Name Description Size
Accessibility.sys.mjs @namespace 14770
Actions.sys.mjs eslint no-dupe-keys:off 65226
Assert.sys.mjs Shorthands for common assertions made in WebDriver. @namespace 13611
Capabilities.sys.mjs Representation of WebDriver session timeouts. 29394
Errors.sys.mjs @namespace 25489
Event.sys.mjs eslint-disable no-restricted-globals 7995
KeyData.sys.mjs 10212
NodeCache.sys.mjs @typedef {object} NodeReferenceDetails @property {number} browserId @property {number} browsingContextGroupId @property {number} browsingContextId @property {boolean} isTopBrowsingContext @property {WeakRef} nodeWeakRef 5219
Session.sys.mjs @typedef {Set} SessionConfigurationFlags A set of flags defining the features of a WebDriver session. It can be empty or contain entries as listed below. External specifications may define additional flags, or create sessions without the HTTP flag. <dl> <dt><code>"bidi"</code> (string) <dd>Flag indicating a WebDriver BiDi session. <dt><code>"http"</code> (string) <dd>Flag indicating a WebDriver classic (HTTP) session. </dl> 15919
URLPattern.sys.mjs Parsed pattern to use for URL matching. @typedef {object} ParsedURLPattern @property {string|null} protocol The protocol, for instance "https". @property {string|null} hostname The hostname, for instance "". @property {string|null} port The serialized port. Empty string for default ports of special schemes. @property {string|null} path The path, starting with "/". @property {string|null} search The search query string, without the leading "?" 13346
UserPromptHandler.sys.mjs @typedef {string} PromptHandlers 7373