for the network event - onNetworkEventDestroy: optional function Callback for the destruction of the network event @param {Object} networkEventOptions Object describing the network event or the configuration of the network observer, and which cannot be easily inferred from the raw channel. - blockingExtension: optional string id of the blocking webextension if any - blockedReason: optional number or string - discardRequestBody: boolean - discardResponseBody: boolean - fromCache: boolean - fromServiceWorker: boolean - timestamp: number @param {nsIChannel} channel The channel related to this network event 20290
network-parent.js This actor manages all network functionality running in the parent process. @constructor 4739