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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsIRunnable.idl"
#include "prplIConversation.idl"
* An action that the user may perform in relation to a particular message.
[scriptable, uuid(7e470f0e-d948-4d9a-b8dc-4beecf6554b9)]
interface prplIMessageAction: nsIRunnable
* The protocol plugins need to provide a localized label suitable
* for being shown in the user interface (for example as a context
* menu item).
readonly attribute AUTF8String label;
[scriptable, uuid(d6accb66-cdd2-4a91-8854-1156e65d5a43)]
interface prplIMessage: nsISupports {
* The uniqueness of the message id is only guaranteed across
* messages of a conversation, not across all messages created
* during the execution of the application.
readonly attribute unsigned long id;
* An ID for this message provided by the protocol. Used for finding the
* message in the conversation for actions like editing. This is expected to
* be absolute per conversation, meaning if two prplIMessages in the same
* conversation have identical |remoteId|s they refer to the same message in
* the conversation as far as the protocol is concerned.
readonly attribute AUTF8String remoteId;
/** The name of the message sender. */
readonly attribute AUTF8String who;
/** The alias of the message sender (frequently the same as who). */
readonly attribute AUTF8String alias;
/** The original message, if it was modified, e.g. via OTR. */
readonly attribute AUTF8String originalMessage;
/** The message that will be sent over the wire. */
attribute AUTF8String message;
/** An icon to associate with the message sender. */
readonly attribute AUTF8String iconURL;
/** The time the message was sent, in seconds. */
readonly attribute PRTime time;
/** The conversation the message was sent to. */
readonly attribute prplIConversation conversation;
/** Outgoing message. */
readonly attribute boolean outgoing;
/** Incoming message. */
readonly attribute boolean incoming;
/** System message, i.e. a message from the server or client (not from another user). */
readonly attribute boolean system;
/** Auto response. */
readonly attribute boolean autoResponse;
/** Contains your nick, e.g. if you were pinged. */
readonly attribute boolean containsNick;
/** This message should not be logged. */
readonly attribute boolean noLog;
/** Error message. */
readonly attribute boolean error;
/** Delayed message, e.g. it was received from a queue of historical messages on the server. */
readonly attribute boolean delayed;
/** "Raw" message - don't apply formatting. */
readonly attribute boolean noFormat;
/** Message contains images. */
readonly attribute boolean containsImages;
/** Message is a notification. */
readonly attribute boolean notification;
/** Message should not be auto-linkified. */
readonly attribute boolean noLinkification;
/** Do not collapse the message. */
readonly attribute boolean noCollapse;
/** Message is encrypted. */
readonly attribute boolean isEncrypted;
/** The message should be displayed as an action/emote. */
readonly attribute boolean action;
/** Message was deleted, this is a placeholder for it */
readonly attribute boolean deleted;
* Get an array of actions the user may perform on this message.
* @returns prplIMessageAction[]
Array<prplIMessageAction> getActions();
* Called when the message is first displayed to the user. Only invoked for
* the latest message in a conversation.
void whenDisplayed();
* Called when the message has been read by the user, as defined by it being
* above the unread marker in the conversation. Only called for the message
* immediately above the marker.
void whenRead();