Name Description Size
hidePointer.cpp 955 234 345 5601
README # JSAPI Test Suite 5169
selfTest.cpp 591
testAddPropertyPropcache.cpp Do the test a bunch of times, because sometimes we seem to randomly miss the propcache. 2386
testArgumentsObject.cpp 3758
testArrayBuffer.cpp 13749
testArrayBufferOrViewAPI.cpp 3621
testArrayBufferView.cpp 6019
testArrayBufferWithUserOwnedContents.cpp 1565
testAssemblerBuffer.cpp 21693
testAtomicOperations.cpp failure 13817
testAtomizeUtf8NonAsciiLatin1CodePoint.cpp 6475
testAtomizeWithoutActiveZone.cpp 1430
testAvlTree.cpp 12013
testBigInt.cpp 24257
testBoundFunction.cpp 1029
testBug604087.cpp additional class flags 3278
testCallArgs.cpp 2381
testCallNonGenericMethodOnProxy.cpp 2992
testChromeBuffer.cpp Check that, even after untrusted content has exhausted the stack, code compiled with "trusted principals" can run using reserved trusted-only buffer space. 9826
testCompileNonSyntactic.cpp 3458
testCompileUtf8.cpp 9636
testDateToLocaleString.cpp 2265
testDebugger.cpp 2094
testDecimalNumber.cpp 9527
testDeduplication.cpp 3607
testDeepFreeze.cpp 1579
testDefineGetterSetterNonEnumerable.cpp 1864
testDefineProperty.cpp 816
testDeflateStringToUTF8Buffer.cpp 5918
testDifferentNewTargetInvokeConstructor.cpp This is a different function 1126
testEmptyWindowIsOmitted.cpp 5131
testErrorCopying.cpp 1152
testErrorInterceptor.cpp 4481
testErrorInterceptorGC.cpp 869
testErrorLineOfContext.cpp 2586
testException.cpp 2931
testExecuteInJSMEnvironment.cpp 3907
testExternalStrings.cpp 1490
testFindSCCs.cpp Test what happens if recusion causes the stack to become full while traversing the graph. The test case is a large number of vertices, almost all of which are arranged in a linear chain. The last few are left unlinked to exercise adding vertices after the stack full condition has already been detected. Such an arrangement with no cycles would normally result in one group for each vertex, but since the stack is exhasted in processing a single group is returned containing all the vertices. 4827
testForceLexicalInitialization.cpp 1496
testForOfIterator.cpp 1539
testForwardSetProperty.cpp 2687
testFreshGlobalEvalRedefinition.cpp Create the global object. 2244
testFunctionBinding.cpp 2602
testFunctionNonSyntactic.cpp 3141
testFunctionProperties.cpp 774
testGCAllocator.cpp Finish any ongoing background free activity. 11703
testGCCellPtr.cpp 1882
testGCChunkPool.cpp 1846
testGCExactRooting.cpp Use the objects we just created to ensure that they are still alive. 28265
testGCFinalizeCallback.cpp Full GC, non-incremental. 6402
testGCGrayMarking.cpp 22268
testGCHeapBarriers.cpp We don't actually use the function as a function, so here we cheat and cast a JSObject. 24581
testGCHooks.cpp 10296
testGCMarking.cpp 14917
testGCOutOfMemory.cpp Check that we get OOM. 2556
testGCStoreBufferRemoval.cpp 3570
testGCUniqueId.cpp 3874
testGCWeakCache.cpp 18718
testGetPropertyDescriptor.cpp 2017
testHashTable.cpp The rekeying test as conducted by adding only keys masked with 0x0000FFFF that are unique. We rekey by shifting left 16 bits. 13423
testIndexToString.cpp 3208
testInformalValueTypeName.cpp 1723
testIntern.cpp Try to pick a string that won't be interned by other tests in this runtime. 1516
testIntlAvailableLocales.cpp 2454
testIntString.cpp Test other types of static strings. 1672
testIsInsideNursery.cpp Non-GC things are never inside the nursery. 886
testIteratorObject.cpp 1111
testJitABIcalls.cpp 28917
testJitDCEinGVN.cpp 4299
testJitFoldsTo.cpp 7096
testJitGVN.cpp 11130
testJitMacroAssembler.cpp 29344
testJitMinimalFunc.h 3033
testJitMoveEmitterCycles-mips32.cpp 23935
testJitMoveEmitterCycles.cpp 24721
testJitRangeAnalysis.cpp 12501
testJitRegisterSet.cpp 5875
testJitRValueAlloc.cpp _(JSVAL_TYPE_DOUBLE) 5924
testJSEvaluateScript.cpp 1081
testLargeArrayBuffers.cpp 5292
testLookup.cpp 3155
testLooselyEqual.cpp 4828
testMappedArrayBuffer.cpp 5330
testMemoryAssociation.cpp 1467
testMutedErrors.cpp NB: uncaught exceptions, when reported, have nothing on the stack so both the filename and mutedErrors are empty. E.g., this would fail: CHECK(testError("throw 3")); 3324
testNewObject.cpp 7349
testNewTargetInvokeConstructor.cpp 677
testNullRoot.cpp 666
testNumberToString.cpp 4220
testObjectEmulatingUndefined.cpp 3405
testObjectSwap.cpp Test JSObject::swap. This test creates objects from a description of their configuration. Objects are given unique property names and values. A list of configurations is created and the result of swapping every combination checked. 11117
testOOM.cpp 3303
testParseJSON.cpp 11033
testParserAtom.cpp 14515
testPersistentRooted.cpp 5790
testPreserveJitCode.cpp 3162
testPrintError.cpp 3505
testPrintf.cpp 2314
testPrivateGCThingValue.cpp 1959
testProfileStrings.cpp Make sure the stack resets and we have an entry for each stack 7686
testPromise.cpp 4035
testPropCache.cpp name 1456
testRecordTupleToSource.cpp 1284
testRegExp.cpp 1702
testResolveRecursion.cpp Test that resolve hook recursion for the same object and property is prevented. 5888
tests.cpp static 5650
tests.h Note: Aborts on OOM. 17397
testSABAccounting.cpp 931
testSameValue.cpp NB: passing a double that fits in an integer jsval is API misuse. As a matter of defense in depth, however, JS::SameValue should return the correct result comparing a positive-zero double to a negative-zero double, and this is believed to be the only way to make such a comparison possible. 966
testSavedStacks.cpp 14244
testScriptInfo.cpp 1551
testScriptObject.cpp After a garbage collection, the script should still work. 6963
testScriptSourceCompression.cpp 18995
testSetProperty.cpp 1992
testSetPropertyIgnoringNamedGetter.cpp 2305
testSharedImmutableStringsCache.cpp 2130
testsJit.cpp 2356
testsJit.h !jsapi_tests_testsJit_h 761
testSliceBudget.cpp 3074
testSlowScript.cpp 1990
testSourcePolicy.cpp 1703
testSparseBitmap.cpp 3195
testStencil.cpp /" "/************************************* 25915
testStringBuffer.cpp 837
testStringIsArrayIndex.cpp The string being tested. 2488
testStructuredClone.cpp 11152
testSymbol.cpp 2315
testThreadingConditionVariable.cpp 6300
testThreadingExclusiveData.cpp 2315
testThreadingMutex.cpp 1012
testThreadingThread.cpp 3251
testToSignedOrUnsignedInteger.cpp 2121
testTypedArrays.cpp 10983
testUbiNode.cpp 30381
testUncaughtSymbol.cpp 1679
testUTF8.cpp 1392
testValueABI.cpp Bug 689101 - jsval is technically a non-POD type because it has a private data member. On gcc, this doesn't seem to matter. On MSVC, this prevents returning a jsval from a function between C and C++ because it will use a retparam in C++ and a direct return value in C. Bug 712289 - jsval alignment was different on 32-bit platforms between C and C++ because the default alignments of js::Value and jsval_layout differ. 1516
testWasmLEB128.cpp 3739
testWeakMap.cpp Perform an incremental GC, introducing an unmarked CCW to force the map zone to finish marking before the delegate zone. 6775
testWindowNonConfigurable.cpp 2424
valueABI.c See testValueABI.cpp 677