Name Description Size
batching.js A reducer to handle batched actions. For each action in the BATCH_ACTIONS array, the reducer is called successively on the array of batched actions, resulting in only one state update. 799
filters.js 2442
index.js 1406
messages.js The default column states for the MessageListItem component. 7810 407
request-blocking.js 4659
requests.js This structure stores list of all HTTP requests received from the backend. It's using plain JS structures to store data instead of ImmutableJS, which is performance expensive. 8268
search.js Search reducer stores the following data: - query [String]: the string the user is looking for - results [Object]: the list of search results - ongoingSearch [Object]: the object representing the current search - status [String]: status of the current search (see constants.js) 2638
sort.js 1045
timing-markers.js 1774
ui.js 5817