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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* vim: set ts=8 sts=2 et sw=2 tw=80: */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef mozilla_layers_CompositorVsyncScheduler_h
#define mozilla_layers_CompositorVsyncScheduler_h
#include <stdint.h> // for uint64_t
#include "mozilla/Attributes.h" // for override
#include "mozilla/Monitor.h" // for Monitor
#include "mozilla/RefPtr.h" // for RefPtr
#include "mozilla/TimeStamp.h" // for TimeStamp
#include "mozilla/gfx/Point.h" // for IntSize
#include "mozilla/layers/SampleTime.h"
#include "mozilla/webrender/webrender_ffi.h"
#include "mozilla/VsyncDispatcher.h"
#include "mozilla/widget/CompositorWidget.h"
#include "nsISupportsImpl.h"
namespace mozilla {
class CancelableRunnable;
class Runnable;
namespace gfx {
class DrawTarget;
} // namespace gfx
namespace layers {
class CompositorVsyncSchedulerOwner;
* Manages the vsync (de)registration and tracking on behalf of the
* compositor when it need to paint.
* Turns vsync notifications into scheduled composites.
class CompositorVsyncScheduler {
CompositorVsyncScheduler(CompositorVsyncSchedulerOwner* aVsyncSchedulerOwner,
widget::CompositorWidget* aWidget);
* Notify this class of a vsync. This will trigger a composite if one is
* needed. This must be called from the vsync dispatch thread.
void NotifyVsync(const VsyncEvent& aVsync);
* Do cleanup. This must be called on the compositor thread.
void Destroy();
* Notify this class that a composition is needed. This will trigger a
* composition soon (likely at the next vsync). This must be called on the
* compositor thread.
void ScheduleComposition(wr::RenderReasons aReasons);
* Cancel any composite task that has been scheduled but hasn't run yet.
* Returns the render reasons of the canceled task if any.
wr::RenderReasons CancelCurrentCompositeTask();
* Check if a composite is pending. This is generally true between a call
* to ScheduleComposition() and the time the composite happens.
bool NeedsComposite();
* Force a composite to happen right away, without waiting for the next vsync.
* This must be called on the compositor thread.
void ForceComposeToTarget(wr::RenderReasons aReasons,
gfx::DrawTarget* aTarget,
const gfx::IntRect* aRect);
* If a composite is pending, force it to trigger right away. This must be
* called on the compositor thread. Returns true if there was a composite
* flushed.
bool FlushPendingComposite();
* Return the vsync timestamp of the last or ongoing composite. Must be called
* on the compositor thread.
const SampleTime& GetLastComposeTime() const;
* Return the vsync timestamp and id of the most recently received
* vsync event. Must be called on the compositor thread.
const TimeStamp& GetLastVsyncTime() const;
const TimeStamp& GetLastVsyncOutputTime() const;
const VsyncId& GetLastVsyncId() const;
* Update LastCompose TimeStamp to current timestamp.
* The function is typically used when composition is handled outside the
* CompositorVsyncScheduler.
void UpdateLastComposeTime();
virtual ~CompositorVsyncScheduler();
// Post a task to run Composite() on the compositor thread, if there isn't
// such a task already queued. Can be called from any thread.
void PostCompositeTask(const VsyncEvent& aVsyncEvent,
wr::RenderReasons aReasons);
// Post a task to run DispatchVREvents() on the VR thread, if there isn't
// such a task already queued. Can be called from any thread.
void PostVRTask(TimeStamp aTimestamp);
* Cancel any VR task that has been scheduled but hasn't run yet.
void CancelCurrentVRTask();
// This gets run at vsync time and "does" a composite (which really means
// update internal state and call the owner to do the composite).
void Composite(const VsyncEvent& aVsyncEvent, wr::RenderReasons aReasons);
void ObserveVsync();
void UnobserveVsync();
void DispatchVREvents(TimeStamp aVsyncTimestamp);
class Observer final : public VsyncObserver {
explicit Observer(CompositorVsyncScheduler* aOwner);
void NotifyVsync(const VsyncEvent& aVsync) override;
void Destroy();
virtual ~Observer();
Mutex mMutex;
// Hold raw pointer to avoid mutual reference.
CompositorVsyncScheduler* mOwner;
CompositorVsyncSchedulerOwner* mVsyncSchedulerOwner;
SampleTime mLastComposeTime;
TimeStamp mLastVsyncTime;
TimeStamp mLastVsyncOutputTime;
VsyncId mLastVsyncId;
bool mAsapScheduling;
bool mIsObservingVsync;
// Accessed on the compositor thread.
wr::RenderReasons mRendersDelayedByVsyncReasons;
TimeStamp mCompositeRequestedAt;
int32_t mVsyncNotificationsSkipped;
widget::CompositorWidget* mWidget;
RefPtr<CompositorVsyncScheduler::Observer> mVsyncObserver;
mozilla::Monitor mCurrentCompositeTaskMonitor;
RefPtr<CancelableRunnable> mCurrentCompositeTask
// Accessed on multiple threads, guarded by mCurrentCompositeTaskMonitor.
wr::RenderReasons mCurrentCompositeTaskReasons
mozilla::Monitor mCurrentVRTaskMonitor;
RefPtr<CancelableRunnable> mCurrentVRTask
} // namespace layers
} // namespace mozilla
#endif // mozilla_layers_CompositorVsyncScheduler_h