Name Description Size
index.xhtml 7384 560
original-source.js An object of this type represents an original source for the style editor. An "original" source is one that is mentioned in a source map. @param {String} url The URL of the original source. @param {String} sourceID The source ID of the original source, as used by the source map service. @param {SourceMapLoader} sourceMapLoader The source map loader; @see Toolbox.sourceMapLoader 2940
panel.js open is effectively an asynchronous constructor 4545
StyleEditorUI.sys.mjs StyleEditorUI is controls and builds the UI of the Style Editor, including maintaining a list of editors for each stylesheet on a debuggee. Emits events: 'editor-added': A new editor was added to the UI 'editor-selected': An editor was selected 'error': An error occured 53161
StyleEditorUtil.sys.mjs All top-level definitions here are exports. 5960
StyleSheetEditor.sys.mjs StyleSheetEditor controls the editor linked to a particular StyleSheet object. Emits events: 'property-change': A property on the underlying stylesheet has changed 'source-editor-load': The source editor for this editor has been loaded 'error': An error has occured @param {Resource} resource The STYLESHEET resource which is received from resource command. @param {DOMWindow} win panel window for style editor @param {Number} styleSheetFriendlyIndex Optional Integer representing the index of the current stylesheet among all stylesheets of its type (inline or user-created) 29511