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menus.js This module defines the sorted list of menuitems inserted into the "Web Developer" menu. It also defines the key shortcuts that relates to them. Various fields are necessary for historical compatiblity with XUL/addons: - id: used as <xul:menuitem> id attribute - l10nKey: prefix used to locale localization strings from - oncommand: function called when the menu item or key shortcut are fired - keyId: Identifier used in devtools/client/devtools-startup.js Helps figuring out the DOM id for the related <xul:key> in order to have the key text displayed in menus. - disabled: If true, the menuitem and key shortcut are going to be hidden and disabled on startup, until some runtime code eventually enable them. - checkbox: If true, the menuitem is prefixed by a checkbox and runtime code can toggle it. 5650 910
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