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Format.jsm Pretty-print values passed to template strings. Usage:: let bool = {value: true}; pprint`Expected boolean, got ${bool}`; => 'Expected boolean, got [object Object] {"value": true}' let htmlElement = document.querySelector("input#foo"); pprint`Expected element ${htmlElement}`; => 'Expected element <input id="foo" class="bar baz" type="input">' pprint`Current window: ${window}`; => '[object Window]' 5044
listeners 2
Log.jsm E10s compatible wrapper for the standard logger from Log.jsm. 2864
messagehandler 11 538
RecommendedPreferences.jsm 11382
Sync.jsm Wait for a single event to be fired on a specific EventListener. The returned promise is guaranteed to not be called before the next event tick after the event listener is called, so that all other event listeners for the element are executed before the handler is executed. For example: const promise = new EventPromise(element, "myEvent"); // same event tick here await promise; // next event tick here @param {EventListener} listener Object which receives a notification (an object that implements the Event interface) when an event of the specificed type occurs. @param {string} type Case-sensitive string representing the event type to listen for. @param {boolean?} [false] options.capture Indicates the event will be despatched to this subject, before it bubbles down to any EventTarget beneath it in the DOM tree. @param {boolean?} [false] options.wantsUntrusted Receive synthetic events despatched by web content. @param {boolean?} [false] options.mozSystemGroup Determines whether to add listener to the system group. @return {Promise.<Event>} @throws {TypeError} 6922
TabManager.jsm 956
test 1
webdriver 5
WebSocketConnection.jsm @param {WebSocket} webSocket The WebSocket server connection to wrap. @param {Connection} httpdConnection Reference to the httpd.js's connection needed for clean-up. 3284
WindowManager.jsm Provides helpers to interact with Window objects. @class WindowManager 10380