Name Description Size
channel-event-sink.js This is a nsIChannelEventSink implementation that monitors channel redirects and informs the registered StackTraceCollector about the old and new channels. 2828
eventsource-actor.js This actor intercepts EventSource traffic for a specific window. @see devtools/shared/spec/eventsource.js for documentation. 2473 554
network-content.js This actor manages all network functionality runnning in the content process. @constructor 4597
network-event-actor.js Creates an actor for a network event. @constructor @param DevToolsServerConnection conn The connection into which this Actor will be added. @param object sessionContext The Session Context to help know what is debugged. See devtools/server/actors/watcher/session-context.js @param object options Dictionary object with the following attributes: - onNetworkEventUpdate: optional function Listener for updates for the network event 16686
network-event.js Creates an actor for a network event. @constructor @param object netMonitorActor The parent NetworkMonitorActor instance for this object. 16556
network-monitor.js NetworkMonitorActor is instanciated from WebConsoleActor.startListeners Either in the same process, for debugging service worker requests or when debugging the parent process itself and tracking chrome requests. Or in another process, for tracking content requests that are actually done in the parent process. @param object channelFilters Contains an `browserId` attribute when this is used across processes. Or a `window` attribute when instanciated in the same process. @param number parentID (optional) To be removed, specify the ID of the Web console actor. This is used to fake emitting an event from it to prevent changing RDP behavior. @param nsIMessageManager messageManager This is the manager to use to communicate with the console actor. When both netmonitor and console actor runs in the same process, this is an instance of MockMessageManager instead of a real message manager. 8863
network-parent.js This actor manages all network functionality running in the parent process. @constructor 4513
stack-trace-collector.js 6959
websocket-actor.js This actor intercepts WebSocket traffic for a specific window. @see devtools/shared/spec/websocket.js for documentation. 3975