Name Description Size
breadcrumbs.js Component to replicate functionality of XUL arrowscrollbox for breadcrumbs @param {Window} win The window containing the breadcrumbs @parem {DOMNode} container The element in which to put the scroll box 29129
index.xhtml 8282
inspector-search.js Converts any input field into a document search box. @param {InspectorPanel} inspector The InspectorPanel to access the inspector commands for search and document traversal. @param {DOMNode} input The input element to which the panel will be attached and from where search input will be taken. @param {DOMNode} clearBtn The clear button in the input field that will clear the input value. Emits the following events: - search-cleared: when the search box is emptied - search-result: when a search is made and a result is selected 17295
inspector.js Represents an open instance of the Inspector for a tab. The inspector controls the breadcrumbs, the markup view, and the sidebar (computed view, rule view, font view and animation inspector). Events: - ready Fired when the inspector panel is opened for the first time and ready to use - new-root Fired after a new root (navigation to a new page) event was fired by the walker, and taken into account by the inspector (after the markup view has been reloaded) - markuploaded Fired when the markup-view frame has loaded - breadcrumbs-updated Fired when the breadcrumb widget updates to a new node - boxmodel-view-updated Fired when the box model updates to a new node - markupmutation Fired after markup mutations have been processed by the markup-view - computed-view-refreshed Fired when the computed rules view updates to a new node - computed-view-property-expanded Fired when a property is expanded in the computed rules view - computed-view-property-collapsed Fired when a property is collapsed in the computed rules view - computed-view-sourcelinks-updated Fired when the stylesheet source links have been updated (when switching to source-mapped files) - rule-view-refreshed Fired when the rule view updates to a new node - rule-view-sourcelinks-updated Fired when the stylesheet source links have been updated (when switching to source-mapped files) 63459
markup 709
node-picker.js Client-side NodePicker module. To be used by inspector front when it needs to select DOM elements. NodePicker is a proxy for the node picker functionality from WalkerFront instances of all available InspectorFronts. It is a single point of entry for the client to: - invoke actions to start and stop picking nodes on all walkers - listen to node picker events from all walkers and relay them to subscribers @param {Commands} commands The commands object with all interfaces defined from devtools/shared/commands/ @param {Selection} selection The global Selection object 10700
panel.js 524
store.js Augment the current Redux store with a slice reducer. Call this method to add reducers on-demand after the initial store creation. @param {String} key Slice name. @param {Function} reducer Slice reducer function. 1702
toolsidebar.js Adds all the queued tabs. 8405