Name Description Size
Architecture-arm.cpp also set for VFPv4-D16 14945
Architecture-arm.h 23274
Assembler-arm.cpp 91260
Assembler-arm.h 80357
CodeGenerator-arm.cpp 102154
CodeGenerator-arm.h 6089
DoubleEntryTable.tbl 8203 Generate tables of immediately-encodable VFP doubles. DOES NOT get automatically run during the build process. If you need to modify this file (which is unlikely), you must re-run this script: python > $(topsrcdir)/path/to/DoubleEntryTable.tbl 1195
LIR-arm.h 15402
Lowering-arm.cpp 42785
Lowering-arm.h jit_arm_Lowering_arm_h 4886
MacroAssembler-arm-inl.h 82324
MacroAssembler-arm.cpp 226875
MacroAssembler-arm.h 57792
MoveEmitter-arm.cpp 14185
MoveEmitter-arm.h jit_arm_MoveEmitter_arm_h 2197
SharedICHelpers-arm-inl.h jit_arm_SharedICHelpers_arm_inl_h 2580
SharedICHelpers-arm.h jit_arm_SharedICHelpers_arm_h 2640
SharedICRegisters-arm.h jit_arm_SharedICRegisters_arm_h 1744
Simulator-arm.cpp 153009
Simulator-arm.h 19151
Trampoline-arm.cpp This method generates a trampoline for a c++ function with the following signature: void enter(void* code, int argc, Value* argv, InterpreterFrame* fp, CalleeToken calleeToken, JSObject* scopeChain, Value* vp) ...using standard EABI calling convention 25155