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devtools-server-connection.js Creates a DevToolsServerConnection. Represents a connection to this debugging global from a client. Manages a set of actors and actor pools, allocates actor ids, and handles incoming requests. @param prefix string All actor IDs created by this connection should be prefixed with prefix. @param transport transport Packet transport for the debugging protocol. @param socketListener SocketListener SocketListener which accepted the transport. If this is null, the transport is not that was accepted by SocketListener. 16721
devtools-server.js DevToolsServer is a singleton that has several responsibilities. It will register the DevTools server actors that are relevant to the context. It can also create other DevToolsServer, that will live in the same environment as the debugged target (content page, worker...). For instance a regular Toolbox will be linked to DevToolsClient connected to a DevToolsServer running in the same process as the Toolbox (main process). But another DevToolsServer will be created in the same process as the page targeted by the Toolbox. Despite being a singleton, the DevToolsServer still has a lifecycle and a state. When a consumer needs to spawn a DevToolsServer, the init() method should be called. Then you should either call registerAllActors or registerActors to setup the server. When the server is no longer needed, destroy() should be called. 16315 479 837