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@types # TypeScript @types 4
browser.js @typedef {import("./@types/perf").Action} Action @typedef {import("./@types/perf").Library} Library @typedef {import("./@types/perf").PerfFront} PerfFront @typedef {import("./@types/perf").SymbolTableAsTuple} SymbolTableAsTuple @typedef {import("./@types/perf").RecordingState} RecordingState @typedef {import("./@types/perf").GetSymbolTableCallback} GetSymbolTableCallback @typedef {import("./@types/perf").PreferenceFront} PreferenceFront @typedef {import("./@types/perf").PerformancePref} PerformancePref @typedef {import("./@types/perf").RecordingStateFromPreferences} RecordingStateFromPreferences @typedef {import("./@types/perf").RestartBrowserWithEnvironmentVariable} RestartBrowserWithEnvironmentVariable @typedef {import("./@types/perf").GetEnvironmentVariable} GetEnvironmentVariable 20399
components 7
frame-script.js global content 6233
index.xhtml 889
initializer.js exported gInit, gDestroy, loader 5006 675
package.json 332
panel.js This file contains the PerformancePanel, which uses a common API for DevTools to start and load everything. This will call `gInit` from the initializer.js file, which does the important initialization for the panel. This code is more concerned with wiring this panel into the rest of DevTools and fetching the Actor's fronts. 2429
popup # Profiler Popup 6
preference-management.js @typedef {import("./@types/perf").RecordingStateFromPreferences} RecordingStateFromPreferences 2150 # Performance New 2369
store # Performance New Store 5
test 4
tsconfig.json 827 1046
utils.js Linearly interpolate between values. @param {number} frac - Value ranged 0 - 1 to interpolate between the range start and range end. @param {number} rangeStart - The value to start from. @param {number} rangeEnd - The value to interpolate to. @returns {number} 7989
yarn.lock 4432