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tsconfig.json ": ["devtools/*"] }, // Make the type checking as strict as possible. "strict": true, // TypeScript will check JS files only if they have a @ts-check comment in them. "allowJs": true, // Only type check, don't emit files. "noEmit": true, // Allow esnext syntax. Otherwise the default is ES5 only. "target": "esnext", "lib": ["esnext", "dom"], // Make sure that only this project is taken into account when checking types. // In the future we'll want to use the same types as in the rest of Gecko, but // that's not ready yet. // See Bug 1891209 "typeRoots": ["./@types", "./node_modules/@types"] }, "files": ["./@types/gecko.d.ts"], // Add a @ts-check comment to a JS file to start type checking it. "include": ["./* 1169 1653
yarn.lock 4410