Name Description Size
batching.js Middleware that watches for actions with a "batch = true" value in their meta field. These actions are queued and dispatched as one batch after a timeout. Special actions that are handled by this middleware: - BATCH_ENABLE can be used to enable and disable the batching. - BATCH_RESET discards the actions that are currently in the queue. 3214
event-telemetry.js Event telemetry middleware is responsible for logging various events to telemetry. This helps to track Network panel usage. 5362 328
prefs.js Update the relevant prefs when: - a column has been toggled - a filter type has been set 3129
request-blocking.js This middleware is responsible for syncing the list of blocking patterns/urls with the backed. It utilizes the connector object and `setBlockedUrls` function to sent the current list to the server every time it's been modified. 1691
throttling.js Network throttling middleware is responsible for updating/syncing currently connected backend according to user actions. 772