Name Description Size Perform any validation required for suite-specific arguments 10811
awsy # awsy-lite 9
config 9
cppunittest.ini 1636
crashtest 4
extensions To run custom Mozilla tests on an extension (Bug 1517083): 2
firefox-ui 5
geckodriver geckodriver 15
gtest 10
jsshell 2 I was unable to find tests from the given argument(s). You should specify a test directory, filename, test suite name, or abbreviation. If no arguments are given, there must be local file changes and corresponding IMPACTED_TESTS annotations in files relevant to those files. It's possible my little brain doesn't know about the type of test you are trying to execute. If you suspect this, please request support by filing a bug at 45698
marionette Marionette [ ˌmarɪəˈnɛt] is 49
mochitest See for detailed information on running and writing mochitests. 42
modules 14 259
mozbase # Mozbase 26
mozharness # Mozharness 16 2883
profiles 14
raptor 9
README.txt Common testing tools for mozilla codebase projects, test suite definitions 156 11406 Run a single C++ unit test program. Arguments: * prog: The path to the test program to run. * env: The environment to use for running the program. * symbols_path: A path to a directory containing Breakpad-formatted symbol files for producing stack traces on crash. * timeout_factor: An optional test-specific timeout multiplier. Return True if the program exits with a zero status, False otherwise. 12531
runtimes Test Runtimes 9
specialpowers 6
talos Talos is a python performance testing framework that is usable on Windows, 13 9648
tools 8
tps TPS is a test automation framework for Firefox Sync. See 10
web-platform web-platform-tests 18
webdriver webdriver library 4
xpcshell Simple xpcshell-based test harness 16