Name Description Size Subpackage where each product is defined. Each product is created by adding a a .py file containing a __wptrunner__ variable in the global scope. This must be a dictionary with the fields "product": Name of the product, assumed to be unique. "browser": String indicating the Browser implementation used to launch that product. "executor": Dictionary with keys as supported test types and values as the name of the Executor implementation that will be used to run that test type. "browser_kwargs": String naming function that takes product, binary, prefs_root and the wptrunner.run_tests kwargs dict as arguments and returns a dictionary of kwargs to use when creating the Browser class. "executor_kwargs": String naming a function that takes http server url and timeout multiplier and returns kwargs to use when creating the executor class. "env_options": String naming a function of no arguments that returns the arguments passed to the TestEnvironment. All classes and functions named in the above dict must be imported into the module global scope. 1827 Chrome is backed by chromedriver, which is supplied through ``wptrunner.webdriver.ChromeDriverServer``. 4553 Chrome is backed by chromedriver, which is supplied through ``wptrunner.webdriver.ChromeDriverServer``. 4569 Build a list of domains where certificate_file should be used 13881 6718 8926 ChromeiOS is backed by CWTChromeDriver, which is supplied through ``wptrunner.webdriver.CWTChromeDriverServer``. 2112 390 2228 Class that represents an instance of content_shell. Upon startup, the stdout, stderr, and stdin pipes of the underlying content_shell process are connected to multiprocessing Queues so that the runner process can interact with content_shell through its protocol mode. 7560 4435 1322 MicrosoftEdge is backed by MSEdgeDriver, which is supplied through ``wptrunner.webdriver.EdgeChromiumDriverServer``. 3514 2935 40706 16314 1677 2545 7705 8056
sauce_setup 4028 5981 Generic WebKit browser is backed by WebKit's WebDriver implementation 3173 3296