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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file,
* You can obtain one at
/* We need a JSImplementation but cannot get one without a contract ID.
Since Addon and AddonInstall are only ever created from JS they don't need
real contract IDs. */
[ChromeOnly, JSImplementation="dummy",
interface Addon {
// The add-on's ID.
readonly attribute DOMString id;
// The add-on's version.
readonly attribute DOMString version;
// The add-on's type (extension, theme, etc.).
readonly attribute DOMString type;
// The add-on's name in the current locale.
readonly attribute DOMString name;
// The add-on's description in the current locale.
readonly attribute DOMString description;
// If the user has enabled this add-on, note that it still may not be running
// depending on whether enabling requires a restart or if the add-on is
// incompatible in some way.
readonly attribute boolean isEnabled;
// If the add-on is currently active in the browser.
readonly attribute boolean isActive;
// If the add-on may be uninstalled
readonly attribute boolean canUninstall;
Promise<boolean> uninstall();
Promise<undefined> setEnabled(boolean value);
[ChromeOnly, JSImplementation="dummy",
interface AddonInstall : EventTarget {
// One of the STATE_* symbols from AddonManager.sys.mjs
readonly attribute DOMString state;
// One of the ERROR_* symbols from AddonManager.sys.mjs, or null
readonly attribute DOMString? error;
// How many bytes have been downloaded
readonly attribute long long progress;
// How many total bytes will need to be downloaded or -1 if unknown
readonly attribute long long maxProgress;
Promise<undefined> install();
Promise<undefined> cancel();
dictionary addonInstallOptions {
required DOMString url;
// If a non-empty string is passed for "hash", it is used to verify the
// checksum of the downloaded XPI before installing. If is omitted or if
// it is null or empty string, no checksum verification is performed.
DOMString? hash = null;
dictionary sendAbuseReportOptions {
// This should be an Authorization HTTP header value.
DOMString? authorization = null;
interface AddonManager : EventTarget {
* Gets information about an add-on
* @param id
* The ID of the add-on to test for.
* @return A promise. It will resolve to an Addon if the add-on is installed.
Promise<Addon> getAddonByID(DOMString id);
* Creates an AddonInstall object for a given URL.
* @param options
* Only one supported option: 'url', the URL of the addon to install.
* @return A promise that resolves to an instance of AddonInstall.
Promise<AddonInstall> createInstall(optional addonInstallOptions options = {});
* Sends an abuse report to the AMO API.
* NOTE: The type for `data` and for the return value are loose because both
* the AMO API might change its response and the caller (AMO frontend) might
* also want to pass slightly different data in the future.
* @param addonId
* The ID of the add-on to report.
* @param data
* The caller passes the data to be sent to the AMO API.
* @param options
* Optional - A set of options. It currently only supports
* `authorization`, which is expected to be the value of an
* Authorization HTTP header when provided.
* @return A promise that resolves to the AMO API response, or an error when
* something went wrong.
[NewObject] Promise<any> sendAbuseReport(
DOMString addonId,
record<DOMString, DOMString?> data,
optional sendAbuseReportOptions options = {}
namespace AddonManagerPermissions {
boolean isHostPermitted(DOMString host);