Name Description Size
AppInfo.sys.mjs Extends Services.appinfo with further properties that are used by different protocols as handled by the Remote Agent. @typedef {object} RemoteAgent.AppInfo @property {boolean} isAndroid - Whether the application runs on Android. @property {boolean} isLinux - Whether the application runs on Linux. @property {boolean} isMac - Whether the application runs on Mac OS. @property {boolean} isWindows - Whether the application runs on Windows. @property {boolean} isFirefox - Whether the application is Firefox. @property {boolean} isThunderbird - Whether the application is Thunderbird. @since 88 2151
Browser.sys.mjs Quits the application with the provided flags. Optional {@link nsIAppStartup} flags may be provided as an array of masks, and these will be combined by ORing them with a bitmask. The available masks are defined in Crucially, only one of the *Quit flags can be specified. The |eRestart| flag may be bit-wise combined with one of the *Quit flags to cause the application to restart after it quits. @param {Array.<string>=} flags Constant name of masks to pass to |Services.startup.quit|. If empty or undefined, |nsIAppStartup.eAttemptQuit| is used. @param {boolean=} safeMode Optional flag to indicate that the application has to be restarted in safe mode. @param {boolean=} isWindowless Optional flag to indicate that the browser was started in windowless mode. @returns {Object<string,boolean>} Dictionary containing information that explains the shutdown reason. The value for `cause` contains the shutdown kind like "shutdown" or "restart", while `forced` will indicate if it was a normal or forced shutdown of the application. "in_app" is always set to indicate that it is a shutdown triggered from within the application. 3435
Capture.sys.mjs Provides primitives to capture screenshots. @namespace 6012
ChallengeHeaderParser.sys.mjs Parse the parameter in a name/value pair and remove quotes. @param {string} paramValue A string representing a challenge parameter. @returns {object} An object with name and value string properties. 2224
DOM.sys.mjs XUL elements that support checked property. 33119
Format.sys.mjs Pretty-print values passed to template strings. Usage:: let bool = {value: true}; pprint`Expected boolean, got ${bool}`; => 'Expected boolean, got [object Object] {"value": true}' let htmlElement = document.querySelector("input#foo"); pprint`Expected element ${htmlElement}`; => 'Expected element <input id="foo" class="bar baz" type="input">' pprint`Current window: ${window}`; => '[object Window]' 4947
Log.sys.mjs E10s compatible wrapper for the standard logger from Log.sys.mjs. 2612
MobileTabBrowser.sys.mjs Create a new tab. @param {string} uriString The URI string to load within the newly opened tab. @returns {Promise<Tab>} The created tab. @throws {Error} Throws an error if the tab cannot be created. 2077 635
Navigate.sys.mjs Returns the multiplier used for the unload timer. Useful for tests which assert the behavior of this timeout. 15261
NavigationManager.sys.mjs @typedef {object} BrowsingContextDetails @property {string} browsingContextId - The browsing context id. @property {string} browserId - The id of the Browser owning the browsing context. @property {BrowsingContext=} context - The BrowsingContext itself, if available. @property {boolean} isTopBrowsingContext - Whether the browsing context is top level. 14315
NetworkRequest.sys.mjs The NetworkRequest class is a wrapper around the internal channel which provides getters and methods closer to fetch's response concept ( 9492
NetworkResponse.sys.mjs The NetworkResponse class is a wrapper around the internal channel which provides getters and methods closer to fetch's response concept ( 3637
PDF.sys.mjs Convert array of strings of the form ["1-3", "2-4", "7", "9-"] to an flat array of limits, like [1, 4, 7, 7, 9, 2**31 - 1] (meaning 1-4, 7, 9-end) @param {Array.<string|number>} ranges Page ranges to print, e.g., ['1-5', '8', '11-13']. Defaults to the empty string, which means print all pages. @returns {Array.<number>} Even-length array containing page range limits 7104
Permissions.sys.mjs @typedef {string} PermissionState 4196
Prompt.sys.mjs @namespace 5572
Realm.sys.mjs @typedef {string} RealmType 9592
RecommendedPreferences.sys.mjs 15727
RemoteError.sys.mjs Base class for all remote protocol errors. 494
Stack.sys.mjs An object that contains details of a stack frame. @typedef {object} StackFrame @see nsIStackFrame @property {string=} asyncCause Type of asynchronous call by which this frame was invoked. @property {number} columnNumber The column number for this stack frame. @property {string} filename The source URL for this stack frame. @property {string} function SpiderMonkey’s inferred name for this stack frame’s function, or null. @property {number} lineNumber The line number for this stack frame (starts with 1). @property {number} sourceId The process-unique internal integer ID of this source. 2032
Sync.sys.mjs Throttle until the `window` has performed an animation frame. @param {ChromeWindow} win Window to request the animation frame from. @returns {Promise} 10065
TabManager.sys.mjs Retrieve all the browser elements from tabs as contained in open windows. @returns {Array<XULBrowser>} All the found <xul:browser>s. Will return an empty array if no windows and tabs can be found. 13387
UserContextManager.sys.mjs A UserContextManager instance keeps track of all public user contexts and maps their internal platform. This class is exported for test purposes. Otherwise the UserContextManager singleton should be used. 6514
UUID.sys.mjs Creates a unique UUID without enclosing curly brackets Example: '86c832d2-cf1c-4001-b3e0-8628fdd41b29' @returns {string} The generated UUID as a string. 484
WebSocketConnection.sys.mjs @param {WebSocket} webSocket The WebSocket server connection to wrap. @param {Connection} httpdConnection Reference to the httpd.js's connection needed for clean-up. 4259
WindowManager.sys.mjs Provides helpers to interact with Window objects. @class WindowManager 9287