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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsIObserver.idl"
interface prplIAccountBuddy;
interface imIAccount;
interface imIOutgoingMessage;
interface imIMessage;
interface nsIURI;
interface prplIChatRoomFieldValues;
* This interface represents a conversation as implemented by a protocol. It
* contains the properties and methods shared between direct (IM) and multi
* user (chat) conversations.
[scriptable, uuid(f71c58d6-2c47-4468-934b-b1c61462c01a)]
interface prplIConversation: nsISupports {
* Indicate if this conversation implements prplIConvIM or prplIConvChat. If
* this ever changes at runtime, the conversation should emit a
* "chat-update-type" notification. */
readonly attribute boolean isChat;
/* The account used for this conversation */
readonly attribute imIAccount account;
/* The name of the conversation, typically in English */
readonly attribute AUTF8String name;
/* A name that can be used to check for duplicates and is the basis
for the directory name for log storage. */
readonly attribute AUTF8String normalizedName;
/* The title of the conversation, typically localized */
readonly attribute AUTF8String title;
/* The time and date of the conversation's creation, in microseconds */
readonly attribute PRTime startDate;
/* Unique identifier of the conversation */
/* Setable only once by purpleCoreService while calling addConversation. */
attribute unsigned long id;
/** URI of the icon for the conversation */
readonly attribute AUTF8String convIconFilename;
* The user can not enable encryption for this room (another participant may
* be able to enable encryption however)
* Encryption can be initialized in this conversation.
* New messages in this conversation are end-to-end encrypted.
const short ENCRYPTION_ENABLED = 2;
* Indicates that the encryption with the other side should be trusted, for
* example because the user has verified their public keys. Implies
const short ENCRYPTION_TRUSTED = 3;
* State of encryption for this conversation, as available via the protocol.
* update-conv-encryption is observed when this changes.
readonly attribute short encryptionState;
* When encryptionState is ENCRYPTION_AVAILABLE this tries to initialize
* encryption for all new messages in the conversation.
void initializeEncryption();
* Send a message in the conversation. Protocols should consider resetting
* the typing state with this call, similar to |sendTyping("")|.
void sendMsg(in AUTF8String aMsg, in boolean aAction, in boolean aNotice);
* Preprocess messages before they are sent (eg. split long messages).
* @returns the potentially modified message(s).
Array<AString> prepareForSending(in imIOutgoingMessage aMsg);
* Postprocess messages before they are displayed (eg. escaping). The
* implementation can set aMsg.displayMessage, otherwise the originalMessage
* is used.
void prepareForDisplaying(in imIMessage aMsg);
* Send information about the current typing state to the server.
* @param aString should contain the content currently in the text field.
* @returns the number of characters that can still be typed.
long sendTyping(in AUTF8String aString);
const long NO_TYPING_LIMIT = 2147483647; // max int = 2 ^ 31 - 1
* Un-initialize the conversation.
* This will be called by purpleCoreService::RemoveConversation
* when the conversation is closed or by purpleCoreService::Quit
* while exiting.
void unInit();
* Called when the conversation is closed from the UI.
void close();
* Method to add or remove an observer.
void addObserver(in nsIObserver aObserver);
void removeObserver(in nsIObserver aObserver);
* Observers will all receive new-text and update-text notifications.
* aSubject will contain the message (prplIMessage). For update-text the
* update applies to any message with the same |remoteId| in the same
* conversation.
* The remove-text notification has no subject, but a remote ID as data.
* It indicates that the message should be removed from the conversation.
* Neither update-text nor remove-text affect unread counts.
[scriptable, uuid(c0b5b647-b0ec-4dc6-9e53-31a762a30a6e)]
interface prplIConvIM: prplIConversation {
/* The buddy at the remote end of the conversation */
readonly attribute prplIAccountBuddy buddy;
/* The remote buddy is not currently typing */
const short NOT_TYPING = 0;
/* The remote buddy is currently typing */
const short TYPING = 1;
/* The remote buddy started typing, but has stopped typing */
const short TYPED = 2;
/* The typing state of the remote buddy.
The value is NOT_TYPING, TYPING or TYPED. */
readonly attribute short typingState;
/** This represents a participant in a chat room */
[scriptable, uuid(b0e9177b-40f6-420b-9918-04bbbb9ce44f)]
interface prplIConvChatBuddy: nsISupports {
/* The name of the buddy */
readonly attribute AUTF8String name;
/* The alias (FIXME: can this be non-null if buddy is null?) */
readonly attribute AUTF8String alias;
/* Indicates if this chat buddy corresponds to a buddy in our buddy list */
readonly attribute boolean buddy;
/** URI of the user icon for the buddy */
readonly attribute AUTF8String buddyIconFilename;
/* The role of the participant in the room. */
/* Voiced users can send messages to the room. */
readonly attribute boolean voiced;
/* Moderators can manage other participants. */
readonly attribute boolean moderator;
/* Admins have additional powers. */
readonly attribute boolean admin;
/* Founders have complete control of a room. */
readonly attribute boolean founder;
/* Whether the participant is currently typing. */
readonly attribute boolean typing;
/** Whether we can verify the identity of this participant. */
readonly attribute boolean canVerifyIdentity;
* True if we trust the encryption with this participant in E2EE chats. Can
* only be true if |canVerifyIdentity| is true.
readonly attribute boolean identityVerified;
* Initialize identity verification with this participant.
* @returns {Promise<imISessionVerification>}
Promise verifyIdentity();
[scriptable, uuid(72c17398-639f-4141-a19c-78cbdeb39fba)]
interface prplIConvChat: prplIConversation {
* Get the prplIConvChatBuddy of a participant.
* @param aName the participant's nick in the conversation exists
* @returns prplIConvChatBuddy if the participant exists, otherwise null
prplIConvChatBuddy getParticipant(in AUTF8String aName);
* Get the list of people participating in this chat.
* @returns an array of prplIConvChatBuddy objects.
Array<prplIConvChatBuddy> getParticipants();
* Normalize the name of a chat buddy. This will be suitable for calling
* createConversation to start a private conversation or calling
* requestBuddyInfo.
* @returns the normalized chat buddy name.
AUTF8String getNormalizedChatBuddyName(in AUTF8String aChatBuddyName);
/* The topic of this chat room */
attribute AUTF8String topic;
/* The name/nick of the person who set the topic */
readonly attribute AUTF8String topicSetter;
/* Whether the protocol plugin can set a topic. Doesn't check that
the user has the necessary rights in the current conversation. */
readonly attribute boolean topicSettable;
/* The nick seen by other people in the room */
readonly attribute AUTF8String nick;
/* This is true when we left the chat but kept the conversation open */
readonly attribute boolean left;
/* This is true if we are in the process of joining the channel */
readonly attribute boolean joining;
/* This stores the data required to join the chat with joinChat().
If null, the chat will not be rejoined automatically when the
account reconnects after a disconnect.
Should be set to null by the prpl if the user parts the chat. */
readonly attribute prplIChatRoomFieldValues chatRoomFields;
/* Observers will receive chat-buddy-add, chat-buddy-update,
chat-buddy-remove and chat-update-topic notifications.
aSubject will be of type:
nsISimpleEnumerator of prplIConvChatBuddy for chat-buddy-add,
nsISimpleEnumerator of nsISupportsString for chat-buddy-remove,
prplIConvChatBuddy for chat-buddy-update,
null for chat-update-topic.
aData will contain the old nick for chat-buddy-update if the name
has changed.