Name Description Size
accessibility-proxy.js Component responsible for tracking all Accessibility fronts in parent and content processes. 16756
accessibility-view.js global EVENTS 9454
accessibility.css 22519
actions 6
components 27
constants.js 6554
index.html 1209
main.js 579 614
panel.js This object represents Accessibility panel. It's responsibility is to render Accessibility Tree of the current debugger target and the sidebar that displays current relevant accessible details. 10272
picker.js Select accessible object in the tree. @param {Object} accessible Accessiblle object to be selected in the inspector tree. 4454
provider.js Data provider that is responsible for mapping of an accessibles cache to the data format that is supported by the TreeView component. @param {Map} accessibles accessibles object cache @param {Function} dispatch react dispatch function that triggers a redux action. 3453
reducers 7
test 3
utils 3