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# mypy: allow-untyped-defs
import glob
import os
import shutil
import subprocess
import tarfile
import tempfile
import time
import requests
from io import StringIO
from .base import Browser, ExecutorBrowser, require_arg
from .base import get_timeout_multiplier # noqa: F401
from ..executors import executor_kwargs as base_executor_kwargs
from ..executors.executorselenium import (SeleniumTestharnessExecutor, # noqa: F401
SeleniumRefTestExecutor) # noqa: F401
here = os.path.dirname(__file__)
# Number of seconds to wait between polling operations when detecting status of
# Sauce Connect sub-process.
sc_poll_period = 1
__wptrunner__ = {"product": "sauce",
"check_args": "check_args",
"browser": "SauceBrowser",
"executor": {"testharness": "SeleniumTestharnessExecutor",
"reftest": "SeleniumRefTestExecutor"},
"browser_kwargs": "browser_kwargs",
"executor_kwargs": "executor_kwargs",
"env_extras": "env_extras",
"env_options": "env_options",
"timeout_multiplier": "get_timeout_multiplier"}
def get_capabilities(**kwargs):
browser_name = kwargs["sauce_browser"]
platform = kwargs["sauce_platform"]
version = kwargs["sauce_version"]
build = kwargs["sauce_build"]
tags = kwargs["sauce_tags"]
tunnel_id = kwargs["sauce_tunnel_id"]
prerun_script = {
"MicrosoftEdge": {
"executable": "sauce-storage:edge-prerun.bat",
"background": False,
"safari": {
"executable": "",
"background": False,
capabilities = {
"browserName": browser_name,
"build": build,
"disablePopupHandler": True,
"name": f"{browser_name} {version} on {platform}",
"platform": platform,
"public": "public",
"selenium-version": "3.3.1",
"tags": tags,
"tunnel-identifier": tunnel_id,
"version": version,
"prerun": prerun_script.get(browser_name)
return capabilities
def get_sauce_config(**kwargs):
browser_name = kwargs["sauce_browser"]
sauce_user = kwargs["sauce_user"]
sauce_key = kwargs["sauce_key"]
hub_url = f"{sauce_user}:{sauce_key}@localhost:4445"
data = {
"url": "http://%s/wd/hub" % hub_url,
"browserName": browser_name,
"capabilities": get_capabilities(**kwargs)
return data
def check_args(**kwargs):
require_arg(kwargs, "sauce_browser")
require_arg(kwargs, "sauce_platform")
require_arg(kwargs, "sauce_version")
require_arg(kwargs, "sauce_user")
require_arg(kwargs, "sauce_key")
def browser_kwargs(logger, test_type, run_info_data, config, **kwargs):
sauce_config = get_sauce_config(**kwargs)
return {"sauce_config": sauce_config}
def executor_kwargs(logger, test_type, test_environment, run_info_data,
executor_kwargs = base_executor_kwargs(test_type, test_environment, run_info_data, **kwargs)
executor_kwargs["capabilities"] = get_capabilities(**kwargs)
return executor_kwargs
def env_extras(**kwargs):
return [SauceConnect(**kwargs)]
def env_options():
return {"supports_debugger": False}
def get_tar(url, dest):
resp = requests.get(url, stream=True)
with as f:
class SauceConnect():
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
self.sauce_user = kwargs["sauce_user"]
self.sauce_key = kwargs["sauce_key"]
self.sauce_tunnel_id = kwargs["sauce_tunnel_id"]
self.sauce_connect_binary = kwargs.get("sauce_connect_binary")
self.sauce_connect_args = kwargs.get("sauce_connect_args")
self.sauce_init_timeout = kwargs.get("sauce_init_timeout")
self.sc_process = None
self.temp_dir = None
self.env_config = None
def __call__(self, env_options, env_config):
self.env_config = env_config
return self
def __enter__(self):
# Because this class implements the context manager protocol, it is
# possible for instances to be provided to the `with` statement
# directly. This class implements the callable protocol so that data
# which is not available during object initialization can be provided
# prior to this moment. Instances must be invoked in preparation for
# the context manager protocol, but this additional constraint is not
# itself part of the protocol.
assert self.env_config is not None, 'The instance has been invoked.'
if not self.sauce_connect_binary:
self.temp_dir = tempfile.mkdtemp()
self.sauce_connect_binary = glob.glob(os.path.join(self.temp_dir, "sc-*-linux/bin/sc"))[0]
self.sc_process = subprocess.Popen([
"--user=%s" % self.sauce_user,
"--api-key=%s" % self.sauce_key,
"--tunnel-identifier=%s" % self.sauce_tunnel_id,
] + self.sauce_connect_args)
tot_wait = 0
while not os.path.exists('./sauce_is_ready') and self.sc_process.poll() is None:
if not self.sauce_init_timeout or (tot_wait >= self.sauce_init_timeout):
raise SauceException("Sauce Connect Proxy was not ready after %d seconds" % tot_wait)
tot_wait += sc_poll_period
if self.sc_process.returncode is not None:
raise SauceException("Unable to start Sauce Connect Proxy. Process exited with code %s", self.sc_process.returncode)
def __exit__(self, exc_type, exc_val, exc_tb):
self.env_config = None
if self.temp_dir and os.path.exists(self.temp_dir):
except OSError:
def upload_prerun_exec(self, file_name):
auth = (self.sauce_user, self.sauce_key)
with open(os.path.join(here, 'sauce_setup', file_name), 'rb') as f:, data=f, auth=auth)
def quit(self):
"""The Sauce Connect process may be managing an active "tunnel" to the
Sauce Labs service. Issue a request to the process to close any tunnels
and exit. If this does not occur within 5 seconds, force the process to
kill_wait = 5
tot_wait = 0
while self.sc_process.poll() is None:
tot_wait += sc_poll_period
if tot_wait >= kill_wait:
class SauceException(Exception):
class SauceBrowser(Browser):
init_timeout = 300
def __init__(self, logger, sauce_config, **kwargs):
Browser.__init__(self, logger)
self.sauce_config = sauce_config
def start(self, **kwargs):
def stop(self, force=False):
def pid(self):
return None
def is_alive(self):
# TODO: Should this check something about the connection?
return True
def cleanup(self):
def executor_browser(self):
return ExecutorBrowser, {"webdriver_url": self.sauce_config["url"]}