Name Description Size
imIAccount.idl Used to join chat rooms. 12231
imIContactsService.idl An imIContact represents a person, e.g. our friend Alice. This person might have multiple means of contacting them. Remember that an imIContact can have multiple buddies (imIBuddy instances), each imIBuddy can have multiple account-buddies (prplIAccountBuddy instances) referencing it. To be explicit, the difference is that an imIBuddy represents a contact's account on a network, while a prplIAccountBuddy represents the link between your account and your contact's account. Each of these implement imIStatusInfo: imIContact and imIBuddy should merge the status info based on the information available in their instances of imIBuddy and prplIAccountBuddy, respectively. 10692
imIConversationsService.idl Outgoing message is an action command. 2059
imIStatusInfo.idl 2185
imITagsService.idl Get an array of all the contacts associated with this tag. Contacts can either "have the tag" (added by user action) or have inherited the tag because it was the server side group for one of the AccountBuddy of the contact. 1429
imIUserStatusInfo.idl Set the user's current status (e.g. available or away). When called with the status type STATUS_UNSET, only the status message will be changed. @param aStatus the new status to use. Only works with STATUS_OFFLINE, STATUS_UNAVAILABLE, STATUS_AWAY, STATUS_AVAILABLE and STATUS_INVISIBLE. @param aMessage the new status message. Ignored when aStatus is STATUS_OFFLINE. 1775 590
prplIConversation.idl This interface represents a conversation as implemented by a protocol. It contains the properties and methods shared between direct (IM) and multi user (chat) conversations. 9080
prplIMessage.idl An action that the user may perform in relation to a particular message. 4056
prplIPref.idl This is a proxy for libpurple PurpleAccountOption 1078
prplIProtocol.idl This must be implemented for every protocol. See jsProtoHelper.sys.mjs for a base class. 4208
prplIRequest.idl This interface is for use in the browser-request notification, to let protocol plugins open a browser window. This is an unfortunate necessity for protocols that require an OAuth authentication. 3892
prplITooltipInfo.idl This interface provides access to the content of a PurpleNotifyUserInfoEntry structure. 921