Name Description Size
actions 9
api.js API object for NetMonitor panel (like a facade). This object can be consumed by other panels, WebExtension API, etc. This object doesn't depend on the panel UI and can be created and used even if the Network panel UI doesn't exist. 5903
app.js Global App object for Network panel. This object depends on the UI and can't be created independently. This object can be consumed by other panels (e.g. Console is using inspectRequest), by the Launchpad (bootstrap), etc. @param {Object} api An existing API object to be reused. 3835
assets 2
components 43
connector 6
constants.js 9780
create-store.js Configure state and middleware for the Network monitor tool. 3048
har # HAR 12
middleware 7 443
reducers 8
selectors 5
utils 14
widgets 5