Name Description Size
accessibility.js 15246
addon 3
animation.js If the AnimationsActor was given a reference to the WalkerActor previously then calling this getter will return the animation target NodeFront. 6866
array-buffer.js A ArrayBufferClient provides a way to access ArrayBuffer from the devtools server. 682
changes.js ChangesFront, the front object for the ChangesActor 1051
compatibility.js Backwards compatibility wrapper for getCSSDeclarationBlockIssues. This can be removed once FF82 hits the release channel 2167
content-viewer.js The corresponding Front object for the ContentViewer actor. 859
css-properties.js Build up a regular expression that matches a CSS variable token. This is an ident token that starts with two dashes "--". 9705
descriptors 4
device.js Handle backward compatibility for getDescription. Can be removed on Firefox 70 reaches the release channel. 1835
eventsource.js A EventSourceFront is used as a front end for the EventSourceActor that is created on the server, hiding implementation details. 2130
frame.js 837
framerate.js The corresponding Front object for the FramerateActor. 821
highlighters.js Show the box model highlighter on a node in the content page. The node needs to be a NodeFront, as defined by the inspector actor @see devtools/server/actors/inspector/inspector.js @param {NodeFront} nodeFront The node to highlight @param {Object} options @return A promise that resolves when the node has been highlighted 3157
inspector 2
inspector.js Client side of the inspector actor, which is used to create inspector-related actors, including the walker. 7029
layout.js In some cases, the FlexboxActor already knows the NodeActor ID of the node where the flexbox is located. In such cases, this getter returns the NodeFront for it. 3895
manifest.js 695
memory.js Save a heap snapshot, transfer it from the server to the client if the server and client do not share a file system, and return the local file path to the heap snapshot. Note that this is safe to call for actors inside sandoxed child processes, as we jump through the correct IPDL hoops. @params Boolean options.forceCopy Always force a bulk data copy of the saved heap snapshot, even when the server and client share a file system. @params {Object|undefined} options.boundaries The boundaries for the heap snapshot. See ChromeUtils.webidl for more details. @returns Promise<String> 3727 1162
node.js Client side of a node list as returned by querySelectorAll() 14200
object.js A ObjectFront is used as a front end for the ObjectActor that is created on the server, hiding implementation details. 12230
perf.js 684
performance-recording.js This can be used on older Profiler implementations, but the methods cannot be changed -- you must introduce a new method, and detect the server. 5303
performance.js Conenct to the server, and handle once-off tasks like storing traits or system info. 5385
preference.js 1071
property-iterator.js A PropertyIteratorFront provides a way to access to property names and values of an object efficiently, slice by slice. Note that the properties can be sorted in the backend, this is controled while creating the PropertyIteratorFront from ObjectFront.enumProperties. 1911
reflow.js Usage example of the reflow front: let front = await target.getFront("reflow"); front.on("reflows", this._onReflows); front.start(); // now wait for events to come 921
responsive.js The corresponding Front object for the Responsive actor. 831
root.js Retrieve all service worker registrations with their corresponding workers. @param {Array} [workerTargets] (optional) Array containing the result of a call to `listAllWorkerTargets`. (this exists to avoid duplication of calls to that method) @return {Object[]} result - An Array of Objects with the following format - {result[].registration} - The registration front - {result[].workers} Array of form-like objects for service workers 10595
screenshot.js 976
source.js A SourceFront provides a way to access the source text of a script. @param client DevToolsClient The DevTools Client instance. @param form Object The form sent across the remote debugging protocol. 2524
storage.js 1058
string.js 1666
styles.js PageStyleFront, the front object for the PageStyleActor 13019
stylesheets.js Corresponding client-side front for a MediaRuleActor. 4400
symbol-iterator.js A SymbolIteratorFront is used as a front end for the SymbolIterator that is created on the server, hiding implementation details. 1417
targets 5
thread.js Creates a thread front for the remote debugging protocol server. This client is a front to the thread actor created in the server side, hiding the protocol details in a traditional JavaScript API. @param client DevToolsClient @param actor string The actor ID for this thread. 7765
walker.js Client side of the DOM walker. 20706
watcher.js Retrieve the already existing BrowsingContextTargetFront for the parent BrowsingContext of the given BrowsingContext ID. 3323
webconsole.js A WebConsoleFront is used as a front end for the WebConsoleActor that is created on the server, hiding implementation details. @param object client The DevToolsClient instance we live for. 15987
websocket.js A WebSocketFront is used as a front end for the WebSocketActor that is created on the server, hiding implementation details. 3382
worker 4