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CDP.jsm Entry class for the Chrome DevTools Protocol support. It holds the list of available targets (tabs, main browser), and also sets up the necessary handlers for the HTTP server. @see 4048
CDPConnection.jsm @param {WebSocket} webSocket The WebSocket server connection to wrap. @param {Connection} httpdConnection Reference to the httpd.js's connection needed for clean-up. 9132
domains 7
Error.jsm Takes a serialised CDP error and reconstructs it as a RemoteAgentError. The error must be of this form: {"message": "TypeError: foo is not a function\n execute@chrome://remote/content/cdp/sessions/Session.jsm:73:39\n onMessage@chrome://remote/content/cdp/sessions/TabSession.jsm:65:20"} This approach has the notable deficiency that it cannot deal with causes to errors because of the unstructured nature of CDP errors. A possible future improvement would be to extend the error serialisation to include discrete fields for each data property. @param {Object} json CDP error encoded as a JSON object, which must have a "message" field, where the first line will make out the error message and the subsequent lines the stacktrace. @return {RemoteAgentError} 3596 3274
JSONHandler.jsm 2288 883
observers 4
Protocol.jsm 769975
sessions 5
StreamRegistry.jsm Add a new stream to the registry. @param {OS.File} stream Instance of the stream to add. @return {string} Stream handle (uuid) 2836
targets 4
test 2