Name Description Size
ContentProcessSession.sys.mjs 3203
frame-script.js eslint-env mozilla/frame-script 475
MainProcessSession.sys.mjs A session, dedicated to the main process target. For some reason, it doesn't need any specific code and can share the base Session class aside TabSession. 510
Session.sys.mjs A session represents exactly one client WebSocket connection. Every new WebSocket connections is associated with one session that deals with dispatching incoming command requests to the right target, sending back responses, and propagating events originating from domains. Then, some subsequent Sessions may be created over a single WebSocket connection. In this case, the subsequent session will have an `id` being passed to their constructor and each packet of these sessions will have a `sessionId` attribute in order to filter the packets by session both on client and server side. 2724
TabSession.sys.mjs A session to communicate with a given tab 4672