Name Description Size
ActiveResource.h See ActiveResourceTracker below. 1295
APZChild.cpp 3840
APZChild.h APZChild implements PAPZChild and is used to remote a GeckoContentController that lives in a different process than where APZ lives. 2775
APZCTreeManagerChild.cpp 6798
APZCTreeManagerChild.h 3282
APZCTreeManagerParent.cpp 7288
APZCTreeManagerParent.h Called when the layer tree that this protocol is connected to is adopted by another compositor, and we need to switch APZCTreeManagers. 2919
APZInputBridgeChild.cpp static 9820
APZInputBridgeChild.h 2934
APZInputBridgeParent.cpp static 7562
APZInputBridgeParent.h 2955
CanvasChild.cpp 20745
CanvasChild.h @returns true if remote canvas has been deactivated due to failure. 6214
CanvasTranslator.cpp 52447
CanvasTranslator.h Dispatches a runnable to the preferred task queue or thread. @param aRunnable the runnable to dispatch 16994
CompositableForwarder.cpp 630
CompositableForwarder.h FwdTransactionCounter issues forwarder transaction numbers that represent a sequential stream of transactions to be transported over IPDL. Since every top-level protocol represents its own independently-sequenced IPDL queue, transaction numbers most naturally align with top-level protocols, rather than have different sub-protocols with their own independent transaction numbers that can't be usefully sequenced. FwdTransactionCounter expects users of it to provide themselves as proof they are a top-level protocol to avoid issues. 6903
CompositableTransactionParent.cpp 5654
CompositableTransactionParent.h Handle the IPDL messages that affect PCompositable actors. 2334
CompositorBench.cpp 10859
CompositorBench.h 911
CompositorBridgeChild.cpp 20731
CompositorBridgeChild.h Initialize the singleton compositor bridge for a content process. 9163
CompositorBridgeParent.cpp static 69347
CompositorBridgeParent.h 25019
CompositorManagerChild.cpp static 8459
CompositorManagerChild.h 4125
CompositorManagerParent.cpp static 14052
CompositorManagerParent.h 4195
CompositorThread.cpp static 7246
CompositorThread.h Returns true if the calling thread is the compositor thread. This works even if the CompositorThread has begun to shutdown. 2293
CompositorVsyncScheduler.cpp 14138
CompositorVsyncScheduler.h Manages the vsync (de)registration and tracking on behalf of the compositor when it need to paint. Turns vsync notifications into scheduled composites. 6052
CompositorVsyncSchedulerOwner.h 1121
ContentCompositorBridgeParent.cpp 16007
ContentCompositorBridgeParent.h This class handles layer updates pushed directly from child processes to the compositor thread. It's associated with a CompositorBridgeParent on the compositor thread. While it uses the PCompositorBridge protocol to manage these updates, it doesn't actually drive compositing itself. For that it hands off work to the CompositorBridgeParent it's associated with. 6904
ImageBridgeChild.cpp 29601
ImageBridgeChild.h Returns true if the current thread is the ImageBrdigeChild's thread. Can be called from any thread. 13762
ImageBridgeParent.cpp static 14846
ImageBridgeParent.h ImageBridgeParent is the manager Protocol of async Compositables. 5030
ISurfaceAllocator.cpp 7811
ISurfaceAllocator.h The allocated buffer must be efficiently mappable as a DataSourceSurface. 9135
KnowsCompositor.cpp 3861
KnowsCompositor.h An abstract interface for classes that are tied to a specific Compositor across IPDL and uses TextureFactoryIdentifier to describe this Compositor. 7941
LayersMessages.ipdlh 13194
LayersMessageUtils.h 47320
LayersSurfaces.ipdlh 6056
LayerTreeOwnerTracker.cpp 2121
LayerTreeOwnerTracker.h A utility class for tracking which content processes should be allowed to access which layer trees. ProcessId's are used to track which content process can access the layer tree, and in the case of nested browser's we use the top level content processes' ProcessId. This class is only available in the main process and gpu process. Mappings are synced from main process to the gpu process. The actual syncing happens in GPUProcessManager, and so this class should not be used directly. 2130
PAPZ.ipdl PAPZ is a protocol for remoting a GeckoContentController. PAPZ lives on the PCompositorBridge protocol which either connects to the compositor thread in the main process, or to the compositor thread in the gpu processs. PAPZParent lives in the compositor thread, while PAPZChild lives wherever the remoted GeckoContentController lives (generally the main thread of the main or content process). RemoteContentController implements PAPZParent, while APZChild implements PAPZChild. PAPZ is always used for ContentProcessController and only used for ChromeProcessController when there is a gpu process, otherwhise ChromeProcessController is used directly on the compositor thread. Only the methods that are used by the [Chrome,Content]ProcessController are implemented. If a new method is needed then PAPZ, APZChild, and RemoteContentController must be updated to handle it. 3335
PAPZCTreeManager.ipdl PAPZCTreeManager is a protocol for remoting an IAPZCTreeManager. PAPZCTreeManager lives on the PCompositorBridge protocol which either connects to the compositor thread in the main process, or to the compositor thread in the gpu processs. PAPZCTreeManagerParent lives in the compositor thread, while PAPZCTreeManagerChild lives in the main thread of the main or the content process. APZCTreeManagerParent and APZCTreeManagerChild implement this protocol. 3772
PAPZInputBridge.ipdl This protocol is used to send input events from the UI process to the GPU process for handling by APZ. There is one instance per top-level compositor, or in other words, one instance per concrete APZCTreeManager instance. The child side lives on the controller thread in the UI process, ie the main thread on most platforms, but the Android UI thread on Android. The parent side lives on the main thread in the GPU process. If there is no GPU process, then this protocol is not instantiated. 4260
PCanvas.ipdl PCanvas is the IPDL for recorded Canvas drawing. 3087
PCompositorBridge.ipdl The PCompositorBridge protocol is a top-level protocol for the compositor. There is an instance of the protocol for each compositor, plus one for each content process. In other words: - There is a CompositorBridgeParent/CompositorBridgeChild pair created for each "top level browser window", which has its own compositor. The CompositorBridgeChild instance lives in the UI process, and the CompositorBridgeParent lives in the GPU process (if there is one) or the UI process otherwise. - There is also a ContentCompositorBridgeParent/CompositorBridgeChild pair created for each content process. The ContentCompositorBridgeParent lives in the GPU process (if there is one) or the UI process otherwise. The CompositorBridgeChild is a singleton in the content process. Note that a given content process may have multiple browser instances (represented by BrowserChild instances), that are attached to different windows, and therefore rendered by different compositors. This means that when a browser instance sends messages via its CompositorBridgeChild, the corresponding ContentCompositorBridgeParent has to use the layers id in the message to find the correct compositor or CompositorBridgeParent to pass the message on to. One of the main goals of this protocol is to manage the PLayerTransaction sub- protocol, which is per-browser. A lot of the functions in the protocol are basically multiplexing/demultiplexing stuff in PLayerTransaction. 8602
PCompositorBridgeTypes.ipdlh 600
PCompositorManager.ipdl The PCompositorManager protocol is the top-level protocol between the compositor thread and the creators of compositors. It exists in the following conditions: - One PCompositorManager between the GPU process and each content process. If the GPU/UI processes are combined, there is one PCompositorManager between the combined GPU/UI process and each content process. - One PCompositorManager between the GPU process and the UI process. If they are combined, there is still one PCompositorManager, but both the child and parent live in the same process. The intention for this protocol is to facilitate communication with the compositor thread for compositor data that is only shared once, rather than per PCompositorBridge instance. 3689
PImageBridge.ipdl The PImageBridge protocol is used to allow isolated threads or processes to push frames directly to the compositor thread/process without relying on the main thread which might be too busy dealing with content script. 2592
PTexture.ipdl PTexture is the IPDL glue between a TextureClient and a TextureHost. 1090
PUiCompositorController.ipdl The PUiCompositorController protocol is used to pause and resume the compositor from the UI thread. Primarily used on Android to coordinate registering and releasing the surface with the compositor. 1712
PVideoBridge.ipdl The PVideoBridge protocol is used to share textures from the video decoders to the compositor. 1328
PWebRenderBridge.ipdl 6284
RefCountedShmem.cpp 2343
RefCountedShmem.h 1320
RemoteContentController.cpp 21582
RemoteContentController.h RemoteContentController implements PAPZChild and is used to access a GeckoContentController that lives in a different process. RemoteContentController lives on the compositor thread. All methods can be called off the compositor thread and will get dispatched to the right thread, with the exception of RequestContentRepaint and NotifyFlushComplete, which must be called on the repaint thread, which in this case is the compositor thread. 4982
ShadowLayerUtils.h 892
SharedPlanarYCbCrImage.cpp 6949
SharedPlanarYCbCrImage.h 2212
SharedRGBImage.cpp 5898
SharedRGBImage.h Stores RGB data in shared memory It is assumed that the image width and stride are equal 1791
SharedSurfacesChild.cpp static 21994
SharedSurfacesChild.h Request that the surface be mapped into the compositor thread's memory space. This is useful for when the caller itself has no present need for the surface to be mapped, but knows there will be such a need in the future. This may be called from any thread, but it may cause a dispatch to the main thread. 8709
SharedSurfacesMemoryReport.h 1700
SharedSurfacesParent.cpp static 12524
SharedSurfacesParent.h Helper class that is used to keep SourceSurfaceSharedDataWrapper objects around as long as one of the dependent IPDL actors is still alive and may reference them for a given PCompositorManager namespace. 5670
SurfaceDescriptor.h 509
SynchronousTask.h 2085
TextureForwarder.h An abstract interface for classes that implement the autogenerated IPDL actor class. Lets us check if they are still valid for IPC. 2899
UiCompositorControllerChild.cpp static 11328
UiCompositorControllerChild.h 4869
UiCompositorControllerMessageTypes.h 1288
UiCompositorControllerParent.cpp static 9457
UiCompositorControllerParent.h 3359
VideoBridgeChild.cpp static 5597
VideoBridgeChild.h 3197
VideoBridgeParent.cpp static 9544
VideoBridgeParent.h 3181
VideoBridgeUtils.h 1020
WebRenderMessages.ipdlh 4825