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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* vim: set ts=8 sts=2 et sw=2 tw=80: */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef mozilla_dom_WindowContext_h
#define mozilla_dom_WindowContext_h
#include "mozilla/PermissionDelegateHandler.h"
#include "mozilla/Span.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/MaybeDiscarded.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/SyncedContext.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/UserActivation.h"
#include "nsILoadInfo.h"
#include "nsWrapperCache.h"
class nsIGlobalObject;
class nsGlobalWindowInner;
namespace mozilla {
class LogModule;
namespace dom {
class WindowGlobalChild;
class WindowGlobalParent;
class WindowGlobalInit;
class BrowsingContext;
class BrowsingContextGroup;
/* Whether the SHEntry associated with the current top-level \
* window has already seen user interaction. \
* As such, this will be reset to false when a new SHEntry is \
* created without changing the WC (e.g. when using pushState or \
* sub-frame navigation) \
* This flag is set for optimization purposes, to avoid \
* having to get the top SHEntry and update it on every \
* user interaction. \
* This is only meaningful on the top-level WC. */ \
FIELD(SHEntryHasUserInteraction, bool) \
FIELD(CookieBehavior, Maybe<uint32_t>) \
FIELD(IsOnContentBlockingAllowList, bool) \
/* Whether the given window hierarchy is third party. See \
* ThirdPartyUtil::IsThirdPartyWindow for details */ \
FIELD(IsThirdPartyWindow, bool) \
/* Whether this window's channel has been marked as a third-party \
* tracking resource */ \
FIELD(IsThirdPartyTrackingResourceWindow, bool) \
FIELD(IsSecureContext, bool) \
FIELD(IsOriginalFrameSource, bool) \
/* Mixed-Content: If the corresponding documentURI is https, \
* then this flag is true. */ \
FIELD(IsSecure, bool) \
/* Whether the user has overriden the mixed content blocker to allow \
* mixed content loads to happen */ \
FIELD(AllowMixedContent, bool) \
/* Whether this window has registered a "beforeunload" event \
* handler */ \
FIELD(HasBeforeUnload, bool) \
/* Controls whether the WindowContext is currently considered to be \
* activated by a gesture */ \
FIELD(UserActivationState, UserActivation::State) \
FIELD(EmbedderPolicy, nsILoadInfo::CrossOriginEmbedderPolicy) \
/* True if this document tree contained at least a HTMLMediaElement. \
* This should only be set on top level context. */ \
FIELD(DocTreeHadMedia, bool) \
FIELD(AutoplayPermission, uint32_t) \
FIELD(ShortcutsPermission, uint32_t) \
/* Store the Id of the browsing context where active media session \
* exists on the top level window context */ \
FIELD(ActiveMediaSessionContextId, Maybe<uint64_t>) \
/* ALLOW_ACTION if it is allowed to open popups for the sub-tree \
* starting and including the current WindowContext */ \
FIELD(PopupPermission, uint32_t) \
FIELD(DelegatedPermissions, \
PermissionDelegateHandler::DelegatedPermissionList) \
FIELD(DelegatedExactHostMatchPermissions, \
PermissionDelegateHandler::DelegatedPermissionList) \
FIELD(HasReportedShadowDOMUsage, bool) \
/* Whether the principal of this window is for a local \
* IP address */ \
FIELD(IsLocalIP, bool)
class WindowContext : public nsISupports, public nsWrapperCache {
static already_AddRefed<WindowContext> GetById(uint64_t aInnerWindowId);
static LogModule* GetLog();
BrowsingContext* GetBrowsingContext() const { return mBrowsingContext; }
BrowsingContextGroup* Group() const;
uint64_t Id() const { return InnerWindowId(); }
uint64_t InnerWindowId() const { return mInnerWindowId; }
uint64_t OuterWindowId() const { return mOuterWindowId; }
bool IsDiscarded() const { return mIsDiscarded; }
bool IsCached() const;
bool IsInProcess() const { return mInProcess; }
bool HasBeforeUnload() const { return GetHasBeforeUnload(); }
bool IsLocalIP() const { return GetIsLocalIP(); }
nsGlobalWindowInner* GetInnerWindow() const;
Document* GetDocument() const;
Document* GetExtantDoc() const;
WindowGlobalChild* GetWindowGlobalChild() const;
// Get the parent WindowContext of this WindowContext, taking the BFCache into
// account. This will not cross chrome/content <browser> boundaries.
WindowContext* GetParentWindowContext();
WindowContext* TopWindowContext();
bool SameOriginWithTop() const;
bool IsTop() const;
Span<RefPtr<BrowsingContext>> Children() { return mChildren; }
// Cast this object to it's parent-process canonical form.
WindowGlobalParent* Canonical();
nsIGlobalObject* GetParentObject() const;
JSObject* WrapObject(JSContext* cx,
JS::Handle<JSObject*> aGivenProto) override;
void Discard();
struct IPCInitializer {
uint64_t mInnerWindowId;
uint64_t mOuterWindowId;
uint64_t mBrowsingContextId;
FieldValues mFields;
IPCInitializer GetIPCInitializer();
static void CreateFromIPC(IPCInitializer&& aInit);
// Add new security state flags.
// These should be some of the nsIWebProgressListener 'HTTPS_ONLY_MODE' or
// 'MIXED' state flags, and should only be called on the top window context.
void AddSecurityState(uint32_t aStateFlags);
// This function would be called when its corresponding window is activated
// by user gesture.
void NotifyUserGestureActivation();
// This function would be called when we want to reset the user gesture
// activation flag.
void NotifyResetUserGestureActivation();
// Return true if its corresponding window has been activated by user
// gesture.
bool HasBeenUserGestureActivated();
// Return true if its corresponding window has transient user gesture
// activation and the transient user gesture activation haven't yet timed
// out.
bool HasValidTransientUserGestureActivation();
// Return true if the corresponding window has valid transient user gesture
// activation and the transient user gesture activation had been consumed
// successfully.
bool ConsumeTransientUserGestureActivation();
bool CanShowPopup();
WindowContext(BrowsingContext* aBrowsingContext, uint64_t aInnerWindowId,
uint64_t aOuterWindowId, bool aInProcess,
FieldValues&& aFields);
virtual ~WindowContext();
virtual void Init();
friend class BrowsingContext;
friend class WindowGlobalChild;
friend class WindowGlobalActor;
void AppendChildBrowsingContext(BrowsingContext* aBrowsingContext);
void RemoveChildBrowsingContext(BrowsingContext* aBrowsingContext);
// Send a given `BaseTransaction` object to the correct remote.
void SendCommitTransaction(ContentParent* aParent,
const BaseTransaction& aTxn, uint64_t aEpoch);
void SendCommitTransaction(ContentChild* aChild, const BaseTransaction& aTxn,
uint64_t aEpoch);
bool CheckOnlyOwningProcessCanSet(ContentParent* aSource);
// Overload `CanSet` to get notifications for a particular field being set.
bool CanSet(FieldIndex<IDX_IsSecure>, const bool& aIsSecure,
ContentParent* aSource);
bool CanSet(FieldIndex<IDX_AllowMixedContent>, const bool& aAllowMixedContent,
ContentParent* aSource);
bool CanSet(FieldIndex<IDX_HasBeforeUnload>, const bool& aHasBeforeUnload,
ContentParent* aSource);
bool CanSet(FieldIndex<IDX_CookieBehavior>, const Maybe<uint32_t>& aValue,
ContentParent* aSource);
bool CanSet(FieldIndex<IDX_IsOnContentBlockingAllowList>, const bool& aValue,
ContentParent* aSource);
bool CanSet(FieldIndex<IDX_EmbedderPolicy>, const bool& aValue,
ContentParent* aSource) {
return true;
bool CanSet(FieldIndex<IDX_IsThirdPartyWindow>,
const bool& IsThirdPartyWindow, ContentParent* aSource);
bool CanSet(FieldIndex<IDX_IsThirdPartyTrackingResourceWindow>,
const bool& aIsThirdPartyTrackingResourceWindow,
ContentParent* aSource);
bool CanSet(FieldIndex<IDX_IsSecureContext>, const bool& aIsSecureContext,
ContentParent* aSource);
bool CanSet(FieldIndex<IDX_IsOriginalFrameSource>,
const bool& aIsOriginalFrameSource, ContentParent* aSource);
bool CanSet(FieldIndex<IDX_DocTreeHadMedia>, const bool& aValue,
ContentParent* aSource);
bool CanSet(FieldIndex<IDX_AutoplayPermission>, const uint32_t& aValue,
ContentParent* aSource);
bool CanSet(FieldIndex<IDX_ShortcutsPermission>, const uint32_t& aValue,
ContentParent* aSource);
bool CanSet(FieldIndex<IDX_ActiveMediaSessionContextId>,
const Maybe<uint64_t>& aValue, ContentParent* aSource);
bool CanSet(FieldIndex<IDX_PopupPermission>, const uint32_t&,
ContentParent* aSource);
bool CanSet(FieldIndex<IDX_SHEntryHasUserInteraction>,
const bool& aSHEntryHasUserInteraction, ContentParent* aSource) {
return true;
bool CanSet(FieldIndex<IDX_DelegatedPermissions>,
const PermissionDelegateHandler::DelegatedPermissionList& aValue,
ContentParent* aSource);
bool CanSet(FieldIndex<IDX_DelegatedExactHostMatchPermissions>,
const PermissionDelegateHandler::DelegatedPermissionList& aValue,
ContentParent* aSource);
bool CanSet(FieldIndex<IDX_UserActivationState>,
const UserActivation::State& aUserActivationState,
ContentParent* aSource) {
return true;
bool CanSet(FieldIndex<IDX_HasReportedShadowDOMUsage>, const bool& aValue,
ContentParent* aSource) {
return true;
bool CanSet(FieldIndex<IDX_IsLocalIP>, const bool& aValue,
ContentParent* aSource);
void DidSet(FieldIndex<IDX_HasReportedShadowDOMUsage>, bool aOldValue);
void DidSet(FieldIndex<IDX_SHEntryHasUserInteraction>, bool aOldValue);
// Overload `DidSet` to get notifications for a particular field being set.
// You can also overload the variant that gets the old value if you need it.
template <size_t I>
void DidSet(FieldIndex<I>) {}
template <size_t I, typename T>
void DidSet(FieldIndex<I>, T&& aOldValue) {}
void DidSet(FieldIndex<IDX_UserActivationState>);
const uint64_t mInnerWindowId;
const uint64_t mOuterWindowId;
RefPtr<BrowsingContext> mBrowsingContext;
// --- NEVER CHANGE `mChildren` DIRECTLY! ---
// Changes to this list need to be synchronized to the list within our
// `mBrowsingContext`, and should only be performed through the
// `AppendChildBrowsingContext` and `RemoveChildBrowsingContext` methods.
nsTArray<RefPtr<BrowsingContext>> mChildren;
bool mIsDiscarded = false;
bool mInProcess = false;
// The start time of user gesture, this is only available if the window
// context is in process.
TimeStamp mUserGestureStart;
using WindowContextTransaction = WindowContext::BaseTransaction;
using WindowContextInitializer = WindowContext::IPCInitializer;
using MaybeDiscardedWindowContext = MaybeDiscarded<WindowContext>;
// Don't specialize the `Transaction` object for every translation unit it's
// used in. This should help keep code size down.
extern template class syncedcontext::Transaction<WindowContext>;
} // namespace dom
namespace ipc {
template <>
struct IPDLParamTraits<dom::MaybeDiscarded<dom::WindowContext>> {
static void Write(IPC::Message* aMsg, IProtocol* aActor,
const dom::MaybeDiscarded<dom::WindowContext>& aParam);
static bool Read(const IPC::Message* aMsg, PickleIterator* aIter,
IProtocol* aActor,
dom::MaybeDiscarded<dom::WindowContext>* aResult);
template <>
struct IPDLParamTraits<dom::WindowContext::IPCInitializer> {
static void Write(IPC::Message* aMessage, IProtocol* aActor,
const dom::WindowContext::IPCInitializer& aInitializer);
static bool Read(const IPC::Message* aMessage, PickleIterator* aIterator,
IProtocol* aActor,
dom::WindowContext::IPCInitializer* aInitializer);
} // namespace ipc
} // namespace mozilla
#endif // !defined(mozilla_dom_WindowContext_h)