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Connection.jsm @param WebSocketTransport transport @param httpd.js's Connection httpdConnection 9046
doc 11
domains 8
Error.jsm Takes a serialised CDP error and reconstructs it as a RemoteAgentError. The error must be of this form: {"message": "TypeError: foo is not a function\n execute@chrome://remote/content/sessions/Session.jsm:73:39\n onMessage@chrome://remote/content/sessions/TabSession.jsm:65:20"} This approach has the notable deficiency that it cannot deal with causes to errors because of the unstructured nature of CDP errors. A possible future improvement would be to extend the error serialisation to include discrete fields for each data property. @param {Object} json CDP error encoded as a JSON object, which must have a "message" field, where the first line will make out the error message and the subsequent lines the stacktrace. @return {RemoteAgentError} 3560 3248
JSONHandler.jsm 2227
Log.jsm E10s compatible wrapper for the standard logger from Log.jsm. 1062 10006 1421
Observer.jsm 844
Protocol.jsm 769915
README The Firefox remote agent is a low-level debugging interface based 687
RecommendedPreferences.jsm 987
RemoteAgent.conf 591
RemoteAgent.jsm 6698
server These files provide functionality for serving and responding to HTTP 3
sessions 5
Sync.jsm Wait for a single event to be fired on a specific EventListener. The returned promise is guaranteed to not be called before the next event tick after the event listener is called, so that all other event listeners for the element are executed before the handler is executed. For example: const promise = new EventPromise(element, "myEvent"); // same event tick here await promise; // next event tick here @param {EventListener} listener Object which receives a notification (an object that implements the Event interface) when an event of the specificed type occurs. @param {string} type Case-sensitive string representing the event type to listen for. @param {boolean?} [false] options.capture Indicates the event will be despatched to this subject, before it bubbles down to any EventTarget beneath it in the DOM tree. @param {boolean?} [false] options.wantsUntrusted Receive synthetic events despatched by web content. @param {boolean?} [false] options.mozSystemGroup Determines whether to add listener to the system group. @return {Promise.<Event>} @throws {TypeError} 3229
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