Name Description Size
ContentProcessDomain.sys.mjs 589
ContentProcessDomains.sys.mjs 1029
Domain.sys.mjs Execute the provided method in the child domain that has the same domain name. eg. calling this.executeInChild from domains/parent/Input.jsm will attempt to execute the method in domains/content/Input.jsm. This can only be called from parent domains managed by a TabSession. @param {string} method Name of the method to call on the child domain. @param {object} params Optional parameters. Must be serializable. 2008
DomainCache.sys.mjs Lazy domain instance cache. Domains are loaded into each target's realm, and consequently there exists one domain cache per realm. Domains are preregistered with this cache and then constructed lazily upon request. @param {Session} session Session that domains should be associated with as they are constructed. @param {Map.<string, string>} modules Table defining JS modules available to this domain cache. This should be a mapping between domain name and JS module path passed to ChromeUtils.import. 3095
ParentProcessDomains.sys.mjs 1085