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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* vim:expandtab:shiftwidth=4:tabstop=4:
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef __nsWindow_h__
#define __nsWindow_h__
#include <gdk/gdk.h>
#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#include "CompositorWidget.h"
#include "MozContainer.h"
#include "mozilla/EventForwards.h"
#include "mozilla/Maybe.h"
#include "mozilla/RefPtr.h"
#include "mozilla/TouchEvents.h"
#include "mozilla/UniquePtr.h"
#include "mozilla/widget/WindowSurface.h"
#include "mozilla/widget/WindowSurfaceProvider.h"
#include "nsBaseWidget.h"
#include "nsGkAtoms.h"
#include "nsIDragService.h"
#include "nsRefPtrHashtable.h"
#include "IMContextWrapper.h"
# include "mozilla/a11y/LocalAccessible.h"
#ifdef MOZ_X11
# include <gdk/gdkx.h>
# include "X11UndefineNone.h"
# include <gdk/gdkwayland.h>
# include "base/thread.h"
# include "WaylandVsyncSource.h"
# include "nsClipboardWayland.h"
# include "mozilla/Logging.h"
# include "nsTArray.h"
# include "Units.h"
extern mozilla::LazyLogModule gWidgetLog;
extern mozilla::LazyLogModule gWidgetDragLog;
extern mozilla::LazyLogModule gWidgetPopupLog;
# define LOG(str, ...) \
MOZ_LOG(IsPopup() ? gWidgetPopupLog : gWidgetLog, \
mozilla::LogLevel::Debug, \
("%s: " str, GetDebugTag().get(), ##__VA_ARGS__))
# define LOGW(...) MOZ_LOG(gWidgetLog, mozilla::LogLevel::Debug, (__VA_ARGS__))
# define LOGDRAG(...) \
MOZ_LOG(gWidgetDragLog, mozilla::LogLevel::Debug, (__VA_ARGS__))
# define LOG_POPUP(...) \
MOZ_LOG(gWidgetPopupLog, mozilla::LogLevel::Debug, (__VA_ARGS__))
# define LOG_ENABLED() \
(MOZ_LOG_TEST(gWidgetPopupLog, mozilla::LogLevel::Debug) || \
MOZ_LOG_TEST(gWidgetLog, mozilla::LogLevel::Debug))
# define LOG(...)
# define LOGW(...)
# define LOGDRAG(...)
# define LOG_POPUP(...)
# define LOG_ENABLED() false
#endif /* MOZ_LOGGING */
gboolean WindowDragMotionHandler(GtkWidget* aWidget,
GdkDragContext* aDragContext,
RefPtr<DataOffer> aDataOffer, gint aX, gint aY,
guint aTime);
gboolean WindowDragDropHandler(GtkWidget* aWidget, GdkDragContext* aDragContext,
RefPtr<DataOffer> aDataOffer, gint aX, gint aY,
guint aTime);
void WindowDragLeaveHandler(GtkWidget* aWidget);
class gfxPattern;
class nsIFrame;
#if !GTK_CHECK_VERSION(3, 18, 0)
struct _GdkEventTouchpadPinch;
typedef struct _GdkEventTouchpadPinch GdkEventTouchpadPinch;
namespace mozilla {
class TimeStamp;
class CurrentX11TimeGetter;
} // namespace mozilla
class nsWindow final : public nsBaseWidget {
typedef mozilla::gfx::DrawTarget DrawTarget;
typedef mozilla::WidgetEventTime WidgetEventTime;
typedef mozilla::WidgetKeyboardEvent WidgetKeyboardEvent;
typedef mozilla::widget::PlatformCompositorWidgetDelegate
static void ReleaseGlobals();
virtual nsresult DispatchEvent(mozilla::WidgetGUIEvent* aEvent,
nsEventStatus& aStatus) override;
// called when we are destroyed
virtual void OnDestroy(void) override;
// called to check and see if a widget's dimensions are sane
bool AreBoundsSane(void);
// nsIWidget
using nsBaseWidget::Create; // for Create signature not overridden here
[[nodiscard]] virtual nsresult Create(nsIWidget* aParent,
nsNativeWidget aNativeParent,
const LayoutDeviceIntRect& aRect,
nsWidgetInitData* aInitData) override;
virtual void Destroy() override;
virtual nsIWidget* GetParent() override;
virtual float GetDPI() override;
virtual double GetDefaultScaleInternal() override;
mozilla::DesktopToLayoutDeviceScale GetDesktopToDeviceScale() override;
mozilla::DesktopToLayoutDeviceScale GetDesktopToDeviceScaleByScreen()
virtual void SetParent(nsIWidget* aNewParent) override;
virtual void SetModal(bool aModal) override;
virtual bool IsVisible() const override;
virtual void ConstrainPosition(bool aAllowSlop, int32_t* aX,
int32_t* aY) override;
virtual void SetSizeConstraints(const SizeConstraints& aConstraints) override;
virtual void LockAspectRatio(bool aShouldLock) override;
virtual void Move(double aX, double aY) override;
virtual void Show(bool aState) override;
virtual void Resize(double aWidth, double aHeight, bool aRepaint) override;
virtual void Resize(double aX, double aY, double aWidth, double aHeight,
bool aRepaint) override;
virtual bool IsEnabled() const override;
void SetZIndex(int32_t aZIndex) override;
virtual void SetSizeMode(nsSizeMode aMode) override;
virtual void GetWorkspaceID(nsAString& workspaceID) override;
virtual void MoveToWorkspace(const nsAString& workspaceID) override;
virtual void Enable(bool aState) override;
virtual void SetFocus(Raise, mozilla::dom::CallerType aCallerType) override;
virtual LayoutDeviceIntRect GetScreenBounds() override;
virtual LayoutDeviceIntRect GetClientBounds() override;
virtual LayoutDeviceIntSize GetClientSize() override;
virtual LayoutDeviceIntPoint GetClientOffset() override;
virtual void SetCursor(const Cursor&) override;
virtual void Invalidate(const LayoutDeviceIntRect& aRect) override;
virtual void* GetNativeData(uint32_t aDataType) override;
virtual nsresult SetTitle(const nsAString& aTitle) override;
virtual void SetIcon(const nsAString& aIconSpec) override;
virtual void SetWindowClass(const nsAString& xulWinType) override;
virtual LayoutDeviceIntPoint WidgetToScreenOffset() override;
virtual void CaptureMouse(bool aCapture) override;
virtual void CaptureRollupEvents(nsIRollupListener* aListener,
bool aDoCapture) override;
[[nodiscard]] virtual nsresult GetAttention(int32_t aCycleCount) override;
virtual bool HasPendingInputEvent() override;
virtual bool PrepareForFullscreenTransition(nsISupports** aData) override;
virtual void PerformFullscreenTransition(FullscreenTransitionStage aStage,
uint16_t aDuration,
nsISupports* aData,
nsIRunnable* aCallback) override;
virtual already_AddRefed<nsIScreen> GetWidgetScreen() override;
virtual nsresult MakeFullScreen(bool aFullScreen,
nsIScreen* aTargetScreen = nullptr) override;
virtual void HideWindowChrome(bool aShouldHide) override;
* GetLastUserInputTime returns a timestamp for the most recent user input
* event. This is intended for pointer grab requests (including drags).
static guint32 GetLastUserInputTime();
// utility method, -1 if no change should be made, otherwise returns a
// value that can be passed to gdk_window_set_decorations
gint ConvertBorderStyles(nsBorderStyle aStyle);
GdkRectangle DevicePixelsToGdkRectRoundOut(LayoutDeviceIntRect aRect);
mozilla::widget::IMContextWrapper* GetIMContext() const { return mIMContext; }
bool DispatchCommandEvent(nsAtom* aCommand);
bool DispatchContentCommandEvent(mozilla::EventMessage aMsg);
// event callbacks
gboolean OnExposeEvent(cairo_t* cr);
gboolean OnConfigureEvent(GtkWidget* aWidget, GdkEventConfigure* aEvent);
void OnMap();
void OnUnrealize();
void OnSizeAllocate(GtkAllocation* aAllocation);
void OnDeleteEvent();
void OnEnterNotifyEvent(GdkEventCrossing* aEvent);
void OnLeaveNotifyEvent(GdkEventCrossing* aEvent);
void OnMotionNotifyEvent(GdkEventMotion* aEvent);
void OnButtonPressEvent(GdkEventButton* aEvent);
void OnButtonReleaseEvent(GdkEventButton* aEvent);
void OnContainerFocusInEvent(GdkEventFocus* aEvent);
void OnContainerFocusOutEvent(GdkEventFocus* aEvent);
gboolean OnKeyPressEvent(GdkEventKey* aEvent);
gboolean OnKeyReleaseEvent(GdkEventKey* aEvent);
void OnScrollEvent(GdkEventScroll* aEvent);
void OnWindowStateEvent(GtkWidget* aWidget, GdkEventWindowState* aEvent);
void OnDragDataReceivedEvent(GtkWidget* aWidget, GdkDragContext* aDragContext,
gint aX, gint aY,
GtkSelectionData* aSelectionData, guint aInfo,
guint aTime, gpointer aData);
gboolean OnPropertyNotifyEvent(GtkWidget* aWidget, GdkEventProperty* aEvent);
gboolean OnTouchEvent(GdkEventTouch* aEvent);
gboolean OnTouchpadPinchEvent(GdkEventTouchpadPinch* aEvent);
void UpdateTopLevelOpaqueRegion();
virtual already_AddRefed<mozilla::gfx::DrawTarget> StartRemoteDrawingInRegion(
const LayoutDeviceIntRegion& aInvalidRegion,
mozilla::layers::BufferMode* aBufferMode) override;
virtual void EndRemoteDrawingInRegion(
mozilla::gfx::DrawTarget* aDrawTarget,
const LayoutDeviceIntRegion& aInvalidRegion) override;
void SetProgress(unsigned long progressPercent);
RefPtr<mozilla::gfx::VsyncSource> GetVsyncSource() override;
bool SynchronouslyRepaintOnResize() override;
void OnDPIChanged(void);
void OnCheckResize(void);
void OnCompositedChanged(void);
void OnScaleChanged();
void DispatchResized();
static guint32 sLastButtonPressTime;
[[nodiscard]] virtual nsresult BeginResizeDrag(
mozilla::WidgetGUIEvent* aEvent, int32_t aHorizontal,
int32_t aVertical) override;
MozContainer* GetMozContainer() { return mContainer; }
LayoutDeviceIntSize GetMozContainerSize();
// GetMozContainerWidget returns the MozContainer even for undestroyed
// descendant windows
GtkWidget* GetMozContainerWidget();
GdkWindow* GetGdkWindow() { return mGdkWindow; };
GdkWindow* GetToplevelGdkWindow();
GtkWidget* GetGtkWidget() { return mShell; }
nsIFrame* GetFrame() const;
bool IsDestroyed() const { return mIsDestroyed; }
bool IsPopup() const;
bool IsWaylandPopup() const;
bool IsPIPWindow() const { return mIsPIPWindow; };
bool IsDragPopup() { return mIsDragPopup; };
nsAutoCString GetDebugTag() const;
void DispatchDragEvent(mozilla::EventMessage aMsg,
const LayoutDeviceIntPoint& aRefPoint, guint aTime);
static void UpdateDragStatus(GdkDragContext* aDragContext,
nsIDragService* aDragService);
WidgetEventTime GetWidgetEventTime(guint32 aEventTime);
mozilla::TimeStamp GetEventTimeStamp(guint32 aEventTime);
mozilla::CurrentX11TimeGetter* GetCurrentTimeGetter();
virtual void SetInputContext(const InputContext& aContext,
const InputContextAction& aAction) override;
virtual InputContext GetInputContext() override;
virtual TextEventDispatcherListener* GetNativeTextEventDispatcherListener()
MOZ_CAN_RUN_SCRIPT virtual bool GetEditCommands(
NativeKeyBindingsType aType, const mozilla::WidgetKeyboardEvent& aEvent,
nsTArray<mozilla::CommandInt>& aCommands) override;
// These methods are for toplevel windows only.
void ResizeTransparencyBitmap();
void ApplyTransparencyBitmap();
void ClearTransparencyBitmap();
virtual void SetTransparencyMode(nsTransparencyMode aMode) override;
virtual nsTransparencyMode GetTransparencyMode() override;
virtual void SetWindowMouseTransparent(bool aIsTransparent) override;
nsresult UpdateTranslucentWindowAlphaInternal(const nsIntRect& aRect,
uint8_t* aAlphas,
int32_t aStride);
virtual void ReparentNativeWidget(nsIWidget* aNewParent) override;
void UpdateTitlebarTransparencyBitmap();
virtual nsresult SynthesizeNativeMouseEvent(
LayoutDeviceIntPoint aPoint, NativeMouseMessage aNativeMessage,
mozilla::MouseButton aButton, nsIWidget::Modifiers aModifierFlags,
nsIObserver* aObserver) override;
virtual nsresult SynthesizeNativeMouseMove(LayoutDeviceIntPoint aPoint,
nsIObserver* aObserver) override {
return SynthesizeNativeMouseEvent(
aPoint, NativeMouseMessage::Move, mozilla::MouseButton::eNotPressed,
nsIWidget::Modifiers::NO_MODIFIERS, aObserver);
virtual nsresult SynthesizeNativeMouseScrollEvent(
LayoutDeviceIntPoint aPoint, uint32_t aNativeMessage, double aDeltaX,
double aDeltaY, double aDeltaZ, uint32_t aModifierFlags,
uint32_t aAdditionalFlags, nsIObserver* aObserver) override;
virtual nsresult SynthesizeNativeTouchPoint(uint32_t aPointerId,
TouchPointerState aPointerState,
LayoutDeviceIntPoint aPoint,
double aPointerPressure,
uint32_t aPointerOrientation,
nsIObserver* aObserver) override;
virtual nsresult SynthesizeNativeTouchPadPinch(
TouchpadGesturePhase aEventPhase, float aScale,
LayoutDeviceIntPoint aPoint, int32_t aModifierFlags) override;
virtual void GetCompositorWidgetInitData(
mozilla::widget::CompositorWidgetInitData* aInitData) override;
virtual nsresult SetNonClientMargins(
LayoutDeviceIntMargin& aMargins) override;
void SetDrawsInTitlebar(bool aState) override;
mozilla::LayoutDeviceIntCoord GetTitlebarRadius();
LayoutDeviceIntRect GetTitlebarRect();
virtual void UpdateWindowDraggingRegion(
const LayoutDeviceIntRegion& aRegion) override;
// HiDPI scale conversion
gint GdkCeiledScaleFactor();
bool UseFractionalScale();
double FractionalScaleFactor();
// To GDK
gint DevicePixelsToGdkCoordRoundUp(int pixels);
gint DevicePixelsToGdkCoordRoundDown(int pixels);
GdkPoint DevicePixelsToGdkPointRoundDown(LayoutDeviceIntPoint point);
GdkRectangle DevicePixelsToGdkSizeRoundUp(LayoutDeviceIntSize pixelSize);
// From GDK
int GdkCoordToDevicePixels(gint coord);
LayoutDeviceIntPoint GdkPointToDevicePixels(GdkPoint point);
LayoutDeviceIntPoint GdkEventCoordsToDevicePixels(gdouble x, gdouble y);
LayoutDeviceIntRect GdkRectToDevicePixels(GdkRectangle rect);
virtual bool WidgetTypeSupportsAcceleration() override;
nsresult SetSystemFont(const nsCString& aFontName) override;
nsresult GetSystemFont(nsCString& aFontName) override;
typedef enum {
GTK_DECORATION_SYSTEM, // CSD including shadows
GTK_DECORATION_CLIENT, // CSD without shadows
GTK_DECORATION_NONE, // WM does not support CSD at all
} GtkWindowDecoration;
* Get the support of Client Side Decoration by checking
* the XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP environment variable.
static GtkWindowDecoration GetSystemGtkWindowDecoration();
static bool GetTopLevelWindowActiveState(nsIFrame* aFrame);
static bool TitlebarUseShapeMask();
bool IsRemoteContent() { return HasRemoteContent(); }
void NativeMoveResizeWaylandPopupCallback(const GdkRectangle* aFinalSize,
bool aFlippedX, bool aFlippedY);
static bool IsToplevelWindowTransparent();
static nsWindow* GetFocusedWindow();
bool GetCSDDecorationOffset(int* aDx, int* aDy);
void SetEGLNativeWindowSize(const LayoutDeviceIntSize& aEGLWindowSize);
void WaylandDragWorkaround(GdkEventButton* aEvent);
wl_display* GetWaylandDisplay();
virtual void CreateCompositorVsyncDispatcher() override;
LayoutDeviceIntPoint GetNativePointerLockCenter() {
return mNativePointerLockCenter;
virtual void SetNativePointerLockCenter(
const LayoutDeviceIntPoint& aLockCenter) override;
virtual void LockNativePointer() override;
virtual void UnlockNativePointer() override;
virtual nsRect GetPreferredPopupRect() override {
return mPreferredPopupRect;
virtual void FlushPreferredPopupRect() override {
mPreferredPopupRect = nsRect(0, 0, 0, 0);
mPreferredPopupRectFlushed = true;
typedef enum {
// WebRender compositor is enabled
// WebRender compositor is paused after window creation.
// WebRender compositor is paused because GtkWindow is hidden,
// we can't draw into GL context.
// WebRender compositor is paused as we're repainting whole window and
// we're waiting for content process to update page content.
} WindowCompositorState;
// Pause compositor to avoid rendering artifacts from content process.
void ResumeCompositor();
void ResumeCompositorFromCompositorThread();
void PauseCompositor();
bool IsWaitingForCompositorResume();
virtual ~nsWindow();
// event handling code
void DispatchActivateEvent(void);
void DispatchDeactivateEvent(void);
void MaybeDispatchResized();
virtual void RegisterTouchWindow() override;
virtual bool CompositorInitiallyPaused() override {
return mCompositorState == COMPOSITOR_PAUSED_INITIALLY;
nsCOMPtr<nsIWidget> mParent;
// Has this widget been destroyed yet?
bool mIsDestroyed;
// Does WindowResized need to be called on listeners?
bool mNeedsDispatchResized;
// mIsShown tracks requested visible status from browser perspective, i.e.
// if the window should be visible or now.
bool mIsShown;
// mNeedsShow is set when browser requested to show this window but we failed
// to do so for some reason (wrong window size for instance).
// In such case we set mIsShown = true and mNeedsShow = true to indicate
// that the window is not actually visible but we report to browser that
// it is visible (mIsShown == true).
bool mNeedsShow;
// This track real window visibility from OS perspective.
// It's set by OnMap/OnUnrealize which is based on Gtk events.
bool mIsMapped;
// is this widget enabled?
bool mEnabled;
// has the native window for this been created yet?
bool mCreated;
// whether we handle touch event
bool mHandleTouchEvent;
// true if this is a drag and drop feedback popup
bool mIsDragPopup;
nsPopupType mPopupHint;
bool mWindowScaleFactorChanged;
int mWindowScaleFactor;
bool mCompositedScreen;
bool mIsAccelerated;
void UpdateAlpha(mozilla::gfx::SourceSurface* aSourceSurface,
nsIntRect aBoundsRect);
void NativeMoveResize(bool aMoved, bool aResized);
void NativeShow(bool aAction);
void SetHasMappedToplevel(bool aState);
LayoutDeviceIntSize GetSafeWindowSize(LayoutDeviceIntSize aSize);
void EnsureGrabs(void);
void GrabPointer(guint32 aTime);
void ReleaseGrabs(void);
void UpdateClientOffsetFromFrameExtents();
void UpdateClientOffsetFromCSDWindow();
void DispatchContextMenuEventFromMouseEvent(uint16_t domButton,
GdkEventButton* aEvent);
void EnableRenderingToWindow();
void DisableRenderingToWindow();
void ResumeCompositorHiddenWindow();
void PauseCompositorHiddenWindow();
void WaylandStartVsync();
void WaylandStopVsync();
void DestroyChildWindows();
GtkWidget* GetToplevelWidget();
nsWindow* GetContainerWindow();
void SetUrgencyHint(GtkWidget* top_window, bool state);
void SetDefaultIcon(void);
void SetWindowDecoration(nsBorderStyle aStyle);
void InitButtonEvent(mozilla::WidgetMouseEvent& aEvent,
GdkEventButton* aGdkEvent);
bool CheckForRollup(gdouble aMouseX, gdouble aMouseY, bool aIsWheel,
bool aAlwaysRollup);
void CheckForRollupDuringGrab() { CheckForRollup(0, 0, false, true); }
bool GetDragInfo(mozilla::WidgetMouseEvent* aMouseEvent, GdkWindow** aWindow,
gint* aButton, gint* aRootX, gint* aRootY);
nsIWidgetListener* GetListener();
nsWindow* GetTransientForWindowIfPopup();
bool IsHandlingTouchSequence(GdkEventSequence* aSequence);
void ResizeInt(int aX, int aY, int aWidth, int aHeight, bool aMove,
bool aRepaint);
void NativeMoveResizeWaylandPopup(bool aMove, bool aResize);
// Returns true if the given point (in device pixels) is within a resizer
// region of the window. Only used when drawing decorations client side.
bool CheckResizerEdge(LayoutDeviceIntPoint aPoint, GdkWindowEdge& aOutEdge);
GtkTextDirection GetTextDirection();
void AddCSDDecorationSize(int* aWidth, int* aHeight);
nsCString mGtkWindowAppName;
nsCString mGtkWindowRoleName;
void RefreshWindowClass();
GtkWidget* mShell;
MozContainer* mContainer;
GdkWindow* mGdkWindow;
bool mWindowShouldStartDragging;
PlatformCompositorWidgetDelegate* mCompositorWidgetDelegate;
mozilla::Atomic<WindowCompositorState, mozilla::Relaxed> mCompositorState;
// This is used in COMPOSITOR_PAUSED_FLICKERING mode only to resume compositor
// in some reasonable time when page content is not updated.
int mCompositorPauseTimeoutID;
uint32_t mHasMappedToplevel : 1, mRetryPointerGrab : 1;
nsSizeMode mSizeState;
float mAspectRatio;
float mAspectRatioSaved;
nsIntPoint mClientOffset;
// This field omits duplicate scroll events caused by GNOME bug 726878.
guint32 mLastScrollEventTime;
mozilla::ScreenCoord mLastPinchEventSpan;
bool mPanInProgress = false;
// for touch event handling
nsRefPtrHashtable<nsPtrHashKey<GdkEventSequence>, mozilla::dom::Touch>
// Upper bound on pending ConfigureNotify events to be dispatched to the
// window. See bug 1225044.
unsigned int mPendingConfigures;
// Window titlebar rendering mode, GTK_DECORATION_NONE if it's disabled
// for this window.
GtkWindowDecoration mGtkWindowDecoration;
// Use dedicated GdkWindow for mContainer
bool mDrawToContainer;
// If true, draw our own window titlebar.
bool mDrawInTitlebar;
// Draw titlebar with :backdrop css state (inactive/unfocused).
bool mTitlebarBackdropState;
// Draggable titlebar region maintained by UpdateWindowDraggingRegion
LayoutDeviceIntRegion mDraggableRegion;
// It's PictureInPicture window.
bool mIsPIPWindow;
// It's undecorated popup utility window, without resizers/titlebar,
// movable by mouse. Used on Wayland for popups without
// parent (for instance WebRTC sharing indicator, notifications).
bool mIsWaylandPanelWindow;
// It's child window, i.e. window which is nested in parent window.
// This is obsoleted and should not be used.
// We use GdkWindow hierarchy for such windows.
bool mIsChildWindow;
bool mAlwaysOnTop;
bool mNoAutoHide;
bool mMouseTransparent;
// The cursor cache
static GdkCursor* gsGtkCursorCache[eCursorCount];
// Transparency
bool mIsTransparent;
// This bitmap tracks which pixels are transparent. We don't support
// full translucency at this time; each pixel is either fully opaque
// or fully transparent.
gchar* mTransparencyBitmap;
int32_t mTransparencyBitmapWidth;
int32_t mTransparencyBitmapHeight;
// The transparency bitmap is used instead of ARGB visual for toplevel
// window to draw titlebar.
bool mTransparencyBitmapForTitlebar;
// True when we're on compositing window manager and this
// window is using visual with alpha channel.
bool mHasAlphaVisual;
// all of our DND stuff
void InitDragEvent(mozilla::WidgetDragEvent& aEvent);
float mLastMotionPressure;
// Remember the last sizemode so that we can restore it when
// leaving fullscreen
nsSizeMode mLastSizeMode;
// We can't detect size state changes correctly so set this flag
// to force update mBounds after a size state change from a configure
// event.
bool mBoundsAreValid;
static bool DragInProgress(void);
void DispatchMissedButtonReleases(GdkEventCrossing* aGdkEvent);
// When window widget gets mapped/unmapped we need to configure
// underlying GdkWindow properly. Otherwise we'll end up with
// rendering to released window.
void ConfigureGdkWindow();
void ReleaseGdkWindow();
// nsBaseWidget
virtual WindowRenderer* GetWindowRenderer() override;
void SetCompositorWidgetDelegate(CompositorWidgetDelegate* delegate) override;
void CleanLayerManagerRecursive();
virtual int32_t RoundsWidgetCoordinatesTo() override;
void UpdateMozWindowActive();
void ForceTitlebarRedraw();
bool DoDrawTilebarCorners();
bool IsChromeWindowTitlebar();
void SetPopupWindowDecoration(bool aShowOnTaskbar);
void ApplySizeConstraints(void);
void GetParentPosition(int* aX, int* aY);
// Wayland Popup section
bool WaylandPopupNeedsTrackInHierarchy();
bool WaylandPopupIsAnchored();
bool WaylandPopupIsMenu();
bool WaylandPopupIsContextMenu();
bool WaylandPopupIsPermanent();
bool IsWidgetOverflowWindow();
void RemovePopupFromHierarchyList();
void ShowWaylandWindow();
void HideWaylandWindow();
void HideWaylandPopupWindow(bool aTemporaryHidden, bool aRemoveFromPopupList);
void HideWaylandToplevelWindow();
void WaylandPopupHideTooltips();
void AppendPopupToHierarchyList(nsWindow* aToplevelWindow);
void WaylandPopupHierarchyHideTemporary();
void WaylandPopupHierarchyShowTemporaryHidden();
void WaylandPopupHierarchyCalculatePositions();
bool IsInPopupHierarchy();
void AddWindowToPopupHierarchy();
void UpdateWaylandPopupHierarchy();
void WaylandPopupHierarchyHideByLayout(
nsTArray<nsIWidget*>* aLayoutWidgetHierarchy);
void WaylandPopupHierarchyValidateByLayout(
nsTArray<nsIWidget*>* aLayoutWidgetHierarchy);
void CloseAllPopupsBeforeRemotePopup();
void WaylandPopupHideClosedPopups();
void WaylandPopupMove();
bool WaylandPopupRemoveNegativePosition(int* aX = nullptr, int* aY = nullptr);
nsWindow* WaylandPopupGetTopmostWindow();
bool IsPopupInLayoutPopupChain(nsTArray<nsIWidget*>* aLayoutWidgetHierarchy,
bool aMustMatchParent);
void WaylandPopupMarkAsClosed();
void WaylandPopupRemoveClosedPopups();
void WaylandPopupSetDirectPosition();
bool WaylandPopupFitsParentWindow(GdkRectangle* aSize);
nsWindow* WaylandPopupFindLast(nsWindow* aPopup);
GtkWindow* GetCurrentTopmostWindow();
nsAutoCString GetFrameTag() const;
nsCString GetPopupTypeName();
bool IsPopupDirectionRTL();
void LogPopupHierarchy();
/* Gkt creates popup in two incarnations - wl_subsurface and xdg_popup.
* Kind of popup is choosen before GdkWindow is mapped so we can change
* it only when GdkWindow is hidden.
* Relevant Gtk code is at gdkwindow-wayland.c
* in should_map_as_popup() and should_map_as_subsurface()
* wl_subsurface:
* - can't be positioned by move-to-rect
* - can stand outside popup widget hierarchy (has toplevel as parent)
* - don't have child popup widgets
* xdg_popup:
* - can be positioned by move-to-rect
* - aligned in popup widget hierarchy, first one is attached to toplevel
* - has child (popup) widgets
* Thus we need to map Firefox popup type to desired Gtk one:
* wl_subsurface:
* - pernament panels
* xdg_popup:
* - menus
* - autohide popups (hamburger menu)
* - extension popups
* - tooltips
* We set mPopupTrackInHierarchy = false for pernament panels which
* are always mapped to toplevel and painted as wl_surfaces.
bool mPopupTrackInHierarchy;
bool mPopupTrackInHierarchyConfigured;
/* On X11 Gtk tends to ignore window position requests when gtk_window
* is hidden. Save the position requests at mPopupPosition and apply
* when the widget is shown.
bool mHiddenPopupPositioned;
/* mPopupPosition is the original popup position from layout,
* set by nsWindow::Move() or nsWindow::Resize().
GdkPoint mPopupPosition;
/* When popup is anchored, mPopupPosition is relative to its parent popup.
bool mPopupAnchored;
/* When popup is context menu.
bool mPopupContextMenu;
/* mRelativePopupPosition is popup position calculated against parent window.
GdkPoint mRelativePopupPosition;
/* mRelativePopupOffset is used by context menus.
GdkPoint mRelativePopupOffset;
/* Indicates that this popup matches layout setup so we can use
* parent popup coordinates reliably.
bool mPopupMatchesLayout;
/* Indicates that popup setup was changed and
* we need to recalculate popup coordinates.
bool mPopupChanged;
/* Popup is hidden only as a part of hierarchy tree update.
bool mPopupTemporaryHidden;
/* Popup is going to be closed and removed.
bool mPopupClosed;
/* Popup is positioned by gdk_window_move_to_rect()
bool mPopupUseMoveToRect;
/* Last used anchor for move-to-rect.
LayoutDeviceIntRect mPopupLastAnchor;
/* Toplevel window (first element) of linked list of wayland popups.
* It's nullptr if we're the toplevel.
RefPtr<nsWindow> mWaylandToplevel;
/* Next/Previous popups in Wayland popup hieararchy.
RefPtr<nsWindow> mWaylandPopupNext;
RefPtr<nsWindow> mWaylandPopupPrev;
/* Used by WaylandPopupMove() to track popup movement.
nsRect mPreferredPopupRect;
bool mPreferredPopupRectFlushed;
/* mWaitingForMoveToRectCallback is set when move-to-rect is called
* and we're waiting for move-to-rect callback.
* If another position/resize request comes between move-to-rect call and
* move-to-rect callback we set mNewBoundsAfterMoveToRect.
bool mWaitingForMoveToRectCallback;
LayoutDeviceIntRect mNewBoundsAfterMoveToRect;
* |mIMContext| takes all IME related stuff.
* This is owned by the top-level nsWindow or the topmost child
* nsWindow embedded in a non-Gecko widget.
* The instance is created when the top level widget is created. And when
* the widget is destroyed, it's released. All child windows refer its
* ancestor widget's instance. So, one set of IM contexts is created for
* all windows in a hierarchy. If the children are released after the top
* level window is released, the children still have a valid pointer,
* however, IME doesn't work at that time.
RefPtr<mozilla::widget::IMContextWrapper> mIMContext;
mozilla::UniquePtr<mozilla::CurrentX11TimeGetter> mCurrentTimeGetter;
static GtkWindowDecoration sGtkWindowDecoration;
static bool sTransparentMainWindow;
RefPtr<mozilla::a11y::LocalAccessible> mRootAccessible;
* Request to create the accessible for this window if it is top level.
void CreateRootAccessible();
* Dispatch accessible event for the top level window accessible.
* @param aEventType [in] the accessible event type to dispatch
void DispatchEventToRootAccessible(uint32_t aEventType);
* Dispatch accessible window activate event for the top level window
* accessible.
void DispatchActivateEventAccessible();
* Dispatch accessible window deactivate event for the top level window
* accessible.
void DispatchDeactivateEventAccessible();
* Dispatch accessible window maximize event for the top level window
* accessible.
void DispatchMaximizeEventAccessible();
* Dispatch accessible window minize event for the top level window
* accessible.
void DispatchMinimizeEventAccessible();
* Dispatch accessible window restore event for the top level window
* accessible.
void DispatchRestoreEventAccessible();
#ifdef MOZ_X11
void SetCompositorHint(WindowComposeRequest aState);
bool ConfigureX11GLVisual();
Window mXWindow;
Visual* mXVisual;
int mXDepth;
bool mIsShaped;
RefPtr<mozilla::gfx::VsyncSource> mWaylandVsyncSource;
LayoutDeviceIntPoint mNativePointerLockCenter;
zwp_locked_pointer_v1* mLockedPointer;
zwp_relative_pointer_v1* mRelativePointer;
mozilla::widget::WindowSurfaceProvider mSurfaceProvider;
#endif /* __nsWindow_h__ */