Name Description Size
batching.js Process multiple actions at once as part of one dispatch, and produce only one state update at the end. This action is not processed by any reducer, but by a special store enhancer. 940
filters.js Toggle an existing filter type state. If type 'all' is specified, all the other filter types are set to false. Available filter types are defined in filters reducer. @param {string} filter - A filter type is going to be updated 1425
index.js 1142
messages.js Add message into state. 3891 427
request-blocking.js 3561
requests.js Clone request by id. Used when cloning a request through the "Edit and Resend" option present in the context menu. 3678
search.js Search through all resources. This is the main action exported from this module and consumed by Network panel UI. 7614
selection.js Select request with a given id. 2029
sort.js 407
timing-markers.js 518
ui.js Change network details panel. @param {boolean} open - expected network details panel open state 5626