Name Description Size
har-automation.js This object is responsible for automated HAR export. It listens for Network activity, collects all HTTP data and triggers HAR export when the page is loaded. The user needs to enable the following preference to make the auto-export work: devtools.netmonitor.har.enableAutoExportToFile HAR files are stored within directory that is specified in this preference: devtools.netmonitor.har.defaultLogDir If the default log directory preference isn't set the following directory is used by default: <profile>/har/logs 6696
har-builder-utils.js Currently supported HAR version. 637
har-builder.js This object is responsible for building HAR file. See HAR spec: @param {Object} options configuration object The following options are supported: - items {Array}: List of Network requests to be exported. - id {String}: ID of the exported page. - title {String}: Title of the exported page. - includeResponseBodies {Boolean}: Set to true to include HTTP response bodies in the result data structure. 17541
har-collector.js This object is responsible for collecting data related to all HTTP requests executed by the page (including inner iframes). 14129
har-exporter.js This object represents the main public API designed to access Network export logic. Clients, such as the Network panel itself, should use this API to export collected HTTP data from the panel. 6901
har-importer.js This object is responsible for importing HAR file. See HAR spec: 4889
har-menu-utils.js Helper object with HAR related context menu actions. 2878
har-utils.js Helper API for HAR export features. 4863 504 # HAR 1770
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