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"""Subpackage where each product is defined. Each product is created by adding a
a .py file containing a __wptrunner__ variable in the global scope. This must be
a dictionary with the fields
"product": Name of the product, assumed to be unique.
"browser": String indicating the Browser implementation used to launch that
"executor": Dictionary with keys as supported test types and values as the name
of the Executor implementation that will be used to run that test
"browser_kwargs": String naming function that takes product, binary,
prefs_root and the wptrunner.run_tests kwargs dict as arguments
and returns a dictionary of kwargs to use when creating the
Browser class.
"executor_kwargs": String naming a function that takes http server url and
timeout multiplier and returns kwargs to use when creating
the executor class.
"env_options": String naming a function of no arguments that returns the
arguments passed to the TestEnvironment.
All classes and functions named in the above dict must be imported into the
module global scope.
product_list = ["android_weblayer",