Name Description Size
ChannelEventSink.sys.mjs This is a nsIChannelEventSink implementation that monitors channel redirects. This has been forked from: The rest of this module is also more or less forking: TODO(try to re-unify /remote/ with /devtools code) 3023
ContextObserver.sys.mjs Helper class to coordinate Runtime and Page events. Events have to be sent in the following order: - Runtime.executionContextDestroyed - Page.frameNavigated - Runtime.executionContextCreated This class also handles the special case of Pages going from/to the BF cache. When you navigate to a new URL, the previous document may be stored in the BF Cache. All its asynchronous operations are frozen (XHR, timeouts, ...) and a `pagehide` event is fired for this document. We then navigate to the new URL. If the user navigates back to the previous page, the page is resurected from the cache. A `pageshow` event is fired and its asynchronous operations are resumed. When a page is in the BF Cache, we should consider it as frozen and shouldn't try to execute any javascript. So that the ExecutionContext should be considered as being destroyed and the document navigated. 6243
NetworkObserver.sys.mjs fromCache 18972
TargetObserver.sys.mjs Observe Firefox tabs as they open and close. "open" fires when a tab opens. "close" fires when a tab closes. 3773