Name Description Size
AbortController.webidl 553
AbortSignal.webidl 753
AbstractRange.webidl 826
AbstractWorker.webidl 385
AccessibilityRole.webidl 652
AccessibleNode.webidl 2331
AddonEvent.webidl 268
AddonManager.webidl We need a JSImplementation but cannot get one without a contract ID. Since Addon and AddonInstall are only ever created from JS they don't need real contract IDs. 4019
AnalyserNode.webidl 1622
Animatable.webidl 981
Animation.webidl 2564
AnimationEffect.webidl 2143
AnimationEvent.webidl 982
AnimationFrameProvider.webidl 656
AnimationPlaybackEvent.webidl 929
AnimationTimeline.webidl 696
AnonymousContent.webidl This file declares the AnonymousContent interface which is used to manipulate content that has been inserted into the document's canvasFrame anonymous container. See Document.insertAnonymousContent. This API never returns a reference to the actual inserted DOM node on purpose. This is to make sure the content cannot be randomly changed and the DOM cannot be traversed from the node, so that Gecko can remain in control of the inserted content. 3458
AppInfo.webidl This dictionnary holds the parameters supporting the app:// protocol. 367
AppNotificationServiceOptions.webidl 595
APZTestData.webidl This file declares data structures used to communicate data logged by various components for the purpose of APZ testing (see bug 961289 and gfx/layers/apz/test/APZTestData.h) to JS test code. 2952
AriaAttributes.webidl 5143
Attr.webidl 1001
AudioBuffer.webidl 1339
AudioBufferSourceNode.webidl 1452
AudioContext.webidl 1567
AudioDestinationNode.webidl 649
AudioListener.webidl 772
AudioNode.webidl 2345
AudioParam.webidl 2220
AudioParamDescriptor.webidl 849
AudioParamMap.webidl 652
AudioProcessingEvent.webidl 749
AudioScheduledSourceNode.webidl 774
AudioTrack.webidl 650
AudioTrackList.webidl 751
AudioWorklet.webidl 601
AudioWorkletGlobalScope.webidl 863
AudioWorkletNode.webidl 1338
AudioWorkletProcessor.webidl 648
AutocompleteInfo.webidl This dictionary is used for the input, textarea and select element's getAutocompleteInfo method. 588
BarProp.webidl 393
BaseAudioContext.webidl 3544
BaseKeyframeTypes.webidl 2529
BasicCardPayment.webidl 1136
BatteryManager.webidl 1039
BeforeUnloadEvent.webidl 509
BiquadFilterNode.webidl 1639
Blob.webidl 1456
BlobEvent.webidl 596
BroadcastChannel.webidl 699
BrowserElementDictionaries.webidl 721
Cache.webidl 1425
CacheStorage.webidl 1119
CancelContentJSOptions.webidl 315
CanvasCaptureMediaStream.webidl 711
CanvasRenderingContext2D.webidl Renders a region of a window into the canvas. The contents of the window's viewport are rendered, ignoring viewport clipping and scrolling. @param x @param y @param w @param h specify the area of the window to render, in CSS pixels. @param backgroundColor the canvas is filled with this color before we render the window into it. This color may be transparent/translucent. It is given as a CSS color string (e.g., rgb() or rgba()). @param flags Used to better control the drawWindow call. Flags can be ORed together. Of course, the rendering obeys the current scale, transform and globalAlpha values. Hints: -- If 'rgba(0,0,0,0)' is used for the background color, the drawing will be transparent wherever the window is transparent. -- Top-level browsed documents are usually not transparent because the user's background-color preference is applied, but IFRAMEs are transparent if the page doesn't set a background. -- If an opaque color is used for the background color, rendering will be faster because we won't have to compute the window's transparency. This API cannot currently be used by Web content. It is chrome and Web Extensions (with a permission) only. 15942
CaretPosition.webidl The offsetNode could potentially be null due to anonymous content. 554
CaretStateChangedEvent.webidl The bounding client rect is relative to the visual viewport. 1671
CDATASection.webidl 339
ChannelMergerNode.webidl 804
ChannelSplitterNode.webidl 811
CharacterData.webidl 1142
CheckerboardReportService.webidl This file declares data structures used to communicate checkerboard reports from C++ code to about:checkerboard (see bug 1238042). These dictionaries are NOT exposed to standard web content. 2057
ChildNode.webidl 887
ChildSHistory.webidl The ChildSHistory interface represents the child side of a browsing context's session history. 1203
ChromeNodeList.webidl 462
Client.webidl 1475
Clients.webidl 1030
Clipboard.webidl 2434
ClipboardEvent.webidl 838
CloseEvent.webidl 928
CommandEvent.webidl 393
Comment.webidl 604
components.conf 555
CompositionEvent.webidl ranges is trying to expose TextRangeArray in Gecko so a js-plugin couble be able to know the clauses information 1464
CompressionStream.webidl 639
Console.webidl 7454
ConstantSourceNode.webidl 824
ContentVisibilityAutoStateChangeEvent.webidl 747
ConvolverNode.webidl 1009
CreateOfferRequest.webidl 628
CredentialManagement.webidl 1753
Crypto.webidl 781
CSPDictionaries.webidl Dictionary used to display CSP info. 1233
CSPReport.webidl This dictionary holds the parameters used to send CSP reports in JSON format. Based on 996
CSS.webidl 1081 78
CSSAnimation.webidl 730
CSSConditionRule.webidl 590
CSSContainerRule.webidl 797
CSSCounterStyleRule.webidl 903
CSSFontFaceRule.webidl 652
CSSFontFeatureValuesRule.webidl 1138
CSSFontPaletteValuesRule.webidl 666
CSSGroupingRule.webidl 687
CSSImportRule.webidl 1008
CSSKeyframeRule.webidl 636
CSSKeyframesRule.webidl 843
CSSLayerBlockRule.webidl 504
CSSLayerStatementRule.webidl 602
CSSMediaRule.webidl 870
CSSMozDocumentRule.webidl 455
CSSNamespaceRule.webidl 571
CSSPageRule.webidl 710
CSSPropertyRule.webidl 785
CSSPseudoElement.webidl 676
CSSRule.webidl 2198
CSSRuleList.webidl 419
CSSStyleDeclaration.webidl 1251
CSSStyleRule.webidl 622
CSSStyleSheet.webidl 1865
CSSSupportsRule.webidl 541
CSSTransition.webidl 739
CustomElementRegistry.webidl 2745
CustomEvent.webidl 1028
DataTransfer.webidl Set the drag source. Usually you would not change this, but it will affect which node the drag and dragend events are fired at. The default target is the node that was dragged. @param element drag source to use @throws NO_MODIFICATION_ALLOWED_ERR if the item cannot be modified 7041
DataTransferItem.webidl 1032
DataTransferItemList.webidl 855
DecoderDoctorNotification.webidl 1434
DecompressionStream.webidl 576
DedicatedWorkerGlobalScope.webidl 1521
DelayNode.webidl 906
DeviceLightEvent.webidl 659
DeviceMotionEvent.webidl 2350
DeviceOrientationEvent.webidl 1426
Directory.webidl All functions on Directory that accept DOMString arguments for file or directory names only allow relative path to current directory itself. The path should be a descendent path like "path/to/file.txt" and not contain a segment of ".." or ".". So the paths aren't allowed to walk up the directory tree. For example, paths like "../foo", "..", "/foo/bar" or "foo/../bar" are not allowed. 1909
Document.webidl 27353
DocumentFragment.webidl 1018
DocumentOrShadowRoot.webidl 2063
DocumentTimeline.webidl 787
DocumentType.webidl 702
DOMException.webidl 4277
DOMImplementation.webidl 1016
DOMLocalization.webidl DOMLocalization is an extension of the Fluent Localization API. DOMLocalization adds a state for storing `roots` - DOM elements which translation status is controlled by the DOMLocalization instance and monitored for mutations. DOMLocalization also adds methods dedicated to DOM manipulation. Methods: - connectRoot - add a root - disconnectRoot - remove a root - pauseObserving - pause observing of roots - resumeObserving - resume observing of roots - setAttributes - set l10n attributes of an element - getAttributes - retrieve l10n attributes of an element - translateFragment - translate a DOM fragment - translateElements - translate a list of DOM elements - translateRoots - translate all attached roots 6207
DOMMatrix.webidl 8721
DOMParser.webidl 1512
DOMPoint.webidl 1869
DOMQuad.webidl 1306
DOMRect.webidl 2044
DOMRectList.webidl 419
DOMRequest.webidl 1189
DOMStringList.webidl 682
DOMStringMap.webidl 859
DOMTokenList.webidl 1146
DragEvent.webidl 1585
DynamicsCompressorNode.webidl 1390
Element.webidl The ratio of font-size-inflated text font size to computed font size for this element. This will query the element for its primary frame, and then use this to get font size inflation information about the frame. This will be 1.0 if font size inflation is not enabled, and -1.0 if an error occurred during the retrieval of the font size inflation. @note The font size inflation ratio that is returned is actually the font size inflation data for the element's _primary frame_, not the element itself, but for most purposes, this should be sufficient. 14286
ElementInternals.webidl 1769
ErrorEvent.webidl 891
Event.webidl The original target of the event, before any retargetings. 3752
EventHandler.webidl 8264
EventListener.webidl 592
EventSource.webidl 1266
EventTarget.webidl Setting to true make the listener be added to the system group. 2728
ExtendableEvent.webidl 794
ExtendableMessageEvent.webidl Custom data associated with this event. 1395
ExtensionAlarms.webidl THIS IS AN AUTOGENERATED FILE. DO NOT EDIT The content of this file has been generated based on the WebExtensions API JSONSchema using the following command: export SCRIPT_DIR="toolkit/components/extensions/webidl-api" mach python $SCRIPT_DIR/ -- alarms More info about generating webidl API bindings for WebExtensions API at: A short summary of the special setup used by these WebIDL files (meant to aid webidl peers reviews and sign-offs) is available in the following section: 2062
ExtensionBrowser.webidl 3438
ExtensionBrowserSettings.webidl THIS IS AN AUTOGENERATED FILE. DO NOT EDIT The content of this file has been generated based on the WebExtensions API JSONSchema using the following command: export SCRIPT_DIR="toolkit/components/extensions/webidl-api" mach python $SCRIPT_DIR/ -- browserSettings More info about generating webidl API bindings for WebExtensions API at: A short summary of the special setup used by these WebIDL files (meant to aid webidl peers reviews and sign-offs) is available in the following section: 2980
ExtensionBrowserSettingsColorManagement.webidl THIS IS AN AUTOGENERATED FILE. DO NOT EDIT The content of this file has been generated based on the WebExtensions API JSONSchema using the following command: export SCRIPT_DIR="toolkit/components/extensions/webidl-api" mach python $SCRIPT_DIR/ -- browserSettings.colorManagement More info about generating webidl API bindings for WebExtensions API at: A short summary of the special setup used by these WebIDL files (meant to aid webidl peers reviews and sign-offs) is available in the following section: 1579
ExtensionDns.webidl THIS IS AN AUTOGENERATED FILE. DO NOT EDIT The content of this file has been generated based on the WebExtensions API JSONSchema using the following command: export SCRIPT_DIR="toolkit/components/extensions/webidl-api" mach python $SCRIPT_DIR/ -- dns More info about generating webidl API bindings for WebExtensions API at: A short summary of the special setup used by these WebIDL files (meant to aid webidl peers reviews and sign-offs) is available in the following section: 1358
ExtensionEventManager.webidl 1288
ExtensionMockAPI.webidl 1914
ExtensionPort.webidl 1878
ExtensionProxy.webidl THIS IS AN AUTOGENERATED FILE. DO NOT EDIT The content of this file has been generated based on the WebExtensions API JSONSchema using the following command: export SCRIPT_DIR="toolkit/components/extensions/webidl-api" mach python $SCRIPT_DIR/ -- proxy More info about generating webidl API bindings for WebExtensions API at: 1215
ExtensionRuntime.webidl THIS IS AN AUTOGENERATED FILE. DO NOT EDIT The content of this file has been generated based on the WebExtensions API JSONSchema using the following command: export SCRIPT_DIR="toolkit/components/extensions/webidl-api" mach python $SCRIPT_DIR/ -- runtime More info about generating webidl API bindings for WebExtensions API at: A short summary of the special setup used by these WebIDL files (meant to aid webidl peers reviews and sign-offs) is available in the following section: 3277
ExtensionScripting.webidl THIS IS AN AUTOGENERATED FILE. DO NOT EDIT The content of this file has been generated based on the WebExtensions API JSONSchema using the following command: export SCRIPT_DIR="toolkit/components/extensions/webidl-api" mach python $SCRIPT_DIR/ -- scripting More info about generating webidl API bindings for WebExtensions API at: A short summary of the special setup used by these WebIDL files (meant to aid webidl peers reviews and sign-offs) is available in the following section: 2016
ExtensionSetting.webidl 1641
ExtensionTest.webidl THIS IS AN AUTOGENERATED FILE. DO NOT EDIT The content of this file has been generated based on the WebExtensions API JSONSchema using the following command: export SCRIPT_DIR="toolkit/components/extensions/webidl-api" mach python $SCRIPT_DIR/ -- test More info about generating webidl API bindings for WebExtensions API at: A short summary of the special setup used by these WebIDL files (meant to aid webidl peers reviews and sign-offs) is available in the following section: 2853
External.webidl 471
FailedCertSecurityInfo.webidl This dictionary is used for exposing failed channel certificate information to about:certerror to display information. 992
FakePluginTagInit.webidl A fake plugin is fundamentally identified by its handlerURI. In addition to that, a fake plugin registration needs to provide at least one FakePluginMimeEntry so we'll know what types(s) the plugin is registered for. Other information is optional, though having usable niceName is highly recommended. 1708
FeaturePolicy.webidl 1022
Fetch.webidl no support for request body streams yet 1201
FetchEvent.webidl 1097
FetchObserver.webidl 805
File.webidl 1862
FileList.webidl 630
FileMode.webidl 249
FileReader.webidl 1378
FileReaderSync.webidl 852
FileSystem.webidl 700
FileSystemDirectoryEntry.webidl 966
FileSystemDirectoryHandle.webidl 1155
FileSystemDirectoryIterator.webidl 551
FileSystemDirectoryReader.webidl 711
FileSystemEntry.webidl 777
FileSystemFileEntry.webidl 593
FileSystemFileHandle.webidl 775
FileSystemHandle.webidl 892
FileSystemSyncAccessHandle.webidl 1030
FileSystemWritableFileStream.webidl 975
FinalizationRegistry.webidl 458
FocusEvent.webidl 865
FontFace.webidl 2799
FontFaceSet.webidl 2486
FontFaceSetLoadEvent.webidl 900
FontFaceSource.webidl 642
FormData.webidl 1070
FormDataEvent.webidl 780
FrameCrashedEvent.webidl The browsingContextId of the frame that crashed. 1057
Function.webidl 660
FuzzingFunctions.webidl Various functions useful for automated fuzzing that are enabled only in --enable-fuzzing builds, because they may be dangerous to enable on untrusted pages. 6312
GainNode.webidl 855
Gamepad.webidl 3185
GamepadAxisMoveEvent.webidl 702
GamepadButtonEvent.webidl 646
GamepadEvent.webidl 669
GamepadHapticActuator.webidl 749
GamepadLightIndicator.webidl 801
GamepadPose.webidl position, linearVelocity, and linearAcceleration are 3-component vectors. position is relative to a sitting space. Transforming this point with VRStageParameters.sittingToStandingTransform converts this to standing space. 1431
GamepadServiceTest.webidl 2371
GamepadTouch.webidl 711
GenericTransformStream.webidl 520
Geolocation.webidl 1359
GeolocationCoordinates.webidl 838
GeolocationPosition.webidl 659
GeolocationPositionError.webidl 763
GeometryUtils.webidl getBoxQuadsFromWindowOrigin is similar to getBoxQuads, but the returned quads are further translated relative to the window origin -- which is not the layout origin. Further translation must be done to bring the quads into layout space. Typically, this will be done by performing another call from the top level browser process, requesting the quad of the top level content document itself. The position of this quad can then be used as the offset into layout space, and subtracted from the original returned quads. If options.relativeTo is supplied, this method will throw. 2449
GetUserMediaRequest.webidl 1618
GPUUncapturedErrorEvent.webidl ,DedicatedWorker 709
Grid.webidl These objects support visualization of a css-grid by the dev tools. 3718
HashChangeEvent.webidl 1059
Headers.webidl 1223
Highlight.webidl Enum defining the available highlight types. See 2091
History.webidl 1231
HTMLAllCollection.webidl Emulates undefined through 632
HTMLAnchorElement.webidl 2106
HTMLAreaElement.webidl 1803
HTMLAudioElement.webidl 744
HTMLBaseElement.webidl 921
HTMLBodyElement.webidl 1243
HTMLBRElement.webidl 1558
HTMLButtonElement.webidl 1847
HTMLCanvasElement.webidl 2211
HTMLCollection.webidl 715
HTMLDataElement.webidl 605
HTMLDataListElement.webidl 716
HTMLDetailsElement.webidl 745
HTMLDialogElement.webidl 996
HTMLDirectoryElement.webidl 881
HTMLDivElement.webidl 800
HTMLDListElement.webidl 1050
HTMLDocument.webidl 1623
HTMLElement.webidl 4383
HTMLEmbedElement.webidl 1678
HTMLFieldSetElement.webidl 1212
HTMLFontElement.webidl 912
HTMLFormControlsCollection.webidl legacycaller 820
HTMLFormElement.webidl 2173
HTMLFrameElement.webidl 1620
HTMLFrameSetElement.webidl 838
HTMLHeadElement.webidl 754
HTMLHeadingElement.webidl 1101
HTMLHRElement.webidl 1348
HTMLHtmlElement.webidl 1059
HTMLHyperlinkElementUtils.webidl 1251
HTMLIFrameElement.webidl 2743
HTMLImageElement.webidl Same as addNativeObserver but intended for scripted observers or observers from another or without a document. 4925
HTMLInputElement.webidl 9129
HTMLLabelElement.webidl 811
HTMLLegendElement.webidl 1104
HTMLLIElement.webidl 1127
HTMLLinkElement.webidl 2478
HTMLMapElement.webidl 948
HTMLMarqueeElement.webidl 1577
HTMLMediaElement.webidl 10065
HTMLMenuElement.webidl 1051
HTMLMetaElement.webidl 1327
HTMLMeterElement.webidl 1244
HTMLModElement.webidl 951
HTMLObjectElement.webidl The actual mime type (the one we got back from the network request) for the element. 5327
HTMLOListElement.webidl 1276
HTMLOptGroupElement.webidl 847
HTMLOptionElement.webidl 1263
HTMLOptionsCollection.webidl 949
HTMLOutputElement.webidl 1451
HTMLParagraphElement.webidl 1053
HTMLParamElement.webidl 1313
HTMLPictureElement.webidl 388
HTMLPreElement.webidl 1040
HTMLProgressElement.webidl 914
HTMLQuoteElement.webidl 850
HTMLScriptElement.webidl 1680
HTMLSelectElement.webidl 2303
HTMLSlotElement.webidl 1057
HTMLSourceElement.webidl 1490
HTMLSpanElement.webidl 782
HTMLStyleElement.webidl Mark this style element with a devtools-specific principal that skips Content Security Policy unsafe-inline checks. This triggering principal will be overwritten by any callers that set textContent or innerHTML on this element. 1258
HTMLTableCaptionElement.webidl 799
HTMLTableCellElement.webidl 1971
HTMLTableColElement.webidl 1178
HTMLTableElement.webidl 2276
HTMLTableRowElement.webidl 1363
HTMLTableSectionElement.webidl 1192
HTMLTemplateElement.webidl 603
HTMLTextAreaElement.webidl 3247
HTMLTimeElement.webidl 608
HTMLTitleElement.webidl 565
HTMLTrackElement.webidl 1086
HTMLUListElement.webidl 1126
HTMLVideoElement.webidl 3633
IDBCursor.webidl 1266
IDBDatabase.webidl 1390
IDBFactory.webidl Interface that defines the indexedDB property on a window. See for more information. 1902
IDBIndex.webidl 2503
IDBKeyRange.webidl The origin of this IDL file is Copyright © 2012 W3C® (MIT, ERCIM, Keio), All Rights Reserved. W3C liability, trademark and document use rules apply. 1390
IDBObjectStore.webidl 2457
IDBOpenDBRequest.webidl 555
IDBRequest.webidl 1009
IDBTransaction.webidl 1400
IDBVersionChangeEvent.webidl 956
IdentityCredential.webidl 2779
IdleDeadline.webidl 555
IIRFilterNode.webidl 974
ImageBitmap.webidl An image or a video frame is conceptually a two-dimensional array of data and each element in the array is called a pixel. The pixels are usually stored in a one-dimensional array and could be arranged in a variety of image formats. Developers need to know how the pixels are formatted so that they are able to process them. The image format describes how pixels in an image are arranged. A single pixel has at least one, but usually multiple pixel values. The range of a pixel value varies, which means different image formats use different data types to store a single pixel value. The most frequently used data type is 8-bit unsigned integer whose range is from 0 to 255, others could be 16-bit integer or 32-bit floating points and so forth. The number of pixel values of a single pixel is called the number of channels of the image format. Multiple pixel values of a pixel are used together to describe the captured property which could be color or depth information. For example, if the data is a color image in RGB color space, then it is a three-channel image format and a pixel is described by R, G and B three pixel values with range from 0 to 255. As another example, if the data is a gray image, then it is a single-channel image format with 8-bit unsigned integer data type and the pixel value describes the gray scale. For depth data, it is a single channel image format too, but the data type is 16-bit unsigned integer and the pixel value is the depth level. For those image formats whose pixels contain multiple pixel values, the pixel values might be arranged in one of the following ways: 1) Planar pixel layout: each channel has its pixel values stored consecutively in separated buffers (a.k.a. planes) and then all channel buffers are stored consecutively in memory. (Ex: RRRRRR......GGGGGG......BBBBBB......) 2) Interleaving pixel layout: each pixel has its pixel values from all channels stored together and interleaves all channels. (Ex: RGBRGBRGBRGBRGB......) 15471
ImageBitmapRenderingContext.webidl 2054
ImageCapture.webidl 1167
ImageCaptureErrorEvent.webidl 1255
ImageData.webidl 1018
ImageDocument.webidl Whether the image is overflowing visible area. 739
InputEvent.webidl 1832
InstallTrigger.webidl A callback function that webpages can implement to be notified when triggered installs complete. 2856
IntersectionObserver.webidl 1912
IntlUtils.webidl The IntlUtils interface provides helper functions for localization. 2112
IterableIterator.webidl 510
KeyAlgorithm.webidl 1089
KeyboardEvent.webidl 2670
KeyEvent.webidl 12020
KeyframeAnimationOptions.webidl 687
KeyframeEffect.webidl 2438
KeyIdsInitData.webidl 522
LinkStyle.webidl 485
LoadURIOptions.webidl This dictionary holds load arguments for docshell loads. 3207
Localization.webidl L10nIdArgs is an object used to carry localization tuple for message translation. Fields: id - identifier of a message. args - an optional record of arguments used to format the message. The argument will be converted to/from JSON, and the API will only handle strings and numbers. 5228
Location.webidl 1736
Lock.webidl 163
LockManager.webidl 826
MathMLElement.webidl 791
MediaCapabilities.webidl 2150
MediaDebugInfo.webidl This module defines dictonaries that are filled with debug information through GetDebugInfo() calls in the media component. To get the information filled and returned, we have two methods that return promises, one in HTMLMediaElement and one in MediaSource. If you need to add some extra info, there's one dictionary per class, following the pattern <ClassName>DebugInfo, where you can add some fields and fill them in the corresponding GetDebugInfo() call. Below is the structures returned. Used by HTMLMediaElement.GetMozRequestDebugInfo(), see HTMLMediaElement.webidl: HTMLMediaElementDebugInfo EMEDebugInfo MediaDecoderDebugInfo MediaFormatReaderDebugInfo MediaStateDebugInfo MediaStateDebugInfo MediaFrameStats MediaDecoderStateMachineDebugInfo MediaDecoderStateMachineDecodingStateDebugInfo MediaSinkDebugInfo VideoSinkDebugInfo AudioSinkDebugInfo DecodedStreamDebugInfo DecodedStreamDataDebugInfo MediaResourceDebugInfo MediaCacheStreamDebugInfo Used by MediaSource.GetMozDebugReaderData(), see MediaSource.webidl: MediaSourceDecoderDebugInfo MediaFormatReaderDebugInfo MediaStateDebugInfo MediaStateDebugInfo MediaFrameStats MediaSourceDemuxerDebugInfo TrackBuffersManagerDebugInfo TrackBuffersManagerDebugInfo 6733
MediaDeviceInfo.webidl 755
MediaDevices.webidl 1719
MediaElementAudioSourceNode.webidl 915
MediaEncryptedEvent.webidl 939
MediaError.webidl 967
MediaKeyError.webidl 800
MediaKeyMessageEvent.webidl 1058
MediaKeys.webidl 1379
MediaKeySession.webidl 1325
MediaKeysRequestStatus.webidl Note: This dictionary and enum is only used by Gecko to convey messages to chrome JS code. It is not exposed to the web. 709
MediaKeyStatusMap.webidl 939
MediaKeySystemAccess.webidl 1555
MediaList.webidl 691
MediaQueryList.webidl 847
MediaQueryListEvent.webidl 691
MediaRecorder.webidl 1751
MediaRecorderErrorEvent.webidl 768
MediaSession.webidl 2128
MediaSource.webidl 1609
MediaStream.webidl 2288
MediaStreamAudioDestinationNode.webidl 769
MediaStreamAudioSourceNode.webidl 931
MediaStreamError.webidl 890
MediaStreamEvent.webidl 694
MediaStreamTrack.webidl 3673
MediaStreamTrackAudioSourceNode.webidl 882
MediaStreamTrackEvent.webidl 693
MediaTrackSettings.webidl 1199
MediaTrackSupportedConstraints.webidl 1571
MerchantValidationEvent.webidl 1137
MessageChannel.webidl 581
MessageEvent.webidl Custom data associated with this event. 2370
MessagePort.webidl 925
MIDIAccess.webidl 655
MIDIConnectionEvent.webidl 687
MIDIInput.webidl 505
MIDIInputMap.webidl 499
MIDIMessageEvent.webidl 683
MIDIOptions.webidl 449
MIDIOutput.webidl 578
MIDIOutputMap.webidl 501
MIDIPort.webidl 1087
MimeType.webidl 493
MimeTypeArray.webidl 504
MouseEvent.webidl 5569
MouseScrollEvent.webidl 1462 35684
MozApplicationEvent.webidl 600
MozFrameLoaderOwner.webidl A mixin included by elements that are 'browsing context containers' in HTML5 terms (that is, elements such as iframe that creates a new browsing context): Objects including this mixin must implement nsFrameLoaderOwner in native C++ code. 1544
MutationEvent.webidl 1516
MutationObserver.webidl 2386
NamedNodeMap.webidl 872
NavigationPreloadManager.webidl 830
Navigator.webidl 12800
NetErrorInfo.webidl This dictionary is used for exposing failed channel info to about:neterror to built UI. 453
NetworkInformation.webidl 744
NetworkOptions.webidl This dictionary holds the parameters sent to the network worker. 5458
Node.webidl If this element is a flex item (or has one or more anonymous box ancestors that chain up to an anonymous flex item), then this method returns the flex container that the flex item participates in. Otherwise, this method returns null. 4824
NodeFilter.webidl 1333
NodeIterator.webidl 910
NodeList.webidl 673
Notification.webidl 2724
NotificationEvent.webidl 877
NotifyPaintEvent.webidl The NotifyPaintEvent interface is used for the MozDOMAfterPaint event, which fires at a window when painting has happened in that window. 1214
OfflineAudioCompletionEvent.webidl 826
OfflineAudioContext.webidl 1191
OffscreenCanvas.webidl 1702
OffscreenCanvasRenderingContext2D.webidl 1521
OscillatorNode.webidl 1321
PageTransitionEvent.webidl The PageTransitionEvent interface is used for the pageshow and pagehide events, which are generic events that apply to both page load/unload and saving/restoring a document from session history. 1151
PaintRequest.webidl These objects are exposed by the MozDOMAfterPaint event. Each one represents a request to repaint a rectangle that was generated by the browser. 1051
PaintRequestList.webidl 429
PaintWorkletGlobalScope.webidl 581
PannerNode.webidl 2670
ParentNode.webidl 1262
PaymentAddress.webidl 1419
PaymentMethodChangeEvent.webidl 1033
PaymentRequest.webidl 3859
PaymentRequestUpdateEvent.webidl 914
PaymentResponse.webidl 1452
PeerConnectionImpl.webidl Must be created first. Observer events will be dispatched on the thread provided 4602
PeerConnectionObserver.webidl JSEP callbacks 1859
PeerConnectionObserverEnums.webidl 747
Performance.webidl 3502
PerformanceEntry.webidl 791
PerformanceEntryEvent.webidl 943
PerformanceEventTiming.webidl 1001
PerformanceLargestContentfulPaint.webidl 921
PerformanceMark.webidl 582
PerformanceMeasure.webidl 492
PerformanceNavigation.webidl 883
PerformanceNavigationTiming.webidl 1427
PerformanceObserver.webidl 1140
PerformanceObserverEntryList.webidl 964
PerformancePaintTiming.webidl 595
PerformanceResourceTiming.webidl 2158
PerformanceServerTiming.webidl 792
PerformanceTiming.webidl 2899
PeriodicWave.webidl 896
Permissions.webidl 1015
PermissionStatus.webidl 632
Plugin.webidl 620
PluginArray.webidl 521
PluginCrashedEvent.webidl 976
PointerEvent.webidl 1400
PopoverInvokerElement.webidl 630
PopStateEvent.webidl 519
PopupBlockedEvent.webidl 836
PopupPositionedEvent.webidl Returns the alignment position where the popup has appeared relative to its anchor node or point, accounting for any flipping that occurred. 882
PositionStateEvent.webidl 623
ProcessingInstruction.webidl 969
ProfileTimelineMarker.webidl For ConsoleTime, Timestamp and Javascript markers. 2110
ProgressEvent.webidl 719
Promise.webidl 681
PromiseRejectionEvent.webidl 782
PushEvent.webidl 721
PushManager.webidl 1458
PushMessageData.webidl 582
PushSubscription.webidl 1564
PushSubscriptionOptions.webidl 526
QueuingStrategy.webidl 1013
RadioNodeList.webidl 740
Range.webidl 3189
ReadableByteStreamController.webidl 729
ReadableStream.webidl 1605
ReadableStreamBYOBReader.webidl 671
ReadableStreamBYOBRequest.webidl 637
ReadableStreamDefaultController.webidl 646
ReadableStreamDefaultReader.webidl 1088
ReferrerPolicy.webidl 594
Reporting.webidl 2747
Request.webidl 2503
ResizeObserver.webidl 1707
Response.webidl 1959
RTCCertificate.webidl 603
RTCConfiguration.webidl 1316
RTCDataChannel.webidl 1339
RTCDataChannelEvent.webidl 712
RTCDtlsTransport.webidl 674
RTCDTMFSender.webidl 705
RTCDTMFToneChangeEvent.webidl 669
RTCIceCandidate.webidl 981
RTCIdentityAssertion.webidl 460
RTCIdentityProvider.webidl Whether an IdP was passed to register() to chrome code. 2298
RTCPeerConnection.webidl 8078
RTCPeerConnectionIceEvent.webidl 764
RTCPeerConnectionStatic.webidl Right now, it is not possible to add static functions to a JS implemented interface (see bug 863952), so we need to create a simple interface with a trivial constructor and no data to hold these functions that really ought to be static in RTCPeerConnection. TODO( Merge this code into RTCPeerConnection once this limitation is gone. (Bug 1017082) 1584
RTCRtpCapabilities.webidl 816
RTCRtpParameters.webidl 2129
RTCRtpReceiver.webidl 1490
RTCRtpSender.webidl 1202
RTCRtpSources.webidl Internal enum of types used by RTCRtpSourceEntry 1002
RTCRtpTransceiver.webidl 1534
RTCSctpTransport.webidl 803
RTCSessionDescription.webidl 971
RTCStatsReport.webidl 10857
RTCTrackEvent.webidl 1173
Sanitizer.webidl 1753
Screen.webidl DEPRECATED, use ScreenOrientation API instead. Returns the current screen orientation. Can be: landscape-primary, landscape-secondary, portrait-primary or portrait-secondary. 2354
ScreenOrientation.webidl 1149
ScriptProcessorNode.webidl 751
ScrollAreaEvent.webidl 1006
ScrollViewChangeEvent.webidl 629
SecurityPolicyViolationEvent.webidl 1680
Selection.webidl Returns the number of ranges in the selection. 6153
ServiceWorker.webidl 1252
ServiceWorkerContainer.webidl 1581
ServiceWorkerGlobalScope.webidl 1757
ServiceWorkerRegistration.webidl 1817
ShadowRealmGlobalScope.webidl 550
ShadowRoot.webidl 2255
SharedWorker.webidl 546
SharedWorkerGlobalScope.webidl 858
SimpleGestureEvent.webidl The SimpleGestureEvent interface is the datatype for all Mozilla-specific simple gesture events in the Document Object Model. The following events are generated: MozSwipeGestureMayStart - Generated when the user starts a horizontal swipe across the input device, but before we know whether the user is actually scrolling past a scroll edge. This event asks two questions: Should a swipe really be started, and in which directions should the user be able to swipe? The first question is answered by event listeners by calling or not calling preventDefault() on the event. Since a swipe swallows all scroll events, the default action of the swipe start event is *not* to start a swipe. Call preventDefault() if you want a swipe to be started. Doing so won't necessarily result in a swipe being started, it only communicates an intention. Once Gecko determines whether a swipe should actually be started, it will send a MozSwipeGestureStart event. The second question (swipe-able directions) is answered in the allowedDirections field. MozSwipeGestureStart - This event signals the start of a swipe. It guarantees a future MozSwipeGestureEnd event that will signal the end of a swipe animation. MozSwipeGestureUpdate - Generated periodically while the user is continuing a horizontal swipe gesture. The "delta" value represents the current absolute gesture amount. This event may even be sent after a MozSwipeGesture event fired in order to allow for fluid completion of a swipe animation. The direction value is meaningless on swipe update events. MozSwipeGestureEnd - Generated when the swipe animation is completed. MozSwipeGesture - Generated when the user releases a swipe across across the input device. This event signals that the actual swipe operation is complete, even though the animation might not be finished yet. This event can be sent without accompanying start / update / end events, and it can also be handled on its own if the consumer doesn't want to handle swipe animation events. Only the direction value has any significance, the delta value is meaningless. MozMagnifyGestureStart - Generated when the user begins the magnify ("pinch") gesture. The "delta" value represents the initial movement. MozMagnifyGestureUpdate - Generated periodically while the user is continuing the magnify ("pinch") gesture. The "delta" value represents the movement since the last MozMagnifyGestureStart or MozMagnifyGestureUpdate event. MozMagnifyGesture - Generated when the user has completed the magnify ("pinch") gesture. If you only want to receive a single event when the magnify gesture is complete, you only need to hook this event and can safely ignore the MozMagnifyGestureStart and the MozMagnifyGestureUpdate events. The "delta" value is the cumulative amount represented by the user's gesture. MozRotateGestureStart - Generated when the user begins the rotation gesture. The "delta" value represents the initial rotation. MozRotateGestureUpdate - Generated periodically while the user is continuing the rotation gesture. The "delta" value represents the rotation since the last MozRotateGestureStart or MozRotateGestureUpdate event. MozRotateGesture - Generated when the user has completed the rotation gesture. If you only want to receive a single event when the rotation gesture is complete, you only need to hook this event and can safely ignore the MozRotateGestureStart and the MozRotateGestureUpdate events. The "delta" value is the cumulative amount of rotation represented by the user's gesture. MozTapGesture - Generated when the user executes a two finger tap gesture on the input device. Client coordinates contain the center point of the tap. (XXX On OS X, only Lion (10.7) and up) MozPressTapGesture - Generated when the user executes a press and tap two finger gesture (first finger down, second finger down, second finger up, first finger up) on the input device. Client coordinates contain the center pivot point of the action. (XXX Not implemented on Mac) MozEdgeUIGesture - Generated when the user swipes the display to invoke edge ui. (XXX Win8 only) Default behavior: Some operating systems support default behaviors for gesture events when they are not handled by the application. Consumers should use event.preventDefault() to prevent default behavior when consuming events. 9350
SocketCommon.webidl 486
SourceBuffer.webidl 2401
SourceBufferList.webidl 814
SpeechGrammar.webidl 795
SpeechGrammarList.webidl 990
SpeechRecognition.webidl 1646
SpeechRecognitionAlternative.webidl 749
SpeechRecognitionError.webidl 949
SpeechRecognitionEvent.webidl 935
SpeechRecognitionResult.webidl 810
SpeechRecognitionResultList.webidl 769
SpeechSynthesis.webidl 1061
SpeechSynthesisErrorEvent.webidl 1139
SpeechSynthesisEvent.webidl 1134
SpeechSynthesisUtterance.webidl 1173
SpeechSynthesisVoice.webidl 805
StaticRange.webidl 816
StereoPannerNode.webidl 890
Storage.webidl Testing methods that exist only for the benefit of automated glass-box testing. Will never be exposed to content at large and unlikely to be useful in a WebDriver context. 3545
StorageEvent.webidl 1536
StorageManager.webidl Testing methods that exist only for the benefit of automated glass-box testing. Will never be exposed to content at large and unlikely to be useful in a WebDriver context. 1165
StreamFilter.webidl This is a Mozilla-specific WebExtension API, which is not available to web content. It allows monitoring and filtering of HTTP response stream data. This API should currently be considered experimental, and is not defined by any standard. 4329
StreamFilterDataEvent.webidl This is a Mozilla-specific WebExtension API, which is not available to web content. It allows monitoring and filtering of HTTP response stream data. This API should currently be considered experimental, and is not defined by any standard. 977
StructuredCloneTester.webidl 566
StyleSheet.webidl 2014
StyleSheetApplicableStateChangeEvent.webidl 718
StyleSheetList.webidl 397
SubmitEvent.webidl 663
SubtleCrypto.webidl Algorithm dictionaries **** 6478
SVGAElement.webidl 1027
SVGAngle.webidl 1220
SVGAnimatedAngle.webidl 636
SVGAnimatedBoolean.webidl 610
SVGAnimatedEnumeration.webidl 699
SVGAnimatedInteger.webidl 654
SVGAnimatedLength.webidl 639
SVGAnimatedLengthList.webidl 651
SVGAnimatedNumber.webidl 654
SVGAnimatedNumberList.webidl 651
SVGAnimatedPathData.webidl 700
SVGAnimatedPoints.webidl 640
SVGAnimatedPreserveAspectRatio.webidl 678
SVGAnimatedRect.webidl 609
SVGAnimatedString.webidl 613
SVGAnimatedTransformList.webidl 660
SVGAnimateElement.webidl 555
SVGAnimateMotionElement.webidl 561
SVGAnimateTransformElement.webidl 564
SVGAnimationElement.webidl 1061
SVGCircleElement.webidl 720
SVGClipPathElement.webidl 689
SVGComponentTransferFunctionElement.webidl 1454
SVGDefsElement.webidl 551
SVGDescElement.webidl 543
SVGElement.webidl 985
SVGEllipseElement.webidl 778
SVGFEBlendElement.webidl 1736
SVGFEColorMatrixElement.webidl 1140
SVGFEComponentTransferElement.webidl 693
SVGFECompositeElement.webidl 1524
SVGFEConvolveMatrixElement.webidl 1615
SVGFEDiffuseLightingElement.webidl 966
SVGFEDisplacementMapElement.webidl 1196
SVGFEDistantLightElement.webidl 677
SVGFEDropShadowElement.webidl 997
SVGFEFloodElement.webidl 612
SVGFEFuncAElement.webidl 604
SVGFEFuncBElement.webidl 604
SVGFEFuncGElement.webidl 604
SVGFEFuncRElement.webidl 604
SVGFEGaussianBlurElement.webidl 889
SVGFEImageElement.webidl 795
SVGFEMergeElement.webidl 612
SVGFEMergeNodeElement.webidl 607
SVGFEMorphologyElement.webidl 1073
SVGFEOffsetElement.webidl 783
SVGFEPointLightElement.webidl 716
SVGFESpecularLightingElement.webidl 1039
SVGFESpotLightElement.webidl 1045
SVGFETileElement.webidl 667
SVGFETurbulenceElement.webidl 1388
SVGFilterElement.webidl 1002
SVGFilterPrimitiveStandardAttributes.webidl 830
SVGFitToViewBox.webidl 665
SVGForeignObjectElement.webidl 789
SVGGElement.webidl 548
SVGGeometryElement.webidl 878
SVGGradientElement.webidl 1051
SVGGraphicsElement.webidl 1234
SVGImageElement.webidl 1119
SVGLength.webidl 1472
SVGLengthList.webidl 1232
SVGLinearGradientElement.webidl 788
SVGLineElement.webidl 775
SVGMarkerElement.webidl 1562
SVGMaskElement.webidl 1031
SVGMatrix.webidl 1345
SVGMetadataElement.webidl 547
SVGMPathElement.webidl 587
SVGNumber.webidl 567
SVGNumberList.webidl 1094
SVGPathElement.webidl 683
SVGPathSeg.webidl 5921
SVGPathSegList.webidl 776
SVGPatternElement.webidl 1130
SVGPoint.webidl 690
SVGPointList.webidl 1083
SVGPolygonElement.webidl 601
SVGPolylineElement.webidl 603
SVGPreserveAspectRatio.webidl 1513
SVGRadialGradientElement.webidl 926
SVGRect.webidl 684
SVGRectElement.webidl 892
SVGScriptElement.webidl 708
SVGSetElement.webidl 551
SVGStopElement.webidl 603
SVGStringList.webidl 1125
SVGStyleElement.webidl 756
SVGSVGElement.webidl 2299
SVGSwitchElement.webidl 553
SVGSymbolElement.webidl 662
SVGTests.webidl 620
SVGTextContentElement.webidl 1437
SVGTextElement.webidl 558
SVGTextPathElement.webidl 1190
SVGTextPositioningElement.webidl 867
SVGTitleElement.webidl 544
SVGTransform.webidl 1379
SVGTransformList.webidl 1263
SVGTSpanElement.webidl 559
SVGUnitTypes.webidl 714
SVGURIReference.webidl 578
SVGUseElement.webidl 940
SVGViewElement.webidl 624
SVGZoomAndPan.webidl 752
TaskPriorityChangeEvent.webidl 354
TCPServerSocket.webidl TCPServerSocket An interface to a server socket that can accept incoming connections for gaia apps. 1344
TCPServerSocketEvent.webidl 623
TCPSocket.webidl TCPSocket exposes a TCP client socket (no server sockets yet) to highly privileged apps. It provides a buffered, non-blocking interface for sending. For receiving, it uses an asynchronous, event handler based interface. 7654
TCPSocketErrorEvent.webidl Dispatched as part of the "error" event in the following situations: - if there's an error detected when the TCPSocket closes - if there's an internal error while sending data - if there's an error connecting to the host 1027
TCPSocketEvent.webidl TCPSocketEvent is the event dispatched for all of the events described by TCPSocket, except the "error" event. It contains the socket that was associated with the event, the type of event, and the data associated with the event if the event is a "data" event. 1346
TestFunctions.webidl 5854
TestInterfaceJS.webidl 3223
TestInterfaceJSDictionaries.webidl 1050
TestInterfaceJSMaplikeSetlikeIterable.webidl 3550
TestInterfaceObservableArray.webidl 2431
TestUtils.webidl 523
Text.webidl 984
TextClause.webidl 660
TextDecoder.webidl 1042
TextDecoderStream.webidl 634
TextEncoder.webidl This is DOMString in the spec, but the value is always ASCII and short. By declaring this as ByteString, we get the same end result (storage as inline Latin1 string in SpiderMonkey) with fewer conversions. 1584
TextEncoderStream.webidl 558
TextTrack.webidl 1214
TextTrackCue.webidl 654
TextTrackCueList.webidl 562
TextTrackList.webidl 846
TimeEvent.webidl 832
TimeRanges.webidl 762
ToggleEvent.webidl 761
Touch.webidl 1608
TouchEvent.webidl 1638
TouchList.webidl 701
TrackEvent.webidl 686
Transformer.webidl 876
TransformStream.webidl 731
TransformStreamDefaultController.webidl 647
TransitionEvent.webidl 990
TreeColumn.webidl Returns the previous displayed column, if any, accounting for the ordinals set on the columns. 994
TreeColumns.webidl The tree widget for these columns. 1254
TreeContentView.webidl Retrieve the content item associated with the specified row. 627
TreeView.webidl The total number of rows in the tree (including the offscreen rows). 5740
TreeWalker.webidl 1000
UDPMessageEvent.webidl 973
UDPSocket.webidl 2072
UIEvent.webidl 2091
UnderlyingSink.webidl 934
UnderlyingSource.webidl 1001
URL.webidl 1839
URLSearchParams.webidl 1405
UserProximityEvent.webidl 653
ValidityState.webidl 1084
VideoColorSpace.webidl 1687
VideoFrame.webidl 4775
VideoPlaybackQuality.webidl 843
VideoTrack.webidl 651
VideoTrackList.webidl 792
VisualViewport.webidl 828
VRDisplay.webidl XXX - When WebVR in WebWorkers is implemented, HTMLCanvasElement below should be replaced with VRSource. 11364
VRDisplayEvent.webidl 738
VRServiceTest.webidl 3443
VTTCue.webidl 1738
VTTRegion.webidl 1007
WaveShaperNode.webidl 1070
WebAuthentication.webidl Interfaces to Data **** 5765
WebGL2RenderingContext.webidl 48666
WebGLContextEvent.webidl 801
WebGLRenderingContext.webidl 'byte' should be a signed 8 bit type. 52393
WebGPU.webidl ,DedicatedWorker 35279
WebrtcGlobalInformation.webidl 1906
WebSocket.webidl 2132
WebTaskScheduling.webidl 998
WebTransport.webidl 3264
WebTransportDatagramDuplexStream.webidl 866
WebTransportError.webidl 794
WebTransportSendReceiveStream.webidl 1535
WebXR.webidl 7027
WheelEvent.webidl 1453
WidevineCDMManifest.webidl 605
Window.webidl 34608
WindowOrWorkerGlobalScope.webidl 3337
WindowRoot.webidl 357
Worker.webidl 1581
WorkerDebuggerGlobalScope.webidl 1293
WorkerGlobalScope.webidl 1728
WorkerLocation.webidl 998
WorkerNavigator.webidl 1168
WorkerTestUtils.webidl 345
Worklet.webidl 674
WorkletGlobalScope.webidl 537
WritableStream.webidl 755
WritableStreamDefaultController.webidl 545
WritableStreamDefaultWriter.webidl 853
XMLDocument.webidl 465
XMLHttpRequest.webidl Parameters for instantiating an XMLHttpRequest. They are passed as an optional argument to the constructor: new XMLHttpRequest({anon: true, system: true}); 3784
XMLHttpRequestEventTarget.webidl 880
XMLHttpRequestUpload.webidl 616
XMLSerializer.webidl The subtree rooted by the specified element is serialized to a string. @param root The root of the subtree to be serialized. This could be any node, including a Document. @returns The serialized subtree in the form of a Unicode string 1425
XPathEvaluator.webidl XPathResult.ANY_TYPE 952
XPathExpression.webidl XPathResult.ANY_TYPE 1349
XPathNSResolver.webidl 396
XPathResult.webidl 1381
XRInputSourceEvent.webidl 793
XRInputSourcesChangeEvent.webidl 1208
XRReferenceSpaceEvent.webidl Changed from "XRRigidTransform transform;" in order to work with the event code generation. 956
XRSessionEvent.webidl 673
XSLTProcessor.webidl Import the stylesheet into this XSLTProcessor for transformations. @param style The root-node of a XSLT stylesheet. This can be either a document node or an element node. If a document node then the document can contain either a XSLT stylesheet or a LRE stylesheet. If the argument is an element node it must be the xsl:stylesheet (or xsl:transform) element of an XSLT stylesheet. 4204
XULCommandEvent.webidl This interface is supported by command events, which are dispatched to XUL elements as a result of mouse or keyboard activation. 2137
XULElement.webidl 1598
XULPopupElement.webidl Open the popup relative to a specified node at a specific location. If the popup is already open, calling this method has no effect. The popup may be either anchored to another node or opened freely. To anchor a popup to a node, supply an anchor node and set the position to a string indicating the manner in which the popup should be anchored. Possible values for position are: before_start, before_end, after_start, after_end, start_before, start_after, end_before, end_after, overlap, after_pointer The anchor node does not need to be in the same document as the popup. If the attributesOverride argument is true, the popupanchor, popupalign and position attributes on the popup node override the position value argument. If attributesOverride is false, the attributes are only used if position is empty. For an anchored popup, the x and y arguments may be used to offset the popup from its anchored position by some distance, measured in CSS pixels. x increases to the right and y increases down. Negative values may also be used to move to the left and upwards respectively. Unanchored popups may be created by supplying null as the anchor node. An unanchored popup appears at the position specified by x and y, relative to the viewport of the document containing the popup node. In this case, position and attributesOverride are ignored. @param anchorElement the node to anchor the popup to, may be null @param options either options to use, or a string position @param x horizontal offset @param y vertical offset @param isContextMenu true for context menus, false for other popups @param attributesOverride true if popup node attributes override position @param triggerEvent the event that triggered this popup (mouse click for example) 7974
XULResizerElement.webidl 396