Name Description Size 380
process.js Represents any process running in Firefox. This can be: - the parent process, where all top level chrome window runs: like browser.xhtml, sidebars, devtools iframes, the browser console, ... - any content process There is some special cases in the class around: - xpcshell, where there is only one process which doesn't expose any DOM document And instead of exposing a ParentProcessTargetActor, getTarget will return a ContentProcessTargetActor. - background task, similarly to xpcshell, they don't expose any DOM document and this also works with a ContentProcessTargetActor. See devtools/docs/backend/ for more details. 7861
tab.js Descriptor Actor that represents a Tab in the parent process. It launches a WindowGlobalTargetActor in the content process to do the real work and tunnels the data. See devtools/docs/backend/ for more details. 7360
webextension.js Represents a WebExtension add-on in the parent process. This gives some metadata about the add-on and watches for uninstall events. This uses a proxy to access the WebExtension in the WebExtension process via the message manager. See devtools/docs/backend/ for more details. 10412
worker.js Target actor for any of the various kinds of workers. See devtools/docs/backend/ for more details. 4480