Name Description Size
BrowsingContext.cpp static 37921
BrowsingContext.h shadow to validate fields. aSource is setter process or null 21044
BrowsingContextFieldList.h 1343
BrowsingContextGroup.cpp 4325
BrowsingContextGroup.h 4719
CanonicalBrowsingContext.cpp static 8011
CanonicalBrowsingContext.h 4649
ChildProcessChannelListener.cpp 1640
ChildProcessChannelListener.h 1328
crashtests 23
IHistory.h Registers the Link for notifications about the visited-ness of aURI. Consumers should assume that the URI is unvisited after calling this, and they will be notified if that state (unvisited) changes by having SetLinkState called on themselves. This function is guaranteed to run to completion before aLink is notified. After the node is notified, it will be unregistered. @note SetLinkState must not call RegisterVisitedCallback or UnregisterVisitedCallback. @pre aURI must not be null. @pre aLink may be null only in the parent (chrome) process. @param aURI The URI to check. @param aLink The link to update whenever the history status changes. The implementation will only hold onto a raw pointer, so if this object should be destroyed, be sure to call UnregisterVistedCallback first. 5063
LoadContext.cpp 5849
LoadContext.h Class that provides nsILoadContext info in Parent process. Typically copied from Child via SerializedLoadContext. Note: this is not the "normal" or "original" nsILoadContext. That is typically provided by nsDocShell. This is only used when the original docshell is in a different process and we need to copy certain values from it. 4123 3015
nsAboutRedirector.cpp Entries which do not have URI_SAFE_FOR_UNTRUSTED_CONTENT will run with chrome privileges. This is potentially dangerous. Please use URI_SAFE_FOR_UNTRUSTED_CONTENT in the third argument to each map item below unless your about: page really needs chrome privileges. Security review is required before adding new map entries without URI_SAFE_FOR_UNTRUSTED_CONTENT. URI_SAFE_FOR_UNTRUSTED_CONTENT is not enough to let web pages load that page, for that you need MAKE_LINKABLE. 8841
nsAboutRedirector.h 711
nsCTooltipTextProvider.h 640
nsDefaultURIFixup.cpp Implementation file 33478
nsDefaultURIFixup.h Header file 2070
nsDocShell.cpp 457602
nsDocShell.h internally used ViewMode types 54942
nsDocShellEditorData.cpp 3891
nsDocShellEditorData.h 2112
nsDocShellEnumerator.cpp 4554
nsDocShellEnumerator.h // {13cbc281-35ae-11d5-be5b-bde0edece43c} #define NS_DOCSHELL_FORWARDS_ENUMERATOR_CID \ { 0x13cbc281, 0x35ae, 0x11d5, { 0xbe, 0x5b, 0xbd, 0xe0, 0xed, 0xec, 0xe4, 0x3c } } #define NS_DOCSHELL_FORWARDS_ENUMERATOR_CONTRACTID \ ";1" // {13cbc282-35ae-11d5-be5b-bde0edece43c} #define NS_DOCSHELL_BACKWARDS_ENUMERATOR_CID \ { 0x13cbc282, 0x35ae, 0x11d5, { 0xbe, 0x5b, 0xbd, 0xe0, 0xed, 0xec, 0xe4, 0x3c } } #define NS_DOCSHELL_BACKWARDS_ENUMERATOR_CONTRACTID \ ";1" 2956
nsDocShellLoadState.cpp 16076
nsDocShellLoadState.h nsDocShellLoadState contains setup information used in a nsIDocShell::loadURI call. 10716
nsDocShellLoadTypes.h Load flag for error pages. This uses one of the reserved flag values from nsIWebNavigation. 8401
nsDocShellTreeOwner.cpp 39722
nsDocShellTreeOwner.h 6342
nsDSURIContentListener.cpp 10844
nsDSURIContentListener.h Closes the provided window async (if mShouldCloseWindow is true) and returns its opener if the window was just openend. 2759
nsIContentViewer.idl aPermitUnloadFlags are passed to PermitUnload to indicate what action to take if a beforeunload handler wants to prompt the user. It is also used by permitUnloadInternal to ensure we only prompt once. ePrompt: Prompt and return the user's choice (default). eDontPromptAndDontUnload: Don't prompt and return false (unload not permitted) if the document (or its children) asks us to prompt. eDontPromptAndUnload: Don't prompt and return true (unload permitted) no matter what. 11325
nsIContentViewerEdit.idl 1111
nsIDocShell.idl The nsIDocShell interface. 43517
nsIDocShellTreeItem.idl The nsIDocShellTreeItem supplies the methods that are required of any item that wishes to be able to live within the docshell tree either as a middle node or a leaf. 7573
nsIDocShellTreeOwner.idl The nsIDocShellTreeOwner 3254
nsIDocumentLoaderFactory.idl To get a component that implements nsIDocumentLoaderFactory for a given mimetype, use nsICategoryManager to find an entry with the mimetype as its name in the category "Gecko-Content-Viewers". The value of the entry is the contractid of the component. The component is a service, so use GetService, not CreateInstance to get it. 1559
nsILoadContext.idl An nsILoadContext represents the context of a load. This interface can be queried for various information about where the load is happening. 5193
nsILoadURIDelegate.idl / #include "nsISupports.idl" interface nsIURI; interface nsIPrincipal; /** The nsILoadURIDelegate interface. Used for delegating URI loads to GeckoView's application, e.g., Custom Tabs or Progressive Web Apps. 1630
nsIPrivacyTransitionObserver.idl 403
nsIReflowObserver.idl Called when an uninterruptible reflow has occurred. @param start timestamp when reflow ended, in milliseconds since navigationStart (accurate to 1/1000 of a ms) @param end timestamp when reflow ended, in milliseconds since navigationStart (accurate to 1/1000 of a ms) 1210
nsIRefreshURI.idl Load a uri after waiting for aMillis milliseconds. If the docshell is busy loading a page currently, the refresh request will be queued and executed when the current load finishes. @param aUri The uri to refresh. @param aPrincipal The triggeringPrincipal for the refresh load May be null, in which case the principal of current document will be applied. @param aMillis The number of milliseconds to wait. @param aRepeat Flag to indicate if the uri is to be repeatedly refreshed every aMillis milliseconds. @param aMetaRefresh Flag to indicate if this is a Meta refresh. 3498
nsIScrollable.idl The nsIScrollable is an interface that can be implemented by a control that supports scrolling. This is a generic interface without concern for the type of content that may be inside. 2187
nsIScrollObserver.h Called when the scroll position of some element has changed. 1499
nsITooltipListener.idl An optional interface for embedding clients wishing to receive notifications for when a tooltip should be displayed or removed. The embedder implements this interface on the web browser chrome object associated with the window that notifications are required for. @see nsITooltipTextProvider 1704
nsITooltipTextProvider.idl An interface implemented by a tooltip text provider service. This service is called to discover what tooltip text is associated with the node that the pointer is positioned over. Embedders may implement and register their own tooltip text provider service if they wish to provide different tooltip text. The default service returns the text stored in the TITLE attribute of the node or a containing parent. @note The tooltip text provider service is registered with the contract defined in NS_TOOLTIPTEXTPROVIDER_CONTRACTID. @see nsITooltipListener @see nsIComponentManager @see Node 1589
nsIURIFixup.idl Interface indicating what we found/corrected when fixing up a URI 6422
nsIWebNavigation.idl The nsIWebNavigation interface defines an interface for navigating the web. It provides methods and attributes to direct an object to navigate to a new location, stop or restart an in process load, or determine where the object has previously gone. 11937
nsIWebNavigationInfo.idl The nsIWebNavigationInfo interface exposes a way to get information on the capabilities of Gecko webnavigation objects. 2315
nsIWebPageDescriptor.idl The nsIWebPageDescriptor interface allows content being displayed in one window to be loaded into another window without refetching it from the network. 931
nsPingListener.cpp 11741
nsPingListener.h nsPingListener_h__ 1222
nsRefreshTimer.cpp 1614
nsRefreshTimer.h nsRefreshTimer_h__ 1070
nsWebNavigationInfo.cpp 4270
nsWebNavigationInfo.h 1069
SerializedLoadContext.cpp 2709
SerializedLoadContext.h This file contains the IPC::SerializedLoadContext class, which is used to copy data across IPDL from Child process contexts so it is available in the Parent. 3073
timeline 29