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converter-child.js This object detects 'application/vnd.mozilla.json.view' content type and converts it into a JSON Viewer application that allows simple JSON inspection. Inspired by JSON View: 11052
converter-observer.js "; const JSON_VIEW_CLASS_ID = Components.ID( "{d8c9acee-dec5-11e4-8c75-1681e6b88ec1}" ); const JSON_VIEW_CLASS_DESCRIPTION = "JSONView converter"; const JSON_SNIFFER_CONTRACT_ID = ";1"; const JSON_SNIFFER_CLASS_ID = Components.ID( "{4148c488-dca1-49fc-a621-2a0097a62422}" ); const JSON_SNIFFER_CLASS_DESCRIPTION = "JSONView content sniffer"; const JSON_VIEW_TYPE = "JSON View"; const CONTENT_SNIFFER_CATEGORY = "net-content-sniffers"; /** This component represents a sniffer (implements nsIContentSniffer interface) responsible for changing top level 'application/json' document types to: 'application/vnd.mozilla.json.view'. This internal type is consequently rendered by JSON View component that represents the JSON through a viewer interface. This is done in the .js file rather than a .jsm to avoid creating a compartment at startup when no JSON is being viewed. 6515
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json-viewer.js Application actions/commands. This list implements all commands available for the JSON viewer. 5672
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viewer-config.js global requirejs 2522
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